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Greg Halford rumour? Surely not going to happen.


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A friend of mine within supporters club ranks has just informed me of a very strong rumour doing its rounds that United have ambitiously contacted Portsmouth about the availability on loan of former Blade Greg Halford. I cant see it at all personally I mean hes a great player and a 1st teamer down there, I know they are in financial dire and need to seriously reduce expenditure to help aid administration but I think this ones a little out of our reach at the minute in league one.


Out of curiousity what sort of Wages would we be talking about for him down there? Could we afford them?


Like I said can't see it personally myself however if it did happen my outlook on United for this season would look a whole lot peachier, He's a class act is Halford and would offer massively to our promotion push.

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Heard the Killa rumour yesterday morning..... but fingers crossed Halford will arrive today please !!!! :thumbsup:

Maybe those two included in the line up could persuade Morgs to make an appearance tonight ...if only to do all the shouting ...:clap:


:roll: Wishful thinking ..but it was a nice little daydream whilst it lasted :)

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Wishful thinking that either of them would drop down to League 1.


Killa still cover for Sunderland and Halford if he does go will end up at another Championship side.


The only reason Beattie dropped down to League 1 with us was because he was injured and out of contract.

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I was hoping crowd favourite Greg Halford would return to the Lane in a recent post in the CONFIRMED Beattie signs !! thread.


Great news, now can we have Greg Halford back, that would be the icing on the cake.
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