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  1. I agree with others who have posted regarding the moderation being a bit OTT. I think a solution would be adding an ignore user feature. That way if posters don't want to see posts from a certain person they can just put them on ignore.
  2. its been like watching paint dry so far.
  3. https://theharlequinpub.wordpress.com/2018/07/09/jared-omara-again/
  4. What a joke and not surprising they announced this news today.
  5. No point being with BT you may as well go with Plusnet and save money for the exact same service and broadband speed.
  6. Maybe we will try the Norwich game plan. Turn up late, knick a goal, repeatedly foul, roll-around and time waste.
  7. True he would have to resign from the House of Commons. Although it would make a statement if they did expel him from the party.
  8. They know if there was a by-election it would probably go back to Lib Dems.
  9. In other words I will return to work slowly and pretend like nothing has happened having pretty much done nothing since I got elected.
  10. For whatever reason it didn't work with us. He also had to deal with the bloated squad Clough had left behind. Players who had the option to activate the extention on their contract without the club activating it. His approach to management just didn't suit us as a club but you can't knock the success he had at Southampton and Scunny. Hull will be a tricky job for him but maybe his positive personality might be just what they need.
  11. Lorenzo will say he didn't see the signs which I think was his excuse last time something similar happened. As for Ryder he was making a few mistakes throughout the race. I hope they manage to lure Cox and Parrish to take over but it is unlikely I guess.
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