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  1. Can you not see Lincoln Cathedral since it sits on a hill in a flat landscape?
  2. You can wander around next time they have a wedding fayre or vintage market. Manchester town hall is a stunning building and is similarly out of bounds except for the cafe on the ground floor and weekly tours up the tower.
  3. Good luck with the pub. Hope it's a success but always worry when it's a Punch or Enterprise pub that the restrictions and costs passed on the landlord make it very difficult to make a success of it. Apparently the Brothers is still a tenanted Punch Tavern though (I thought it was a freehouse) so they've shown it's possible to make a good go of it! Hopefully it stays dog friendly and yep the music is perhaps diversified a bit. In the end the rock cover bands playing at 300db and the expensive beer and poor service stopped us going in.
  4. Sad to see that Dada has shut its doors for the last time according to its twitter page. https://twitter.com/dada_bar Only went a couple of times but it was good to go to a place that had some decent beers, was open later and seemed to have either decent or experimental music on. Guess it just didn't pull enough punters through the door. Wonder what'll happen to the pub, and if this has wider implications for the Thornbridge empire?
  5. At the top of the main stretch, near Hunters Bar.
  6. Road outside was shut, sealed off by police, not sure why.
  7. Great pub, dog friendly, good beer, nice atmosphere and fantastic pies. What is not to like. Might take my dog in for a swift one tomorrow.
  8. Thanks, It seems ridiculous how much agents in Sheffield charge. I was looking at one (Blundells) where for myself & my partner to rent a property was going to be over £500 in fees alone! Absolutely exploitative no two ways about it. Even around £100 per person is a lot but if anyone could recommend some of the better value agents I would appreciate it.
  9. My girlfriend and me are looking to move house soon to a dog friendlier area but the prices agencies charge for admin fees are ridiculous (upto £200 each we've seen)! Can anyone recommend a letting agent in Sheffield that doesn't charge rip off fees?
  10. I hope it gets taken over by the Sheaf View lot. If it was open more, friendlier to non-locals, and allowed dogs, then I would be in all the time.
  11. Anyone know the outcome. My girlfriend was walking in the area and said it was swarming with police and ambulances and a person was put in an ambulance stretcher via stretcher with the police having to tell people not to take photos of the large pool of blood. She said she couldn't see any car that had been involved though. Hit & run?
  12. I heard that Jarvis Cocker now has a pad out Edale way. He was shopping for furniture down Abbeydale Road the other day. Of course Richard Hawley has never left, loves the city and lives up near High Storrs. Phil Oakey lives near Banners Cross.
  13. I live in Sharrow now and pay £550 for a 3 bed Victorian town house. I really love it here, it's a busy multi-cultural area with great restaurants and local shops and 10 minutes walk into the city centre and the new markets. Being a multi-cultural area it has a lot of detractors on here and crime is quite high being an inner city area but I really like how you've got people from every corner of the World here and it feels more like living in London (no wonder some hate it!). Personally though if I had a young family with your budget I would move just down the road to Meersbrook or Woodseats. Both are just that little bit quieter but have great parks and local shops still. Woodseats has quite bad traffic but a great high street and more supermarkets than you can shake a stick at. Both are pretty perfect for family life, and with your budget you should (just) be able to rent a 3 bed terrace.
  14. Has anyone moved into the Park Hill flats yet? What do you make of them?
  15. No, unfortunately it's part of the job to work two Sunday's a month. The salary is a few hundred quid a month more than I was earning in Sheffield (& in the field I want to work in) so figured an extra £50 a month on top of the travel costs is probably a price worth paying. ---------- Post added 02-08-2013 at 11:09 ---------- That might be doable. How much do we reckon a minicab from Chapeltown to Barnsley would be?
  16. I'm soon to start a new job in Barnsley (near the town centre) that will involve working there a couple of Sundays a month before the trains or buses start running. Does anyone know how much a minicab will roughly cost to get me from home (in Sharrow) to work before 8am on a Sunday?
  17. Was pretty much there too so guessing it's the same kids. Hopefully the bus had cctv so was able to identify them to police.
  18. Doesn't sound like the Cremorne I know. The new owners have really turned it around & always have an excellent range of real ales on.
  19. Was on the 75 heading into town around 23.30 tonight which was packed due to the Hawley gig when it came to an abrupt halt at the bottom of Abbeydale Road (near Dhanistas) when two young kids who looked about 10 put the windscreen through & legged it in the direction of Chippinghouse Road. Who the hell lets there kids out at that time on a Saturday night? Never mind all the poor sods waiting for the last bus to Chapeltown that'll never come & the cost of replacing a windscreen.
  20. The Gateshead development is the ugliest building ever conceived though, and if you look at the shops is basically a giant tesco, greggs, poundland, sports direct and cash convertors covered in ugly grey plastic student blocks. Is that what Sheffield should aspire to?
  21. How about a simple Green for hills and black cross for coal or a silver cross for steel.
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