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  1. Our favourite chippy was the Sunbeam on Barnsley Road..... Night out in the Sportsman, Limes Club or the Cannon Hall then a scrumptious 'fish supper' to round the night off.
  2. Such a shame that long established businesses in the Firth Park shopping centre are giving up the ghost and closing their doors. Over the last few months the estate agents have all gone as well as the jewellers shop and the beauticians above it.There were strong rumours in the hair cutting shop that the Bowling Alley would be going too. The most recent being the fishing tackle shop and come the beginning of next month the Yorkshire Bank will shut for good. Such a shame ......and please Sheffield City Council.... NO MORE takeaway licences granted
  3. Thanks for the update . Hope the little fella is going to recover soon.
  4. Has there been an accident or major incident there this afternoon? Paramedics, ambulance, air ambulance and quite a few police cars blocking off Buchanan Road. Hope it's not as bad as it looks.
  5. The lady who instigated the petition will be presenting it to the council meeting at 2 pm but there will be a gathering outside the Town Hall at 1:30pm if anyone would like to show their support .
  6. Ok, I've just about had enough of this fiasco now !!!!!!! Not only has our bus service 35 (Hillsborough to Meadowhall) been cut back to an hourly service..... Which , invariably arrives significantly later than scheduled ....(providing it hasn't or will be terminated at Firth Park or worse still ,as on several occasions ,been randomly cancelled altogether)... And the fact that we were left standing at our (supposedly alternative ???) service 97/98 stops because no one had the decency to leave any info at said bus stops telling us that we wouldn't be able to use this service because of a road resurfacing closure for the last 2 weeks and into the middle of next week too apparently.....and the diversion is even further away from us....... BUT THEN ....what do we find today ( again with no info at bus stops ) the 35 service is now diverted this weekend because of .....traffic calming measures on Elm Lane !!!;;;!!!! Anyone out there offering passenger calming measures by any chance .....PLEASE !!!!!
  7. Absolutely agree with your sentiment .....Andy C has done some sterling work on this forum over the last few years and answered many of our questions without hesitation. Thanks Andy C. ---------- Post added 29-10-2015 at 21:52 ---------- I've watched several ' driver in training ' buses chugging (literally) along Elm Lane over the last three weeks and remember that the last time there was a significant change of routes, timetables and ticket choices we saw many of the 'office staff' riding shotgun on several routes for days afterwards. Maybe we'll be seeing this happening again as of Sunday ?
  8. Is there a replacement bus for the No. 20 to serve Southey Green Road and The area around Longley park ?
  9. Oh dear , that doesn't sound good. Condolences to his family .
  10. Over the last couple of years I've taken part in the online consultations and attended the drop in sessions whenever there has been a threat to our local bus service ( 35/36/37/ Hillsborough to Meadowhall ).The notices for this latest farce appeared on our buses days after the drop in session took place....and even that came close to not happening because no one could get into the venue... (there was a proposal to hold it outdoors for a while until access to the center was gained) . The staff ?? were clueless about the proposed changes to our service and the standard quote of the day seemed to be '' go online and fill in the questionaire '' !! I know one local TARA rep went away from this drop in session and questioned the ward councilor about the proposals and was told he hadn't heard about them. I've got some concerns about the proposed changes to the 35 service ...but my main worry is the fact that they are planning to reduce it to one bus every hour. This is the service that serves both Hillsborough Interchange ....with access to connecting buses and trams into the city centre and the Universities.......and Meadowhall Interchange with access to connecting buses, trams and trains for those who work out of Sheffield itself . This one hour timetable is going to cause havoc with many passengers unable to make those connections in time. I sincerely hope they will reconsider this ridiculous hourly timetable proposal.
  11. Yes...I know it's an old thread but this info might be useful to anyone looking for RO in Sheffield in the future. I was browsing through the council website a month or so ago and came across a planning application notice for Sheffield Crucible Theatre to be used as a Registry Ofiice.
  12. Noticed a FOR SALE sign over the doors when I passed on Tuesday.
  13. Only a matter of time before the old place put up the shutters I suppose. Sad sight to see whilst driving past this afternoon. Am I right in thinking that from the Travellers at Ecclesfield, there is no other pub still opening its doors on the way into city centre (via the main rd) until The Big Gun on the Wicker?
  14. I DON'T BELIEVE IT !!!!! 1 bus every hour ????? Yes, the old 17 route being reinstated had to be a no brainer....no wonder passengers numbers are down ....the new route and the confusion with the bus numbers hasn't helped one bit with that excuse.....but come on , one bus every hour on a weekday AND on Saturday has got to be someones idea of a joke ...surely? Yes....I fully intend to give someone my views on this ridiculous proposal......LOUDLY !!
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