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  1. Dont think we will win the cup but its been good,next season is worth looking forward to now.
  2. Ched is far better than Madine though,we shall see.
  3. I will certainly use it again as far as your concerned.
  4. Lol we aint going to make the playoffs,I wish some blades would stop talking rot,but next season IF we can keep hold of Brayford and add a couple more quality players then we should be good enough for top 6.
  5. I think its disgusting she was allegedly involved in the promotion of pedophilia,and then not having the decency to admit her mistake and apologize.
  6. You wouldn't say that if he came back and banged in 30 plus goals again would you.
  7. Trouble is Madine did the same thing at Carlisle FC,not his second chance more like his third.
  8. Madine is back,and so we have every right to re sign Ched,after all he too will have done his time and paid his dues,lets be honest SWFC should be ashamed of this,they have done football no favours.
  9. Having spent the best part of 50 yrs In Sheffield got to say its lovely to live by the sea,just to look at the sea rolling in and you feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself,its got to be the best move I ever made. Dont get me wrong still love my home town and always big it up but if anyone gets the chance to move to the coast ,take it you wont regret it.
  10. lol its the Guardian ,what do you expect:)
  11. Oh and lets not forget about the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks,but of course that doesn't have the Jewish element and the media that's run by the Jews.Funny how many genocides are ignored in favour of the second world war,wonder why that is.
  12. If you have the thug back then we can bring ched back when he is released,after all he like Madine will have served his time.
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