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ATOS and where the real money is spent.

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for the umpteenth time, the People undertaking the assessments are Healthcare professionals i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Physios , OTs ...


Any comment on the number of "unacceptable" assessment reports these healthcare professionals produced - as found by Atos's own audit - I mentioned earlier? No?

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3% was it? How does that compare to the rate before ATOS took over?


It's come down from 5% at the last Atos audit (this is from a sample of 1000 reports, which is a fairly small sample). This only refers to C-grade unacceptable reports and not B-grade below par reports.


The benefit system has had fairly fundamental changes in recent years (particularly in terms of migration from IB to ESA, which has meant more people being sent for assessment) so I'm not sure how you would compare "the rate" in any meaningful way.


The successful appeal rate against "Fit for Work" assessments for new ESA claims is 38%, according to the DWP's October 2011 statistics for 2011.

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The sad fact is most of the medical assesors are not qualified doctors, but are trained healthcare professioanals, (whatever that means)


Yes that does make it frustrating! However it depends on what sort of healthcare professional they are? As I feel doctors esp GP'S only have general knowledge hence GP. Whereas as specialist doctor well would have the deeper aquired knowledge. So sometimes a healthcare professional who works with patients on a long term basis would actually have more ideas of how a conditon afffects someone on a daily basis.

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The person who does the medical just follows a computer program, and nearly everyone's medical would appear to be the same. The medical should be about the person's actual disabillity. My fear is that when all DLA assements are carried out by ATOS, anyone who works, will no longer get their DLA. I have been through the medical myself, and because shock, horror, (I owned a mobile phone) it was used against me ten times to deny me certain points. On appeal, this was easily overturned. Another friend of mine, stated that they went to MHAG for help. This was twisted round to say they visit the market to see freinds. The answers people give the assesors are cleverly twisted. I am sure other people could also provide examples.

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Atos will not be diagnosing your health - they will be looking at how any conditions you have affect your ability to work.


So it may be that you have asthma which prevents you from working in a bakery - but no reason perhaps not to work in an office.


Or sadly you may have a condition that stops you working at all - even if an employer were to make reasonable adjustments.







Tell me, especially in these poor economic times, how many employers, particularly small ones will make significant and costly 'reasonable adjustments?


They won't, they can also get labour now very cheaply, with migrants, young people or even as we now find, free


These abstractions, eg, ''helping the client find suitable work' are basically smokescreens for reducing wages, welfare budgets and disciplining workers/unemployed, etc..


Your words of significant and costly are at odds with my word of "reasonable" .


To give someone an adapted chair is not necessarily that costly.

To allow someone to attend work at 10.00 rather than 9.00 is not that costly.

To provide an handrail is not that costly.

To allow a 10 minute break is not that costly.

To screen an area so that someone can inject for their diabetes - is not that costly.


The law says "reasonable".

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So, would you say that the above who you mention are more qualified than a Hospital Consultant Neurosurgeon then. You seem to imply so by your post.




They don't need to be.


Your neurosurgeon is an expert in surgery.


Whereas , for instance an occupational health advisor will be an expert in work place issues.

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