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  1. Further update, doctor sent form in. She wasn't impressed by council's stance, and is stating I should be in receipt of a pass with a carer. That'll teach them.
  2. Maybe the question should be is it too cold for the park
  3. I did ring and told them they had taken no account of my physical problems, and only assessed on my mental health issues, and very loosely. The bloke said I could appeal and someone would ring me. I was rang but didn't hear the phone, and was told on answerphone, that only a psychiatrist is allowed to fill my form in. Considering I had told them I wasn't on the CPA, this new person knew I had no psychiatrist, and is making it impossible for me to appeal, I have a good GP, who is willing to help. I may try the equality act, you mentioned. Thanks
  4. Having tried to renew my mobility bus pass, I have been refused. I have done everything by the book, told them my illnesses, and disabilities. I have an option to appeal, but only if my psychiatrist fills the appeal form in. They have took no notice of my physical ailments, and told me a gp is not allowed to fill the appeal form in. In Rotherham, Barnsley, and Doncaster GP's are allowed to fill bus pass forms in. In Sheffield only CPN's, Psychartrists and physiotherapists are allowed to fill them in. So how does a person without any of the above go on? I have no psychiatrist, no physio, and no cpn, just a gp who understands my conditions, and is quite prepared to sign my appeal, but is not allowed. I'm sure many people have been treated unfairly like this. I am more concerned that Sheffield city council is setting their own parameters and making it impossible for disabled people to get a bus pass to save money.
  5. Is every sex offender a foreigner? Thanks for informing me of this, didn't realise
  6. First bus south Yorkshire, apparently sell a ticket on board any first bus that includes admission to the Yorkshire wildlife park, for £15. Just wondering if anyone has bought one yet and used it successfully. Just worried in case driver doesn't know what I'm on about. Ticket also gives you a First south Yorkshire dayrider ticket included in the price.
  7. tesco use to give clubcard points for you to reuse bags, now they longer do. This would have given people more insentive. End of day though 5p isn't going to change my life, and the money goes to charity anyway.
  8. we had an airport but no one used it! maybe if had better destinations it may have took off. Sheffield the only airport that struggled to take off lol
  9. If your daughter is working, you will probably end up being better off. If she is on any benefit though I believe her money will be affected. Best thing is to try the benefits calculator on the turn 2 us website
  10. Hi, I got a sticker album for my son, it's LEGO ninjago masters of Spinjitzu. I have no idea where to get stickers from. Any know where I may buy some in Sheffield. Cheers
  11. I had an interesting response from somebody at Tate's travel, who took a lot of time to explain how bad things were getting. He informed me that the original boss, was getting fed up of all the complaints, and he has come back to restore public confidence. They are planning to reduce the number of bus services they run, as they bidded for too many services, and don't have enough busses if one breaks down. He was very apoligetic and sincere, so I have to admire them for taking responsibility and taking time to explain their situation. They did recieve additional investment from some transport company, but instead of money promised they recieved a number of coaches, which as the bloke explained, coaches are of little use to a bus company. I was satisfied with the apoligy and explanation.
  12. Surely it would have made more sense to clear it with the school first...At least it would have saved money on such a silly haircut...And people who hide behind human rights, should realise that they are meant to provide people some form of safety from nasty people...not an excuse for dodgy haircuts.
  13. The 96 bus goes near to the sculpture park, and is a ten minute walk from the stop. Traffic may have played a factor, but we did wait an extra 20 minutes, just on the off chance. It doesn't go into the park itself. ---------- Post added 07-09-2015 at 15:45 ---------- I'd like them to know, as they have more clout than me obviously. Thanks
  14. Well for one, I didn't realise it was a dodgy bus service until it didn't turn up, and then decided to research it. And no there isn't any other services which provide a route to the park, and if there had been any other routes I would have taken them. It isn't good for pensioners, people without cars to be served by a terrible service, and its not fair to one of Yorkshire's attractions to be badly served. ---------- Post added 07-09-2015 at 10:57 ---------- Hope they do receive some financial penalty, one bus missing once in a blue moon is acceptabele, but not as a regular occurance, do you have a link to story cheers
  15. I imagine that the sculpture park would be a good day out, but I feel sorry for anyone relying on tates travel, as you wouldn't want to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. I have seen many complaints about Tates travel since. I have emailed them asking for the money wasted on bus tickets back, I'm not holding my breath though. At least trains recieve a fine if they are late.
  16. We were thinking of something to do with our son, and granddaughter, so we decided on a visit to the Yorkshire sculpture Park. We checked the travel south Yorkshire website and used the journey planner. Bought two tickets for South Yorkshire, and a child one. Got all the way to Barnsley, with 30 minutes to spare, so we waited while 1.10 p.m. for the 96 bus, which never turned up. Just warning people don't rely on the 96 bus, as it regularly doesn't turn up. Obviously we had to give the nice day out up. Ended up going round Barnsley centre instead. Then to add insult to injury we got evacuated from the Alhambra centre, good day out, not really thanks tates travel. Sort your buses out.
  17. i meant by a fairtrade version a price agreed by farmers, and supermarkets. Morrisons are creating a version of this milk. called farmers milk.
  18. We ought to have a fairtrade version for farmers, so we can buy things at a fair price. Milk, cheese yogurts
  19. The crisp sandwich at the shop only costs 1pound. Good luck to him coming up with an original idea for a shop.
  20. Probably will include the uneducated aswell. How can we live in a country run by people who can't speak the language?
  21. Yes, raise the minimum wage, but still manages to give you less than you originally had. It reminds me of the pound shop scam. You think you get more for your money until you get home, and realise the packs are smaller. ---------- Post added 28-07-2015 at 15:54 ---------- The bbc is unbiassed, its just some tory policies affect people unfairly. If labour where in power, they would get the same attention.
  22. Saw some police bloke said his force won't send police out for burglaries anymore. Its no longer a priority. Cutting waste I agree with, but vital services, NO WAY.
  23. Early last year, 2 years after their registration had expired.
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