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10p or not to pee? That is the question

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10p, or not to pee, that is the question:

Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer

The cramps and pains of outrageous natural needs,

Or to take risk of succumbing to a Sea of troubles.


This is the dilemma you face folks.


For you may chance upon a journey,

one through Sheffield station,

The train is late, or you are early,

and cometh desire for urination.


You have a ticket and that is all,

you cannot risk using a briefly stopped train

nor the jump the barriers, you might fall

you wish to pee but stand in vain!


What the hell is going on at the station? 10p to urinate WTF!


You can use the pub next door I suppose, maybe walk on towards the remnants of Dyson house? Risk hopping on a train quickly before it sets off? The trees beside park hill?


Sheffield lacks public toilets, it's scandalous, a case of public hygiene!


People who visit our city are denied access to toilet facilities upon entering, it is a joke!


What do you think?


Should we have free toilet facilities in the train station, like we do in the bus station? Or should we have some ridiculous charge that serves no rational purpose?

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They've been charging for quite some time now


I understand it was due to damage caused to the facilities


I don't know if this was vandalism, or if it was the impossibility of getting one person and their luggage into night club sized cubicles made from materials only suitable for a small office with little 'traffic' through them in a day


Is it actually legal to charge for toilet facilities that serve a cafe? All of the station catering facilities rely on the station toilets rather than providing their own don't they? (or at least the coffee place opposite does)


Have you raised this with the rail users group?

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