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  1. I had one fitted 18 months ago, the fitting is slightly uncomfortable and my arm ached for the rest of the day but was bareable. I don't have to have any check ups and it's going to be in there for 3 years. I can feel it but it doesn't bother me at all. I have only had 3 very light periods since having it fitted. It can be removed at any time
  2. Last year I had pebbledash removed from 1 side of the house (3 bed semi) and had it rendered. The total cost was between £1500-£2000 inc scaffold, materials and labour. Though it was a friend of a friend that did it for me.
  3. Google scouts, there's a link on their website for people to volunteer.
  4. Don't think there is a toilet in Burger King but there is a toilet on platform 5 that is free and you do not need a ticket to enter the platform.
  5. I think most of the council houses on Fraser are now privately owned.
  6. What do they do to the "meat" in the pies and any other tinned "meat" products so that it can be kept for months in the cupboard? I prefer to eat meat that has been stored in a fridge and cooked fresh.
  7. If you work in the city centre you can park in Eyre street car park for £3.70 per day. I think you can purchase a monthly pass that works out a bit cheaper too, you have to speak to the guys in the office of the car park for that.
  8. Not Kwik Fit, it was a NATIONAL TYRE AND AUTOCARE company
  9. Yes it was a fantastic outcome and I am extremely pleased that I didn't part with my hard earned cash to the first garage that quoted me £95! I shall definatly be using the honest mechanic next time I need car help
  10. Thank you all for you replies but this work is no longer needed! I was told last week by a garage (A national company though I won't name and shame) that fitted me some new tyres that I desperatly needed new brake pads and they gave me a quote. Today I took the car elsewhere to get the new pads fitted, upon inspection I was informed that there is absolutly nothing wrong with the old pads. The mechanic showed me the new pads and compared them to the old pads and there was no difference!
  11. http://www.bayhotels.co.uk/england/hotels-in-yorkshire
  12. can anyone reccomend someone to supply and fit brake pads for my car please? Preferbly south Sheffield/Chesterfield area. Thanks
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