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  1. Thank you, Redrobbo, for your post and the inspiration it is to everyone. Once again, you have brought tears to my eyes. You have served your community very well and have so much to be proud of, but, now, it's time to reward yourself a little. Have a fabulous trip and a wonderful time enjoying life with nobikejohn. You deserve it.
  2. Hi Sorry I don't know the first thing about this but I just wanted to say, don't try and put it on as you can't be too careful with gas. I wonder if it might even be leaking somewhere else and it's not getting to the actual oven, perhaps at the back somewhere?
  3. Same here. Thanks to the OP for highlighting this disgrace.
  4. Thank you for posting the link. I knew McLoughlin was a very brave man, but I had no idea of all that he had been through. I think it's sometimes difficult for us to reconcile the suffering of many peple there in an official capacity on the day, alongside the deaths of the 96 and the suffering of their families, especially when it appears official incompetence was largely responsible for the tragedy, but it's important that we do accept and understand that many of the survivors too were victims in one way or another, along with their families. They too are in my thoughts. I wonder what time the 10/99 (disaster of a scale of national proportions) referred to was mentioned on the radio, as there was no official medical response to a 10/99 was there?
  5. I still like this after all those years...
  6. I think the OP is a little harsh but I can see where you're coming from. To be fair, for a fair few people on here, the forum IS where they learn the news from. I hadn't heard of this story before. Would I have started a thread about it? No. Would I have started one about the Somalian girls? No. BUT I'd post on both after reading here. Both acts are shameful.
  7. The number at the top of the letter. However, if you are going to be struggling to pay it back, then I suggest visiting the Citizens Advice Bureau, as they will negotiate terms for you. I hope you are treated better than I was when THEY made a mistake and we were told we had been overpaid. They even tried to wrangle out of it, fortunately, I had proof that I had already contested in writing the amount they had added a digit to as my income! They tried to tell me it was too late to rectify, as I had not contested their error within a specified time, but fortunately, I had kept a copy of my letter. Woodseats Advice Centre were brilliant, the behaviour of the Tax Credits Division was disgraceful. My advice to everyone is keep a copy of ALL correspondence to them.
  8. I had no idea that Mr Power was the owner of 'Panache'. My OH insists on only buying their products and no one elses. She says they are fantastic. It's a terrible tragedy. The family must be devastated. This was a vile crime. We need to rid society of such people who have no regard whatsoever for the sanctity of human life and for the trail of devastation they leave behind for famlies. My condolences to Mr Power's family, and also to mixlads41's family.
  9. I wouldn't be very pleased about this at all. I think in your position I might be contacting the Star. People should know this is happening.
  10. There's this tonight, I believe and on Halloween. http://www.steelcityghosttours.co.uk/tours.html
  11. Have to say I love shopping in Rotherham. I park across from the market - so handy and reasonable charges- the market is fab. It's so easy to get to. Then, off to the fantastic Clifton Park afterwards with the kids, right on the doorstep, with better facilities than any park Sheffield can offer, especially for paddling in the summer. Although it pains me to do so, I have to agree with Penistone999 about Sheffield seeming to be 'anti-car'. What is going on with the works near Wickes now? Yet more restrictions? And as for the parking services, well that's just got silly. Pity the council don't take tackling dog crap as seriously.
  12. Did it say, 'if it's your birthday today, then you're reading the wrong horoscope'?
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