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  1. Just because they have not left anything to the family doesn't necessarily mean a lack of planning. It might be they chose not to leave anything to the family.
  2. No they are not. They are not making medical decisions at all so stop being such a drama llama. All they are doing is signposting you to the relevant healthcare professional/service based on the information you give. Your choice, but don't expect to get anywhere quick with that kind of attitude.
  3. Nothing. Everything, whether good or bad, happens for a reason. Instead, I would rather concentrate my energy doing all the good stuff from now until death.
  4. Surely, you would just wait inside the station and venture out once your lift arrives? The big issue with the current design is that it's totally inadequate. The bay has a low capacity (8 or so cars) so unless this is either re-designed or enforcement is applied (probably by the installation of barriers similar to those that operate at Manchester Airport) then it will always be a major issue.
  5. It really isn't that important so I will give it a miss.
  6. Anyone got a pic of it so we can judge for ourselves without having to wander down the Moor?
  7. I suppose it's easy to make that call when it's not going to lose you thousands of pounds.
  8. Probably the safest place to be in that area. The flood barriers should keep the water away. Even if they were allowed out, where would they go? The roads are either flooded or at a standstill with traffic.
  9. It could be if the river(s) break their banks. Luckily, at present, it appears to be mainly surface water, so fingers crossed. However, I believe the forecast for the next few days is rain so it's not looking promising.
  10. When I was talking about the competition of local cities, I was referring to places such as York, Lincoln and Harrogate. Sheffield could never truly compete with such places (as these places sell themselves) for tourist numbers. However, you mention Manchester and Leeds... both these cities are probably more successful in marketing and attracting more tourists for a number of reasons. Unlike Sheffield, which is only world famous for being a place of industrial excellence, the other two cities are world famous (more so in Manchester's case) due to years of exposure with successful football teams etc. Furthermore, both these cities have easy access to the world via their airports making them easier to visit for foreign tourists. Sheffield can compete with the likes of Manchester and Leeds for tourists, much more than the other places, however we cannot pretend that it will magically happen over night. It will take time and a lot of investment to reinvent the city. The city is slowly getting there and articles like this indicate that https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/united-kingdom/england/yorkshire/sheffield/articles/Is-Sheffield-Britains-most-underrated-city-break-destination/
  11. Maybe you should look at visitor numbers for the city over the last few years to see if there's been a marked increase, rather than comparing us with other places. I believe that would paint a true picture of how tourism is doing in the city. The city is going in the right direction, but it takes time. A number of things have been done to rebrand and market the city (and quite successfully), such as documentary festivals and tramlines amongst others, but these take time to establish a reputation in order to pull people in from far and wide). I am not sure what you expect the city to do differently in the short term to increase visitor numbers (maybe you could lend some ideas). The city is, after all, a post industrial city with little or no tourist attractions so it is never going to be easy to sell to potential tourists, especially given the proximity to other cities, which are rich with historical and tourist attractions.
  12. Well, according to this article, Sheffield does get visitors - quite a lot of them it would seem. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/this-is-the-staggering-amount-tourists-spend-in-sheffield-every-year-430592 Not bad for a little backwater, quaint and relatively unvisited city, eh?
  13. Two of those are in Rotherham You are right though, even though these companies are on the edge of the city (or in Rotherham borough in the case of Rolls Royce and McLaren) they attract business to city and region, including business visitors.
  14. The final against South Africa will be a different challenge to that faced against the All Blacks. South Africa are a very physical team and probably match England in their approach and tactics. I don't envisage a free flowing high scoring game - it will be a battle of attrition and will probably be won by a small margin. I just hope that small margin goes in England's favour.
  15. This is an interesting read: https://www.nhs.uk/news/obesity/children-poorer-backgrounds-more-affected-rise-childhood-obesity/
  16. Only on the forum can an innocuous post about car sharing turn into something of a heated debate
  17. The passport holder may have reported the loss of his passport to the Police. It might worth calling them, if you haven't already, to see if it has been reported.
  18. And what are the good reasons for abolishing mixed sex wards? Do enlighten us. Sheffield has several pools so there's a choice. I take my little girl to Hillsborough leisure centre and we change in the mixed area - nothing to see or worry about because we, like everyone else, change in the privacy in the cubicles.
  19. And so it should. Imagine not being able to be admitted into hospital because the only bed available is on a ward reserved for the opposite sex. That would be madness. If someone is uncomfortable with a mixed sex changing area then surely they would simply look for a pool that has segregated changing facilities. Plenty of them still exist so it's not like they are being denied that choice.
  20. Don't be so hard on him. He probably once saw Carry On Doctor and thought it was a true representation of how things would evolve if men and women mixed in a hospital environment.
  21. A Sheffielder complaining about the cost of something. Now, there's a surprise 😂
  22. The city centre is currently going through an extensive transformation - much needed investment is finally taking place and the centre is changing for the better. As for finding few buildings with any history, clearly you don't know your city too well. There's an abundance of historic buildings within the city centre. What historic buildings are/have been demolished?
  23. And when it was free the city wasn't so popular with city living etc. Imagine if all those spaces were suddenly free once more, you'd have half of the city centre residents (a lot of apartments do not have parking/or parking space is rented on most developments) parking their cars there all day, depriving you of a free space. And I bet you would then be moaning about the lack of parking available. Anyhow, we are off subject here. This is about the new development, not parking.
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