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  1. Hi all. Been reading this story debunking Tony’s claims that the b17 crashed trying to avoid kids in the park. I along with everyone else will never know the whole truth and can only add this . The story that it only became folklore in the eighties and nineties is nonsense. My dad told me the story in the mid sixties when I was mad on aeroplanes and war stories. I Wes about 11 or twelve then. My dad died young in 1974 when I was 18 . My dad who would have been around 16 at the time of the crash got a piece of aluminium skin from the site. He didn’t see the crash happen so I don’t know where he got the story from . He told me it come in low over the park low on fuel desperately looking for a place to put down maybe saw people below or overshot the small area of available grass area pulled up to go around again only to stall at such a low approach and spun in to crash . He did also say that a couple of the first would be rescuers got one of the crew out but he died and rather strangely one of these rescuers was a cripple don’t know if he was on crutches or suchlike but as I say this was conveyed to me in the sixties an blows holes in the nineties folklore theory.
  2. I frequented the Oxford in upperthorpe. Always had a zoom ice lolly in the interval.
  3. Am not sure if the old chaps that had the garage owned it they may have rented it..There wasn't much to own really. It comprised of half wood and half glazed doors built in front of two converging brick walls in a triangle shape. As I said previously raravioli was a mechanic at Dan Bradbury on London Road.in 1972 .if he wasn't repairing or servicing anything he was to be seen serving on the spares counter up stars. It's my guess the old chaps that owned or ran empire garage called it a day when scooters were on the demise mid to late seventies before quadrophenia caused a bit of a revival. Dan Bradbury closed around this period .ravioli probably bought the old chaps out or rented it.
  4. Don't know if this is helpful. It was open pre 1972 when I frequented the place . It was owned /run then by 2 blokes aged about sixtyis. It was later ran by an ex Dan Bradbury mechanic called ravioli .I had my lambretta tested there and bought parts occasionally. I think it was still open in the early 801.
  5. I don't want to research anything I'll leave that to you learned types. I only asked a couple of questions. Your testy replies answered nothing.I am not seeking arguments you keep on your crusade of defen ding the righteous. I'm off for a few beers before my roast pork Sunday dinner good day.
  6. Can you point us to these other examples of society.
  7. Scrapper asked a valid question. If you're not PakistanI naive could you please explain your strange response.
  8. Lien . The camp is not in krakow it's a hour and a half drive away. I and my wife visited the camps in June last year whilst in krakow for the weekend. As for the question of not knowing how to feel or what to expect that will depend on your general character. I found it a deeply moving experience although I didn't go back to the hotel and sob.As this is a major tour attraction you expect diverse visitors with different views and outlooks. This I noted whilst outside the famous gates at the entrance to the camp people posing and smiling in front of their self ie sticks. I wonder if they felt as light hearted after the tour. If they did then they should have stayed in krakow and gone on a boat trip.
  9. I can confirm with no doubt that win stones was at the bottom of sing hill in august of 1970 . I know this because I bought a levi denim jacket with my first wage . You don't forget things like that . I was 15 then and the jacket cost £4 15 shillings. As for moving round the corner to opposite the courts I think that's a no . Only shop I remember there sold air rifles think it was turners.
  10. spider that nursery is open and staffed till 6 pm. I think the bungalow is occupied and even if it wasn't there are other houses next door to the bungalow am sure they would be complaining . I suggest you make sure of your facts .
  11. the judge asked him just how low he could get? he replied maybe a dashund.
  12. in that case when ive finished my red eye ill mosey on over and introduce myself.
  13. this is a stupid topic anyway so let me offer this. mate the cat and the dog then it can spit in their face before it rips em apart.
  14. I have never cooked naked. I don't know any one who cooks naked. however to those who claim they have cooked naked does naked taste like chicken?
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