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  1. Todwick or Harthill are lovely. Beighton is nice as well, all of these are close to junction 31 of the M1.
  2. I think it must have been about 1958, I remember going to play on the swings. We used to shout things at the "Parkie" to make him chase us, then run off out of the bottom gate. The playground was good, there were all sorts of things in it, & when the park first opened there was even a café in it. Haven't been back on Deerlands for at least thirty years.
  3. Hi DAVID FRANCE, Keith Spooner ( Spud) would like to contact you about the school reunion. He's at his caravan at the moment & the Wi-Fi's not good. He says it's best to send him a text as he always gets them. I tried to send you a private message with his phone number & email address but that didn't work. I don't mind putting my email address on here, so could you please let me know how to send them to you. Cheers. Lovelace. DAVID FRANCE. Sorry, forgot to add the email ; lknight65@googlemail.com
  4. Do you know her name or her Mother's name?
  5. Hi Callum. Don't know if you're allowed to do it, but could you put some sort of identifying description of this caravan, so that we can all avoid them. My family often hire caravans in Skeggy & we've had some nasty surprises, but I wouldn't want them to get involved with this owner. Hope you get your money back.
  6. Yes he is ; info@str-uk.com
  7. Hi Janet, I was Linda Softley, I lived on Deerlands Avenue. I left there when I was about 13 or 14 & moved to Shirecliffe.
  8. Hi Janet, I've only just seen your post on here, or I'd have replied before. I remember you very well, I think I came to your house one dinnertime with Jillian Corbidge. She lives in Leicester now but I'll remember you to her. How's life treated you? Linda
  9. I was in a similar situation & they tried to get me to move to Arbourthorne. I was worried I'd lose my priority but I turned it down, frying pans & fires come to mind, & I'm glad I did. Not long afterwards I got a lovely flat in an area that was one of my choices, I've been there for twelve years now & thank my lucky stars every day. Don't let them bully you, you still have rights. They just want to get you off their list & don't care if you end up worse off.
  10. My beef wasn't so much about possible scams, it just seems ridiculous that we have to have a bank card ( not everybody does, believe it or not ez8004 ) to nip to the loo. The bunch of lasses obviously didn't, & I have my doubts about the little old guy heading there from the beach. The way things are going, we'll soon have to carry one at all times, even if we're only going down the garden to peg the washing out! I use technology when I need it & can understand it, but I'm not going to be ruled by it. So there.
  11. Anybody else come across this? I went to the fleshpots of Cleethorpes recently, & to use the public toilets you have to put your bank card in the machine, there's no cash accepted. Luckily I'd been forewarned so I had my debit card ready, but others hadn't. I tried to hold the gates open for a group of girls behind me but it was impossible. It's bad enough trying to find public toilets these days without the prospect of getting "caught short" when you do find one. I've seen my bank statement & sure enough it's taken 20 pence, but what if there was a glitch & it took twenty quid, who would you tackle about it, & when? What a swizz, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.
  12. Hi All, Anybody remember these "dips" when you had to decide who was "on" next at Tiggy etc,, (when kids used to actually go out to play as a group) ? Some I remember are; Up a ladder, down a ladder in dictation How many pussycats went to the station, Close your eyes & think. "Three"? 1 ... 2 ... 3 (that person's out) If you do not want to play, take your hook & go ay-way With a jolly good slap across the face, just like .....THAT. (person gets a "slap" & is out.) ------------------- Eeny meeny macaracca, dare I dummaracca, chickaracca bom bom French. ------------------- Dip dip dash, my blue sash, Sailing on the water like a cup & saucer, dip dip dash. ------------------ One potato, two potato, three potato, four, five potato, six potato, seven potato o'er. We must have been daft!
  13. Hi All. Anybody remember Janice Winterbottom, she was there around the early sixties. What ever happened to her?
  14. Going back donkey's years but "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" has to be the worst film of all time. It makes you feel like topping yourself.
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