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  1. You're probably right, I only looked on their website. Can't get the staff.
  2. Just looked up the opening times for Wisewood Cemetery & it's 8 till 6 every day but closed on Saturdays & Sundays. A cemetery closed on Sundays, surely that can't be right ? Anybody know ?
  3. Don't know these two but I know Linda & Peter Bolton, makers of surgical instruments, at Wadsley Bridge. Sure about the name ?
  4. Thanks for that Jomie, didn't want to risk a trail for nothing.
  5. Hi all, anybody know if Thurcroft Cemetery is still open for visitors ? It's too far for me to go "on spec" if it's not. It's quite isolated so I'm not likely to run into anybody.
  6. Bonmarche are closing their shops down as well, don't know if they'll continue online or not. But then, I do live under a rock, haven't seen a telly or a newspaper for weeks.
  7. speleo 1, I like 60s, reggae, Beatles / Stones / Hollies, charts compilations like Top of the Pops, Iron Maiden, country music in small doses, all sorts but not RAP !
  8. I still use these & I'd love to have them. What sort of stuff's on them? If it's my kind of music I'd give you a few bob for them. I've got one of those "any format" music centres, so I still play my old vinyl stuff from the sixties etc. Bit of reggae as well.
  9. Hi, In my book, The Oxford Names Companion, Brinsley is a place in Nottinghamshire, originally BRUNESLEIA. It means "Woodland clearing of a man called Brun." Old English personal name of Brun, plus "leia" meaning clearing. The nearest one to it in the first names & surnames section is Brinkley, personal name of Brynca, plus leia. Any lookups anybody ?
  10. Thanks guys, think I'll risk it then. I always stand with it anyway, I don't leave it unattended, & the first sign of a problem I'll move it. Cheers.
  11. No, just your basic 800 watts cheapo thing, only used about once every two days for five minutes.
  12. Hi All, Does anybody know if it's O.K. to site my microwave directly underneath the Worcester boiler in a corner of my kitchen? There would be a 4 inch space above it & open space all around it. Would rising hot air from it cause problems with the boiler, with it obviously being open to the air at the bottom? S'cuse my ignorance.
  13. I've had stuff like this happen after my husband died , & I had to sell/give away about thirteen vehicles & motorbikes, & it's still happening. If I haven't got any paperwork, I've usually found that writing a letter to them explaining the situation will sort it. I've had trouble with cloning, parking fines, speeding fines, new keepers not doing things properly, but it's always been waived by the authorities when I've told them what's happened. Obviously it's better to keep records of everything, so that's a lesson learned. Hope you can sort it.
  14. Hi, new faces always welcome. Not been a forumer long myself. I like to listen & say nowt. There are some on here who are always entertaining in one way or another!
  15. Another good site is Curious Fox ( www.curiousfox.com ). You can either go on it for free, or pay about £5.50 for the year. I've made some great breakthroughs on there, & also helped a lot of people with their search. It's not records, it's people asking for information.
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