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  1. On the conveyor belt at Thorntons, just imagine it. They wouldn't even have to pay me.
  2. I'm the same with wine, when they pour it & it's glugging into the glass I think I really want some, but then it's actually hard to get down. I wouldn't give you tuppence a bucket for whiskey, how people can drink that, especially neat, is beyond me. I'd rather have a burdock.
  3. The footprint of the Hallamshire is small, it can only be where it is because of the height. Parking is horrendous, I wouldn't like to live in the surrounding streets, it must be hell for the residents. I think siting it at Attercliffe is a great idea, there's a lot of land round there that's not being used to it's full potential.
  4. One trend I wish would go away ....... Thick caterpillar eyebrows. Two trends I'm glad to see the back of ..... Lads wearing their trousers with the crotch hanging half way down their ass. ...... Mohican haircuts , although you still get the odd dinosaur who thinks it's cool.
  5. Stannington. You had to wait twelve years on the housing list to get on there, now it's really rough. The rot set in when they let young people have the high rise blocks that had been for elderly people. Then they put in homeless & immigrants & it went downhill fast. There was a strong community spirit up there before, as many of the tenants moved in when the two estates were built, and grew up together. It's still the best place I've ever lived but I wouldn't go back now.
  6. Makes you wonder how some of them originated. Veering off slightly, we were once looking at some donkeys in a field in Ingoldmells and the name on the brass nameplate on the gate was E. Haw & Sons !
  7. Tttt ! I've got relatives called Crump as well, William & Raymond who would be in their seventies now. They were the sons of Bill & Phylis Crump.
  8. I've just read through that & it makes me feel better !
  9. I recently had to contact a Miss Puddephatt & it set me off thinking about some of the more unusual surnames I've come across in my life ; Licquifette, Stallingbest, Twelvetrees, Handisides, Ort, Daff, etc.. My own maiden name was bad enough but I'm not putting it on here.
  10. Yes I've never understood that one either. As you get older birthdays seem less important, and you've already got most things you could ever need. I think it's something to do with your self-esteem, the way you give to others and the knowledge that you're a person that others want to give to. I just like to feel that I've done my part of "the job" properly. My husband can sort the car out .
  11. It's a known fact that women are better at the social side of things, that includes organising cards & presents & dealing with relationships. We like men to leave it to us, even if we pretend to grumble about it. Sometimes it does get out of control, especially at Christmas when the goodwill factor takes over. So don't worry lads, we've got this.
  12. HACHI was mine too, what a weepie ! Me & my husband cried unashamedly through it, and to think it was a true story made it worse. As a teenager I went to see Summer Holiday fourteen times, at the Forum & at Studio 7. I must have been easily pleased in those days.
  13. Or there was always the Friday morning grovel market where my daughters used to go.
  14. I didn't know Skechers had an actual shop, thought it was just a brand. Looks like I need to get out more ..........
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