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  1. I've had stuff like this happen after my husband died , & I had to sell/give away about thirteen vehicles & motorbikes, & it's still happening. If I haven't got any paperwork, I've usually found that writing a letter to them explaining the situation will sort it. I've had trouble with cloning, parking fines, speeding fines, new keepers not doing things properly, but it's always been waived by the authorities when I've told them what's happened. Obviously it's better to keep records of everything, so that's a lesson learned. Hope you can sort it.
  2. Hi, new faces always welcome. Not been a forumer long myself. I like to listen & say nowt. There are some on here who are always entertaining in one way or another!
  3. Another good site is Curious Fox ( www.curiousfox.com ). You can either go on it for free, or pay about £5.50 for the year. I've made some great breakthroughs on there, & also helped a lot of people with their search. It's not records, it's people asking for information.
  4. Tesco sell the washing up liquid, which I always buy, they probably do the soap powder as well.
  5. KEN WINTERBOTTOM's funeral is on Wednesday 4th September at 11.45 at Rotherham Crematorium, then afterwards at The Tabard on Herringthorpe Valley Road.
  6. Thorpy .... It was nice to hear about your exploits, Ken told me all these things, he could always tell a good tale. Wasn't it Roger Walker who always had a pot on his arm? Ken was a rebel right to the end, we only found out five weeks ago that he had cancer but he said he was going to cause as much trouble as possible before he went. And he did. But that's another story. Nice that he's remembered.
  7. You've got it exactly right David. Thankyou for that.
  8. Ken Winterbottom , born Sharrow, lately of Dinnington, died on Friday August 9th. Rest in peace.
  9. Where're you from then Lucian ?
  10. Todwick or Harthill are lovely. Beighton is nice as well, all of these are close to junction 31 of the M1.
  11. I think it must have been about 1958, I remember going to play on the swings. We used to shout things at the "Parkie" to make him chase us, then run off out of the bottom gate. The playground was good, there were all sorts of things in it, & when the park first opened there was even a café in it. Haven't been back on Deerlands for at least thirty years.
  12. Hi DAVID FRANCE, Keith Spooner ( Spud) would like to contact you about the school reunion. He's at his caravan at the moment & the Wi-Fi's not good. He says it's best to send him a text as he always gets them. I tried to send you a private message with his phone number & email address but that didn't work. I don't mind putting my email address on here, so could you please let me know how to send them to you. Cheers. Lovelace. DAVID FRANCE. Sorry, forgot to add the email ; lknight65@googlemail.com
  13. Do you know her name or her Mother's name?
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