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  1. It would be more than 2-2 1/2 hours if you're doing trams trains and busses, remember apart from travel time you also have waiting times and as you will already know, things are never spot on - on time. If it is possible to move to Hull and live in halls - I really would. Edit to add: also train fares have just gone up again
  2. Im ayoung person and ive found a job, a good one actually. The reason why some young people are unemployed is because the cant be arsed to work. Young people can find jobs but its easier to nip to the job centre and get money that way. They certainly seem to have more money than me most of the time anyway! Just as an example, there are always jobs going at places like greggs etc.
  3. Dont compromise your nutrition for a bit of extra time, there's plenty of ways you can cut corners to make something healthy and nutritious and even if you're not that bothered about healthy stuff there's places to grab something from. There are Jacket Potato take aways and plenty of other places you can grab something in a hurry,
  4. IF anybody can actually remember the point of this thread.. Wouldn't passport photos as avatars compromise internet safety rules?
  5. Its not a man thing i do it too, unless i want to cook for alot of people and then its not enough lol
  6. Just wash your hair with vosene for a while its much cheaper and wont damage your hair or scalp.
  7. ...and? Women look at men and say possibly inappropriate things just as much as men do it. It is actually an instinctive thing to look at someone who is attractive.. and how does this conversation have anything to do with passport pictures on internet forums
  8. Calm down dear don't get yourself excited! I wasn't having a go, and I'm sorry if you read it that way. Anyway, having given your pulse rate a chance to decrease.. Obviously the cars need to be updated, however the actual transformers themselves didn't need to change to the extent they have, I mean, they are almost unrecognisable. Yes, it was Soundwave that turned into a cassette player, so get ready for a transformers 4 that has an Ipad transformer!
  9. Is that really all you want from a transformers movie though? None of the transformers look remotely like the originals and shia labeuf is soo irritating!
  10. I'm assuming it won't be anywhere even close. My warning was just for the swedish one because that really is extremely graphic. The only issue I have with american remakes is that they very often aren't anywhere near as good. It's like Rec and Rec2 (spanish) were remade by the americans to Quarantine and Quarantine 2 (havent seen the second yet) but quarantine was absolutely awful.
  11. maybe it depends on taste anyway the third one ties everything up its basically all one story
  12. haha! i went to whitby for my birthday!
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