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  1. Dont hurt your fingers whilst scraping the bottom of the barrel like that..
  2. May not be a rifle. I have a high powered pistol that would easily go through a pigeon without stopping.
  3. Should be easy to prove then. Go on, prove Mr Trump is one of the biggest liars in the world. At the risk of repeating myself, Prove it. ---------- Post added 18-05-2018 at 09:09 ---------- Cheers for that
  4. Too? Not sure I follow you. Young Ched is innocent I believe. Not the best example that now was it.
  5. Are you being deliberately dishonest? He was talking about MS13.
  6. Tell that to Rolf and the rest. My bold. Whats that word? Ive never seen you use it before.
  7. The conviction rate for alleged rapists would suggest otherwise.
  8. I used to smoke it and once had a knock on the door from plod. I didnt do it every day so luckily when the police turned up I had not smoked any. I fessed up, told him I didnt realise my neighbour could smell it (which is the truth) and told him it wouldnt be a problem any more and to pass on my apologies to whomever reported it. I haven't had a joint since My feeling was that to the police its a very minor problem and their focus is on the growers and dealers. Once he had satisfied himself i was neither he went on his way. If the house is council then that is where I would go to get the problem sorted, I dont have a problem with people smoking weed but I do have a problem with ignorant fools who dont give any consideration to those around them.
  9. Yes, each and every one of them. Right to their faces too! Technically you dont know that. I mean, we could have known each other for years or drank in the same pub or even live next door to each other. Besides, im a friendly sort, everyones mate to me. And Im not dancing to your tune fella.
  10. Yes mate. All the time. Do you? ---------- Post added 10-05-2018 at 17:56 ---------- There answer is there, you just need to look harder.
  11. Do homosexuals believe they are born into the wrong body? The wrong species? Have too many arms or legs at birth so want them cutting off?
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