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  1. We've got a private villa with its own pool. He's going to be swimming every day, eating out and learning about foreign foods. He'll learn more about swimming in those 2 weeks than he's done in years of swimming lessons. Nothing wrong with telling your kids to spin a little white lie about being unwell.
  2. I've taken him out for a few days in the past. The last few days of a holiday ran into term time. I just told the school he was sick.
  3. Planning on taking my son on holiday within term time this year. He's only 8 so won't miss much. Have you ever taken your child out of school for a term time holiday? Did you agree to pay any fines?
  4. When you hear the god father of punk admit that Anarchy In The UK was nothing but an act. He kind of becomes a has been, instantly!
  5. Or the whole <removed> show is becoming weary and it's ran it's course?
  6. Threaten to leave a bad review on trip advisor if they don't give you a receipt. That should work.
  7. Sharing a platform with Cameron has nothing to do with bringing about a peace process during conflict. Tony Blair is now completely irrelevant. And, let's face it, Corbyn and Cameron shared the stage every week during PMQ's
  8. You don't have to be VAT registered to request a receipt. You could be using the receipt to claim back expenses from an employer. They should be giving you one if you request one.
  9. It's not Twitter that reveals it, it's the accounts of the people that do the reporting. You have to search for these accounts but there's plenty out there. All of those I've looked into are not members of the party, yet claim they are.
  10. What was Mark Chapman say was a motive? Catcher In The Rye? ---------- Post added 01-08-2018 at 09:37 ---------- I've never smashed my telly up when I get stuck on a game. How would I play all my other games?
  11. Just head to Twitter and search for the subject. I'm not posting images from my account on here. ---------- Post added 01-08-2018 at 09:30 ---------- https://twitter.com/Socialist_Chris/status/1023942712091987969?s=19 I've not posted a link for some time, hope I've done it right.
  12. I think you might need to look at his work with the IRA. You can only make peace with your enemy by entering into a debate. I know this might seem like a strange option to those that would rather bomb people.
  13. It's becoming increasingly obvious that social media is being used as a tool to smear the party, using this anti-semitism as a weapon. I've reported several people on Twitter - who claim to be members of the party - for posting anti-semitic statements, only to find out that they are not party members at all. None of the accounts I reported were members!
  14. If you like violence, try reading Lord of the Files, or A Clockwork Orange! Or, if you prefer some hard core drugs, Anything by Hunter S Thompson?! You're right though, that Mario is a right evil little swine!
  15. My sister reads every spare minute she has. She can read several novels a week and some books she has read multiple times. Me and my son love gaming but neither of us play for anything like the time she reads. If it was gaming, people would say that she's addicted, but it's a book, so she's cultured? What's the difference between Harry Potter and Zelda?
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