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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 19 hours

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    I am after two 4m long x 100mm x 100m posts for a project we are going to start soon at the local foodbank. If anyone in "Sheffield Forum" Land can help or know of any where I can can them this long PLEASE! PLEASE! get in touch. We have tried Wickes, B&Q, Homebase, plus a few more as well with no luck. So if you can help not only me but the local foodbank as well please do so. Thanks Bob.


  2. About two years ago I can done for speeding, every month I paid the fine like clock work then near to the end of paying the fine unknown to me the banks had a problem and the payment wasn't made, the only way I found out was when I got a letter from Marston Bailiffs. As there wasn't much left to pay on the fine I paid it on line as the Courts refused to accept any payments over the phone, so I thought that was it the fine has been paid in full and the Bailiffs was stopped. How wrong was I ??? Out of the blue and nearly two years later I got a letter from the DWP stating the Courts has ask for deductions from my money to pay a fine. I have had no paper work from the Courts saying anything about this I was a bit puzzle so I phone up the Courts and was told the it was £78 I still owe, £78 of my fines money that the Courts had sent to Marstons . I would like to know if 1/ Can courts refuse to take payments over the phone. 2/ Are there allowed to send your fines money to some 3rd party. 3/ Are there allowed to not inform you that you still owe anything or there is a problem after all this time. 4/ Can there just do this, ask DWP for direct deductions from my money without sending any paper work out first. Thanks Bob.
  3. Sorry it the statement was a bit misleading to anyone, where it says "like all other D.W.P phone numbers does not start 0800" it should have read " like all other D.W.P phone numbers this one on the letter does not start with 0800" . This phone number starts 01132
  4. Thanks for your reply. The only time she had any was about 30 years ago before we got married. What is a bit strange is the letter has not got her N/I number on it, which I thought it should have and the phone number, like all other D.W.P phone numbers does not start 0800.
  5. Hi we got a letter this morning from the DWP about benefits my wife get. The head of the letter is entitled "Local Service Compliance Telephone Interview" it goes on and it says when we get the call there are wanting Bank Statements and other personal details ect. The reason I think this is a scam is:- 1/ The letter is address to my wife who doesn't get any benefits 2/ The letter does not have her N/I number on it. 3/ After checking the phone number 01132850061, this is an India phone number. 4/ I haven't heard of this telephone interview where a-bout's you are going to be ask personal details. We will be looking further into this but was just wondering has any-one had a letter like this or heard of this. Thanks Bob.
  6. You could have hit the nail on the head "Top Cats Hat" … I think the courts are just as bad to allow a firm like this to carry on. When I tried to pay all of the out standing amount that I owe over the phone she wouldn't let me, had to do it on line.... Thinking back to what she let slip when she said some thing like can't do that it would stop it, or some thing like that. If I did hear her right that to me says by paying it off all action is stopped and so is any action from Marston.
  7. Further up date. Found out that due to a payment been 14 days late ( after problems at the banks end) I thought it was paid as I paid it on time online. This fine is now paid in full as I paid it online direct to the court. Lets hope that's the last we hear from them. After doing more research on Marston I am amazed at the amount of complaints against them. http://www.bailiffhelpforum.co.uk/viewforum.php?f=6 How is a firm with this amount of complaints allowed to carry on and why is the courts allowing it,
  8. Just like to say you were right Resident it is Marston debt recovery …. Turn's out it is a speeding fine that I have been paying monthly with-out fail, yet they are saying I haven't paid and I own £78 ( I do have prove I have paid) and since there first started to contact me I have made two more payments of £20 to the court online. I have contacted them and told I am disputing this and to put any action on hold as I have paid and even sent them prove, and I am waiting for a reply from court. Yet guess what some-one came to the house at 6.40am, yes that is the morning creeped up to the door push a letter though the letter box saying he tried to contact me for FULL PAYMENT ( he was that quite even the dogs didn't hear him) even so what makes him think that any one is going to answer the door at that time in the morning let alone pay him. Is there any thing that can be done about this sort of harassment to two disable people one who as had a heart attack and does not need this stress and up set. not when the speeding fine is been paid.
  9. Just had a bit of a weird phone call from 03333201828, ask for me by name when I ask her who she was she wouldn't tell me tell until I told her my date of birth, address ect. When I ask her again and for the name of the firm she wouldn't tell me till I told her my Date of Birth and address. When I told her you have got to by law at least tell me your name and the name of the firm other wise I terminating the phone call, she then hung up. I can only find little bits about this phone number and was wondering if any one has had the same. Thanks.
  10. True woodmally we are, but did you know we also help any one in a crisis from sending out food parcels from our food bank to helping the homeless and much more, our web site tell's you more of want we do, it is well worth a visit you can also follow us on facebook as well…. Thanks for the lovely comments, please keep on coming and pass us on to all your friends and family
  11. Hi does any one know of any good auctions in Pubs or Clubs, where I can buy or take items in to sell in the following areas : Killamarsh, Halfway, Mosborough & surrounding areas Eckington, Beighton, Woodhouse. Or any of the surrounding areas of the above. Thanks.
  12. Hi after staying in a B&B in the UK and after paying the bill on the last day they did not give me a receipt, all though I have ask them and I even send them an email requesting one back in June where they replied that one was been sent out. I am still waiting for it, so I sent them another email this morning and looks like they have ignored my request. I would like to know if any one can tell me. 1/ Can they refuse my request. and 2/ Any one I can contact about this. as is seems a bit dodgy.
  13. Rotherham Hospital is now starting to charge the disable to park. This is going to cause problems when the drivers start to park on double yellow lines around the hospital grounds or on the main road. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20628873
  14. Just wondering if anyone has heard of the following : :confused::confused: I started to get my works pension and even though I told DWP and I was told it would not effect my ESA, about 6 months later after getting the pension I was told it would effect my ESA because I get Income Related. When I applied for a Budgeting Loan all though I've had one in the pass when I've been on Income Related ESA, this was turned down. The reason they said was, I were not on Income Related ESA ...... How can there bend the rules like this when it suits them,how can the DWP contradict them self's like this and get away with it. It seems I'm on it so there can have money off me, but not on it when I want money off them ..... Even on the web site it states if you get Income Related ESA you are eligible for a Budgeting Loan, http://www.gov.uk/budgeting-help-benefits/eligibility and as I said early I've had one before in the pass while on this. Weird I know, thanks Bob
  15. If your a Council Tenant there will remove large items for free once a year, any more and I think there is a small charge. Other wise you'll have to take it your self to the tip
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