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  1. I think you will find it affected Bens entire family Not just his mother.
  2. Nice one, Thanks Ill be sure to do that 👍
  3. Thank you Ghozer. Things seem to be a bit better now. I uninstalled a few programs I dont really use and I was pleasantly surprised by an increase in speed all around but Im backing up my files this weekend and I think ill follow your advice and do a full install anyway. 🙂
  4. Hello. My PC is running a bit rubbish at the minute. Windows 10 Ryzen 5 16gb DDR4 GTX 970 C drive is an nvme When I first got it it was blistering fast (compared to my previous pc) but over the last couple of months its been sluggish. Also when booting up on a few occasions its booted to windows and the task bar has been missing the clock or an icon or even the whole task bar. Ive done virus/malware scans all come up clean. Ive cleaned the pc using Ccleaner Done more scans Not much seems to have changed and its still running poor. Any ideas what I should try next? Thank you :-)
  5. 😂 Not sure why that tickled me so but had to laugh at that.
  6. Cracking post! 👍 And to be clear is was not defending our CO2 emissions or trying to demonize another nation. I was just pointing out someone's error. Me personally? I think we all need to do way more for the environment. If everyone did their little bit then the whole job would be easier to tackle.
  7. Very true, China is not plenty of countries. Ive been told they produce more CO2 than America, India, Japan and the UK combined though.
  8. China is a developing country China produces way more CO2 than we do.
  9. Im sorry but you are. A quick Google could tell you that.
  10. Their choice I suppose. When you consider white people are far less likely to face any kind of racism then I guess it makes i little bit more sense. For me personally though I agree with alchresearch, their loss.
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