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  1. i think you have summed up the situation very well and i could not agree more some people will not agree with you but i have not seen anyone offer a good argument for attempting to prosecute soldiers that were under orders some 50 years ago. if anything i'd prosecute those that advocate persecuting ex soldiers now in their 70s for terrorism. alleged participants in incidents that happened two generations ago can hardly be judged by a jury of their peers.. at 70 their peers are exempt from jury service. Almost everything that happened in relation to the 'troubles' in NI back then was a tragedy most people these days don't know much about any of it and understand even less. so how the hell can judgement be passed on some soldiers whilst some terrorists are being venerated.
  2. now come on leave corbyn alone he's doing a great job of trying to educate people not to vote labour.. d o we want an other illegal war, do we want a country so deep in debt we are still trying to pay it off with austerity imposed on all of us which by definition can't afford it... do want whats left of our gold reserves to be sold off after telling the world we are going to do it to force the price down... yes that happened. do yo want yor pensions raiding again because there is too much money in them ... and now surprise surprise there isn't enough in them anymore do we want people sending to eastern europe to try and recruit chaep labour with promises of benefits from the public coffers im told that both blair and brown both have convictions before they got into politics if thats true how did the rise to such dizzy heights blair its said also was convicted of perjury .... I do believe very strongly that they should stil both face charges for what they did to the UK and its indigenous people don't et me wrong i have never thought we can trust the conservatives but i have never doubted that we can't trust labour so leave corbyn alone he's doing a better job of messing up labour's chances than ed miliband .... why did they pick milband over his brother .... well i reckon its because his brother might have got them a win.
  3. FGM was made illegal here in 1985 the first and only conviction was in 2017 and the mother only got a 11 year sentence which she will no doubt not do all of it seems clear to me that whoever it was that passed sentence has no comprehension of what was actually done to that child and the lifelong effects. call me cynical but i can't help think that the woman fell foul of the authorities for doing it herself had she paid some qulified medical practioner to do it or gone abroad like most of the rest do... nothing would ever have come of it i don't understand why this thread has got hijacked by the anti male circumcision brigade.. go start your own thread and you can talk about penises and your personal fears and hang ups as much as you like. FGM is exactly that life long mutilation of women's outer genitals usually removing labia and clitoris. the mental scarring and th efeelings of betrayal arew seldom even mentioned. male circumcision on the opther hand is no big deal and is basically just a skin trim which leaves the rest of the penis intact and some say appearance enhanced... were the extremes of fgm to be applied to male circumcision to be applied whoever was doing it would die out. i have seen the massive personalty changes in young muslim women that were sent or taken 'home' during the school holidays, many that did return came back with pronounced limps. as of course i was legally obliged to do so (not that i needed to be obliged) i reported my suspicions at first to people who had paid responsibilites for safeguarding and when that failed to social services. as you might imagine nothing happened.
  4. may voted remain and now it is startingto look as if she is trying to make sure that do. of those that were bothered enough to have expressed a preference in the reforendum the outcome was .. we leave don't forget we voted to join a common market and then woke up and voted to leave the EEC which we were never asked if we wanted to join. i still am wondering why we did not leave within the month and stop ANY and ALL immigration at the same time until the population drops to lets say about 50 million or less as for this damned back-stop thing why not just give northern ireland their independence and that border would no longer be an issue of concern for us
  5. Hopefully. a lot of people sayig positive things about this idea... i'm just wondering how many of them live close enough to it to be afected by it. this is a busy roundabout now who knows what it will be like if this goes ahead, especially when there is a game on. if this place and brammall lane both have games on at the same time i can see traffic deadlock. as for the locals trying to get home and park outside their own houses ..... i guess they can forget about that. i don't see this being a good thing at all for a lot people and most of them wont be the ones that want it just have to put up with it. i'll happily sign anything that opposes it.
  6. i used to live near london road at night and when we'd finished work in the early hours of the morning we used to use either one out of the only two dirty chicken shops as we called them. we'd call in most nights till one of got ill than we'd use the other one for a bit... never trusting any of the rest at all... then the dirty pizza shops started springing up people pretending to be italian with their turkey ham and selling what passes for a kebab... allegedly minced meat on a stick ... not like chubby's or murdocks where the meat was at one time at least recognisable as meat. these shops proliferated some pubs died and now we feel london road is just another place to avoid, especially from 17:00 onwards we see ecco rd going the same way .. it'll take a while and some shops will no doubt endure but places to eat .. we reckon they are just living on borrowed time the city center is dying .. west street nearly has page hall never stood a chance and neither woodseats nor hillsborough are what they once were and in time we reckon the proliferated low quality fast food shops wil make their way towards kelham island... and no doubt kill that too.
  7. i don't know about that but according top some ...allegedly you might have been eating one
  8. i know a really good one but its very small they cook a few joints and when they are gone they are gone and getting served there at lunchtime if you have any time constraints is a nightmare. i go there regularly and i asked about them branching out a little cooking a few more and they happily said they are quite busy enough and certainly don't need any publicity... so they get none from me but I will try those at sharrow vale and near wilkinsons when the opportunity arises.
  9. one black bin has always proved to more than sufficient so no problem there ..everything goes in that which is seldom more than half full except when it gets filled up with unwanted and unnecessary council grown wind distributed leaves before it goes to the same land-fill or incinerator as most of the rest of the rubbish .... i acknowledge that one black bin a fortnight is not enough for everyone but its less waste that we really need not more bins
  10. disappearing news/information other than being surprising is more or less what i have come to expect. far too many odd things especially in the countryside take place without apparent media interest. one minute a small resevoir is a place of outstanding beauty and a nature reserve next minute its gone and yet some summers we are short of water.. where is the sense in that? and that has happened quite few times around sheffield and derbyshire but the management of the bits ofcountryside that largely depend on shoots to stay in business are the reason the countryside has its present appearance. so put up with the actions of those disturbed people that kill for pleasure or watch as braken takes over, and all the arguably ill-effects of that and do not forget that it is true many of the birds that are shot ( and no don't agree with it) would never have lived were it not for the shooting and the protection they are given prior to that
  11. all of these are good but i suppose its subjective. i know some people are not lovers of aspic and that might be due to the amount of gelatin in that potters of barsley have already been mentioned and their availability in sheffield market elmhurst farm products on the junction of doncaster road and market street in goldthorpe. beres in hillsborough town woodseats and crystal peaks. also liberty foods on junction of main ave and baslow rd in totley i've always been of the opinion that other than just salt to help bring out the flavor if you feel the need to add something to your food then perhaps the food is not quite as nice as you thought and many people selfishly put things on their food that othe people eating nearby find has an offensive smell.
  12. Given the lack of parking in the area if you discount the co-op across the road and the I strongly suspect that it will not be used for entertainment but might find a use for some kind of business other than retail. I really don't mind if I'm wrong ... we will no doubt see in the non too distant future.
  13. given that all sane people accept we use and waste far too much plastic and there is no need for me to explain that and being curious about the Ikea sandwich bags I looked them up. They are apparently resealable reusable and recyclable which is bette than most but still plastic. On a side note one description of them stated that "the colours are fun".... One could almost envy people who are so simple and or disturbed that they find different coloured plastic bags to be "fun" . On reflection maybe we should envy them ....their lives must be much more simple.
  14. so they know to look for the camera.... that seems a little counter productive ... but from what i hear the police don't prosecute even if you have excellent pictures of thieves...... unless you are a bank or business.
  15. what if any age restrictions are there please.
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