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  1. This is your man got a factory full . Fits and sorts lot out 07903524699 . His work is spot on Cant compare him to ikea they are a joke in comparrison '
  2. Time Left: 5 days and 11 hours

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    Used but working if you are theowing chair away i will take motor of


  3. Plenty shops doing second hand ovens for under 100 pounds fitted if you dont feel like buying a new one . Come on here for 50 regular when people buy a new kitchen
  4. They have one out now its called a wife They can be a bit tempermental just got to know how to handle them . Anglers Rest quiz night tuesday brilliant
  5. Why dont they give every one a drone land on front garden . Amazon are trying to do it so throw money in to that or give every one a helicopter
  6. Not only getting a mortgage its his own piece of mind re- N H B C . 10 year guarantee . Google timber framed houses a well known builder was pulled last year about concerns / Google life expectancy of T F Houses
  7. if you type in to google skype customer service it will give you a phone number and its free calls 24 ..7
  8. They didnt have battery tecchnology then and still dont ./ Have you ever heard of if in a hole stop digging
  9. If ifs Timber Frame i would look at getting a full survey to get a top guarantee as possible . 10 years n h b c not long enough
  10. Okay but it may still be live with the code on it or try any you you had even type in the old e mail see what happens
  11. I would be interested to who decided it was safe to suceed with E. V. and every thing that goes with it .
  12. Why not log in to old e mail address see if its still open / [ did it with one of mine in a similar cercumstance
  13. Any one remember Molly Mullvaney mum and dad had pubs in sheffield had the ellsmere at one time Phill and Joyce
  14. Would have thaught if she had to pay it would say on the form
  15. Got to more simple than E, V. needs something like this cant be any worse ideas
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