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  1. nothing to drink 2 hrs before bed And dont go to bedl worrying or trying to work things out have a clear mind
  2. Has the Eone eleven n ow ceased and no one with a british passport will be able to get any medical support or have they made other medical support for travelors . If so this is devistating
  3. You aint seen gosh mozolan then he would nave sorted it
  4. My advice get a skip throw it in you never stop weeding it you want back ache youll get it /
  5. Been to docs if youre above3and a half they send you to hospital. i was 4 so sent hospital was told lots people who go go are 50 plus and generally advice seems to be leave it alone / But yes see your doctor dot worry to much seems every one has it at 60 years of age
  6. Whilst there if its for a kitchen have a look at there latest cushion floor/ We always have that now you can change it every few years when you get fed up or wife does / and bonus is if you ever have to get under floor for any reason its not a diisaster wife thinks its brilliant very thick and soft
  7. Buy it from a supplier like Balfour suppliers hate people who say ive already got it go down pick some and there fitters will sort it you dont know who youre getting on here .. Balfours got 20 fitters doing it every day
  8. Make sure you get permission to bolt it to other persons wall then if it cracks his wall you can say / Its your fault you said i could do it
  9. Sill dangerer iit will pull wall over .I would put new longer post in keep everything seperate poss drop end panel 6 inch
  10. If its pulling out when its fitted properly and you keep re fixing you will finish up pullingwall over. Get a longer post dig out put new pole in get plenty concrete round it
  11. Go google searh padge put I P adress in it comes up
  12. Sorry i thaught you knew him personally as i saw the article about working for him . He has been to my home on several occasions and that of my friends and he is a top man . I noticed he hasnt been on forumn for some months and wondered why / All the best keep safe the spider
  13. Mozolan is on campo lane now i think top man Thats right hes a friend of ghozers
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