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  1. So long as fishery is open cant see a problem
  2. Very good youre top forum member
  3. If you can get to computer shop in handsworth they will sort it and not cost a fortune about 20 pounds or so
  4. I would get as near town as poss and as far away from woodthorpe as you can
  5. You do know astro turf has to be disinfected twice a year especialy if you have pets . What with the new virous going round make sure you have it looked after if kids play on it
  6. Pebbley best for the unknown park in car park go right round to edge woods
  7. Yes threaten to leave negative comments about them not doing the job correctly big style
  8. Paving deckilng has had its day paving cheaper and easier to maintain but each to their own
  9. Do not try .to organise everybody for windows see global home care they see to own scaffold Then a render firm let them scaffold as well / Point is window firms and rendering plasterers need different type scaff renderers need an independent scaff Not hard doing it this way bit longer but easy y ou may even enjoy it Russ at GLOBAL HOMECARE orgreave estate has done me loads of houses takes 3or 4 days tops
  10. It will require some one who is a bit savy with the building trade. . I would have one firm do the lot who has there own contacts with electritions / painters / scaffolders etc . you could do it yourself follow this Scaffold first Windows Render then inside plaster patch Electrition then decorate. // Do not get any trades in till one has finished completely / This may take a bit longer but save on having to organise and falling out and auguments
  11. Well i have a house in Handsworth for 10 years Coppen holds free hold and i have not paid anything they do not want to know when i try to contact them whats going on with them
  12. Because it was in the wrong place. If it had been at Todwick wich has miles of flat open land everywere around it it would have had a chance but no that was common sence
  13. Yes i got a new phone free from the bank when i lost mine / Or should i say i had it stolen most likely whilst i was out
  14. Yes wed were an embarassment fans shuld stop going to all matches disgusted
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