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  1. spider1

    help with b/b router set up

    My openreach box was fitted by an open reach engineer 6 months ago and he told me to take all filters off . So was my friend who lives half a mile away he told her the same be it a different engineer no need for filters on new box
  2. spider1

    help with b/b router set up

    Also the modern open reach main box does not now require any filters anywere
  3. Were did you get them from ask them to have a look or any handy neighbour prob just wants screws tightening cant be much
  4. spider1

    Really slow broadband

    I had similar problems with sky slow broad band. I had it on going for months they kept fobbing me of but i wouldnt let it drop. I had 4 different open reach providers and a main man from sky a b b specialist. . He tested everything sorted it i now get 36 mg was 2 mg so sorted . P. S. have you had a new main b t box in house so you dont need any filters
  5. Hi does anybody know who the new new buildings are for on richmond park road near asda in handsworth. All sorts or romours going round i believe part is for a kentucky fried chicken . Cheers the spider
  6. spider1

    HP Laptop audio fault

    Computer shop at handsworth on roundabout will take a look for you poss whilst you wait . Not expensive good lads . closed sat
  7. spider1

    Flat roof options

    So there you have it a reply from flat roof specialist off the forum you cant get any better. Prob the best way for you
  8. spider1

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    There is a pedstrian crossing on the parkway and its 70 mph so forget about that
  9. Yes thats what they call luck you got good reception and why have you got 3 ariels , With an one out side ariel the fitter would have spurred off to as many rooms as you want ; Thats what he did with mine one ariel 3 T V POINTS . And i bet mine worked out cheaper than yours and he lined them all up and tuned all T V s in / I never had to touch a thing climbing in filth lofts wondering if they will work no thanks / Job lot about £75 12 months guarantee. You would never get a profentional areil fitter put an ariel insiside # Give you some advice keep out of lofts unless you got a Mask on and old clothes you can throw away rock wool is very dangerous you can see it in the air
  10. Dont mess about with indoor ariels they are rubbish. Get a proper outdoor ariel fitted plenty of fitters on here and they dont cost much. Give over bodging not worth it .
  11. spider1

    Flat roof options

    I dont think it matters if only the facia and gutters go on to neighbours property its up in the air. Lots of boundrys are created by the building themselfs gables etc ; Even my bugalows boundry is next doors gable and his facia and sofit over hang past on to my boundry. My property is only 30 years old and i have all boundrys marked on original site map. Its a very easy way for builders to make a boundry next doors gable they do not bother about facias etc overhang this . If you are worried phone planning up have a word with them
  12. spider1

    Flat roof options

    Get back to basic . Take all boards off and replace with three quarter ply not chipboard as i guess thats whats already on. You will then need a proffetional flat roofer to put mineral felt on with a big melting pot so it goes on hot / This is not a D I Y job / Take advice from the flat roofer see what he suggests You say you cant put a pitched roof on why not if building is on your property a lot of people get put of by neighbour disputes if so let your builder sort this out. We have built extentions were neighbours wouldnt let us go on there property 2 storey as well
  13. Heard Wilkinsons at darnall are closing what a shame once a good area / Say no more eh ]
  14. Easy way for you poss buy a secondhand sky box either advertise on here or£15 on e.bay

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