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  1. spider1


    Brilliant glad you have you have learned to live with nature not destroy it
  2. spider1

    'Stood like Clem'

    Sorry! mmm, standing around like Clem was an old saying, deffo. And standing/looking like souse was another one, and, like a spare part. I also love 'looking gone out'. We should start trying to bring back the old sayings, they were a lot more fun than the recent ones, innit? Yes we used to get that Clem up will you Thas got a face like a dish cloth. Face like a bootlace Wish tha d straighten thasen up Na then Serry Dont thee go and knock theesen up muka
  3. spider1

    'Stood like Clem'

    Yes are you liggen in today [not going to work ] liggin in staying in bed ]
  4. spider1

    'Stood like Clem'

    One for old ones in the building trade . Believe its a Barnsley expretion / Have you got any spare LIGGERS any body know what liggers are
  5. spider1


    No they dont a fox would never go for a cat not fast enough if they did anyway . A cat is extremly dangerousl if it attacked/ Try just picking one up if it doesnt know you. They prob got run over
  6. Best take or it will never be right . Try a glass scrapper tha ts what i use not a nice job just have to be carefull. . re-silicone with proper colour or use caulk that you can paint over. To fill with sealant for a perfect job use masking tape for a perfect job If they have put it on very thinly you may be able to put masking tape slightly overlap the white with masking tape if youre handy
  7. spider1

    Blue Badge parking

    A. E .at hallamshire is other side of hosp at side of main road there is a dozen car spaces about 3 or 4 for blue badges think you got wrong area. Easy to get wrong at hallamshire were A. E. is
  8. spider1

    Blue Badge parking

    No there isnt so long as there shopping for the badge holder.
  9. spider1

    Why is a house called a drum?

    Threppeney bit means Pit as the coal miners used shortened to working down the threppeny when coal mines were open // A lot of my mates used to work down the threppeny [Brookhouse / Treeton Pit
  10. If any body has bought a timber framed house check that it has been fire proofed correctly . Two big building firms have had new houses fail on this . Check with your builder and N H B C that everything is in order for insurance purposes . The life spam of 25 to 30 years is now under scruteny by some insurance companies
  11. No they are not poorly built and its a good area. Is the house you are looking at near the flats
  12. spider1

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    My her lads going to be busy my offer stands with the lights
  13. spider1

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    Yes she is being unreasonable turn the light down and her son is an idiot he should have sencors on the lights that detect movement // She will see sence when she gets her electric bill/ Glad shes not my neighbour
  14. spider1

    Window fitter issue advise needed

    Common fault now prob subcontractors

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