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  2. Hi i have a thread running about parking on northumberland road near childrens hospital. I am afraid there i no parking anywere in this area on the road . Even blue badge holders find it impossible to park as sheff council have a policy no cars to go in to town use the buses thats what they are there for . They then wonder why people go to meadowhall instead so look for another job or use tram and park out of town / Next step is a toll for going in to town looking at 5 pounds a day rumered so look out you parkway users diesel users first in line. / Next time you vote think about it
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    Peferably with bottle etc


  4. Yes he was a bit of a nuisance a one of plus a great team player
  5. Yes one of the best if not the best ever not to sure about your comments on shayne warne another great we should all admire., We had ian botham one of my favourites i remember when we played the australians think it was in melbourne they were making there mouth as usual and he went over offered to take them all outside soon shut them up not the best cricketer but a great team man and leader now a great commentator as well . Lets remember all the greats in every sport and if youre lucky enough to see one you will never forget // Muhamed ali for me for me tops the list as unforgetable and yes i was lucky to see him brilliant. Will we do it with Joshia hope so
  6. Hi do you wat paying or are you wi lling to work for free so you pick it up will take a couple years to be any good / how old are you
  7. Now i shouldnt be telling you trade secrets
  8. Yes you can but if you aint got none use fairy
  9. Hi been in touch with disability rights who are aware of the issue and going to have a chat next about next step. Had a phone call from howden house which was comcal but gave me name of man making decions so things will come to a head.
  10. Yes you are quite right blue badges are vastly abused and its about time it was stopped think a law has come in abusers can get a £1000 fine about time the wardens / courts did a few send out a message. Good on on you to manage without a badge but there are genuine cases out there
  11. Yes we prob built it stannington / Outibridge . London cotswolds great bricks faces dont shell off them think they have a grey face' I knew dennis very well had his lad working with us a bit when we worked at outibridge he used to have us working on the church
  12. Parking on pavements is illegal but police cant enfroce it as the city would grind to a stop in 5 mins. Council does not any cars going in to sheff they want everbody on buses they do not want you to even own a car refused me permission to have a double drive had a right fight to get it through. Next phase all cars going in to town pay a toll parkway etc diesel cars first in line . They done it in London here next . On your bikes you penioners or go to Medowhall
  13. Asked nobody knows / Phoned council again a woman starts telling me the rules about parking with a blue badge then told me to go read the signs on the road she had no idea
  14. Was a bricklayer for 50 years built houses mainly but extentions factories on a subcontractor basis Never used lime but plasteries did they had a lime pit. When feb mix came out it was brillitant so were all the other plasticisers it made the mortar a lot better to work with / Then came ready mix in tubs think we were te first gang to use it in sheffield at fist we hated it but after a couple weeks we got used to it brillaint no mixers going round was working for dennis north at at the time The last job we worked on was the police station on attercliffe we built the decorative bwk on the front entrance for gleeson / As said if i do a bit these days just put a drop of fairy liquid in a bucket makes mortar a lot better to work with. Hard times on scaffold at 8am er till 5pm but finished friday in to pub. Only joshing you about frogs mate you may be right All the best the Spider
  15. Yes i have been parking there 20 years and plain to anybody who uses the road this is blatently against blue badge holders. You obviously dont have a one but remember you may one day The gov says more disabled bays must be provided not less
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