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  1. You can go on laptop see your friends and barred list and either take em off off list or put them on again . When you pick phone up if its a friend press star they will go straight through next time . If a nuisance caller hash key never rings again on that number
  2. You aint using it properly then if its a strange voice press hash key that number will never ring again you wont even talk to them after a couple weeks they stop altogether not had one for 6 months . Phone rings and you know its a nuisance press hash if a friend press star and they are on friends list and come through forever
  3. Go on sky talk it stops all scams but they are more in to scamming mobiles now
  4. Curiosity They cant do anything without your bank details so have a snoop
  5. I opened plenty of them you just gt to remember soon as they want bank details log off. Lots off them claiming to be from amozan saying you won a priize and to send £1.99 so they can process it. Latest is Parcel Force tried to deliver a parcel but nobody in . There is a telephone number but when you ring it always says no number existits dead give away never been charged for ringing. Now its you got a parcel coming from currys today wich you know you never ordered. Makes you wonder why they bother as they aint even asking for bank details now.. Think they are trying to find out which bank you use as a starter
  6. If i was you make the space big enough [ 600 ]to take a normal washer or put it somewere else You are asking for trouble later on when not if it breaks down better making a cupboard smaller seen it done it
  7. You got a blue badge If youre over 65 better at dentist or on benefits
  8. Probably reason is all modern keys especially those coming with a new door are specials that they put in so that you cant copy them . The door fitters give you a phone number for key suppliers and you have a key number that you tell them . I just had 2 new doors came with 3 keys each door . I had to phone up and i ordered another 6 that cost about 6 pounds each no bother they all work . You can change lock if you want and get a cheap lock that doesnt reqire specials sign of the times i suppose
  9. Seems as if rain is getting in were the roof tiles meet the old building this would be a lead flashing coming out of the wall . ALWAYS a problem with extentions as there is no step cavity trays in . If the pointing on the house is not good rain can get in through pointing and go straight downas no cavity trays in . Nobody ever puts them in as its an akward job i know this cause i am an x bricklayer even buiding inspectors dont check for them on new extentions . Most likely the flashing if you aint had a problem for 4 years a good roofer would check this first job As for claiming off a builder thats been retirred 4 years you have no chance best look through your hose building insurance
  10. South yorkshire police have there hands full with proper criminal activity no mind some one who has fell out with there landlord they should sort it out between them selves and move on
  11. Think if roof pitch isnt steep enough you should have three quarter ply under tiles did it passed by a building inspector if not you cant claim off anybody
  12. Platisicer is a must in any bwk. We put a drop of fairy liquid in water and i mean a drop to half bucket water just as good different sand red and grey can be nightmare with out it
  13. sheff corp used to use gun point but dont know if they still exist
  14. Handsworth is nightmare with traffic since new builds. Its a no go area between 7.30 to 8.30. and 4.30 till 6 oclock . Needs some new roads from parkway to woodhouse mill okay for buses and super markets you cant walk to town to far try nether edge
  15. Harolds cut or repair any key or lock was one at darnall think he ran away with a woman
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