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  1. Whats that mean Mr Shaw can we have in english so we can understand Thankyou
  2. so lease holder is in real bother then all passing re sponsibility to owner of building
  3. Would have thaught whoe ever owns the building . Chase tthe architect who sanctioned the work and council who passed it off said it was okay
  4. Hi on one of my e mail adresses i keep getting e mails from dating sites how can i stop them getting 100s from different sites i dont want to shut the e/ mail adress down unless i have to its g mail Cheers spider1
  5. When on gumtree app comes up search notifacations and message / updates to make them live to my i phone [ 3 buttons ] do i press them till they come red or leave them off Seems unclear aught to come green cheers spider1
  6. Time Left: 10 days and 7 hours

    • To Let
    • Not Applicable

    Fully furnished. loads parking etc Handsworth / single or couple no kids . pets. smokers. short let or 6 months or 12 months £650 a month includes gas /elc and nice t v No pets Become a fist time buyer sell yours rent this move whenever or building a big extention live here till done



  7. Advvertise them for free on market place some one will fetch them
  8. Yes plenty of houses to let on market its the climate and people cant afford to rent and buy to let landlords are getting stung so they are selling as its not worth it no more soon be like america buy to lets will be big blocks of flats all livng together like rats you can see it coming cant you sorry but i cant see no solution whats going on
  9. So there you have it see all your neighours club together and buy it . See mr shaw our solicitor let him sort it simple
  10. You cant do this without a solicitor so you want to see mr shaw about a guistimate
  11. Yes maybe i know quite a few mechanics but none who can do this a lot who say they can help
  12. Easy enough to do like that but nobody can do it
  13. Mine did same so switched everything to Google seems okay now but no idea if i did right
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