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  1. the other 3 sencors will want replacing soon as the batteries in them will want replacing how muchdid it cost to replace sencor that had gone
  2. Yes some tire places do it bigger ones at £80 a wheel special equipment needed as well as person who knows how to do it .All second hand and big ones no chance they don’t want to know . Best bet if you got a car over 6 years old and it needs new tyres go to Cosco heard they will put you new ones in free if you buy set tires you have to take tire of to do it properly
  3. It’s a load of rubish you spend more time looking at light wondering whilst it’s on when nothing wrong a money making exercise by dealers. True it’s a danger light keep flashing nobody had any trouble before
  4. Had it before people saying they can take it off but it’s in cars computer and can’t be done they sell tools on internet to do it but they don’t work
  5. And how and we’re can I do that please
  6. Hi got a fiesta 2015 due m o t light on dash showing T P M S valves need renewing it will fail its test if light on dash. Dealers want a fortune to renew valves can anybody take light off or know of anybody to replace tyre valves and stems at reasonable price. My local tyre place just dont want to know wich is rediculous as its going to be a common thing in the future have the t p m s in tyres after 2015 to warn of low tyres. Help
  7. You can go on laptop see your friends and barred list and either take em off off list or put them on again . When you pick phone up if its a friend press star they will go straight through next time . If a nuisance caller hash key never rings again on that number
  8. You aint using it properly then if its a strange voice press hash key that number will never ring again you wont even talk to them after a couple weeks they stop altogether not had one for 6 months . Phone rings and you know its a nuisance press hash if a friend press star and they are on friends list and come through forever
  9. Go on sky talk it stops all scams but they are more in to scamming mobiles now
  10. Curiosity They cant do anything without your bank details so have a snoop
  11. I opened plenty of them you just gt to remember soon as they want bank details log off. Lots off them claiming to be from amozan saying you won a priize and to send £1.99 so they can process it. Latest is Parcel Force tried to deliver a parcel but nobody in . There is a telephone number but when you ring it always says no number existits dead give away never been charged for ringing. Now its you got a parcel coming from currys today wich you know you never ordered. Makes you wonder why they bother as they aint even asking for bank details now.. Think they are trying to find out which bank you use as a starter
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