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  1. Good arnt they had 5 sharp innovas pump action and 2 sharp ace that were fantastic 6 pumps to 12 foot ibs very powerfull and accurate at 50 yards but had to get rid when they bought new law in if you got caught with one over 12ft pounds it was classed as a fire arm you got 5 years . The rifles my mates got now are brill yes hes obsessed and so would i be if i was younger
  2. Join a gun club get some contacts a friend of mine has 12 air rifles. Theres shop at killamarsh have a run down have a chat .I used to have 5 air rifles and is a great sport Good luck with friendly farmer
  3. You have to pay these days and dont go anywere you are not supsed to as to many with mobile phones and police will soon be there if they get a call of some one with a gun
  4. Think twice not saying youre not going to get a dry room but its expensive because youre fighting water . .Hard to do fraught with ive got a damp patch situation think i would go for an extention or move
  5. Treeton dyke car behind you every peg been going 15 years nice peacefull not expensive .Ask for tony 07961 177648 bream roach full tench and some carp but not a carp water
  6. Depends on your cercumstances if you want to leave it to children or if you aint bothered what happens to it then dont bother
  7. If you remove the nest all wasps outside will still look for it and will come in all windows looking so dont try to do it yourself get a profetional to do it
  8. Try 07463921129 dont know if thats the right one but its on city road opp were road turns left to town on corner you cant miss it
  9. City road at bottom on right very good
  10. No dont cover entrance they will go crazy sting you leave em alone gone soon enough
  11. Not much longer if we do as were told less are taking lessons as well if you cant see whats happening pity you
  12. Al stupid as they say were all driving E V soon but guess thats some more stupidity what a crowd
  13. All getting very stupid all i know is the shortest time it takes to to get from A TO B is what we all use motorways for so lift it up to 80 gets me home earlier thats what we all want
  14. Yes but whos behind it all smart motorways no hard shoulders unecessary speed speed limits all a load of rubbish costs millions is it some idiots that dont live in the real world sat behind a desk
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