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  1. No preperation is the key and every job is different.
  2. Very care full when buying land doesnt matter what previously paid for it. I know some one who paid 30.000 pounds for a piece without planning stupidly and got there fingers burnt Why are they trying to re sell
  3. Potentially there is also a fee to the freeholder for permission to alter the property separate to planning consent if that has not been obtained at the time - check your lease. Yes and that will not go away and should be the first thing you do If you build first without lease holder consent they can up price you leave yourself wide open
  4. I have built hundreds of houses over the years. Think they first started with this test about 40 years ago in certain areas were coal mines were . We had to put a polythene membrane under site concrete under joists if i remember it was a number of new houses in stavely chesterfield that had it. Should have thaught houses with solid floors had the membrane in most definately . Seems as people doing mortgages a re just copying from a sheet . I have never known a house have it in and if it was built in the last 30 years the land wold have to been tested before building consent given . You can ring town hall planing and ask and have a chat with them It must be 40 years since the inspectors used to ask about it / Have you got your radon barrier in most ares never ask. Did an extention 10 years okay in rotherham inspectors werent bothered if it had it or not. Solid floors is house built on a raft / Seems to me Jeffery Shaws way is easiest way to go
  5. I have some thing called t p links you plug one in router and another in laptop youre using and in a 3 point pin plug think they bout are about 20 pounds each
  6. Handles just dont break they are solid metal poss just screw wanted tightening usually
  7. Visited by who bet its not westerners prob israel bombers Think you are getting mixed up with Cyprus i got a villa there magic mate Hey there are plenty of villas for sale in Beirut for sale cost about 4 for a tenner if you like it there Heard of Hezbollah they love us
  8. 21percent christion up to a few years ago it was 95 percent and why would anybody from england take there family to lebanon unless they were muslim themselves ' Latest from iran muslims parading around we hate english read the news What planet you live on go visit Beiruit like that
  9. Yes change plug see what happens. To proove its washing machine take fuse out of plug bet it doesnt trip . Remember to put it back in after dont use it without fuse
  10. I live in S13 and hear them sometimes but you can tell they are a long way away .
  11. Not to sure nikki about sizes but most post offices are very helpfull at most things / I know there is a shop on attercliffe adaertises printing done
  12. Should thjnk any decent post office would do it i have used s shop on manor they do them
  13. Muslims . Shias and Sunnis hate each other continually at war with each other ; I just cant understand why you and them want to live here away you go
  14. Na changed my mind lovely country may take family for holiday next year . meet some Shia Muslims very friendly people. You heard that joke were you going for your holidays next year Iran Yeah Lebanon as well thrown all westerners out now 99 percent muslim they hate us as well
  15. A lot of City taxi drivers have switched to hybrids I dont think so my mate drives a taxi says he gets just as many m p g with a diesel ,.Factor in cost service etc says they are a gimmic // I had one for 6 months cost a lot more than an ordinary car dld 30 m p g got rid Now got a 1.25 fiesta 50 mpg heated front screen no hassle keep your e v and hybrids got one for wife as well tor about same price
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