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  1. spider1

    Armstead Road, Beighton

    Yes youre righ it was not armsted road it was other end of village near queens road social club , Armstead road remember frankie craig married bill and merles daughter who had royal oak we all used to go in club beighton bottom be in the 1970 era / I was born in beighton 1940 left about 1968 went to school there so new a lit of people Linda Bishop / my sisters christine and pamela leonard
  2. Best simply get a joiner in take out old door frame then put a new standard door frame in joiner will stud out to new door frame and put a new standard door in of your choice , A days job for a decent joiner problem solved forever, Might involve a bit of plastering to new door but at least its done right
  3. Hi sorry to hear about eric a great lad we had a some good days on the bank but not seen him for about 3 years as i live in handsworth now
  4. Yes trevor will be about 80 now still going strong
  5. Trevor Finlay lives on Rodger Road woodhouse ran a driving school
  6. spider1

    Sky Q in the caravan?

    My son in law and daughter were down last week at there caravan at cleethorpes and watched a film on netflix
  7. There is a place bottom of staniforth road just below jennings got dosens of old patio doors outside prob get one or part there
  8. spider1

    Growing up in Beighton

    I knew keith cooper liked to cause mayham his brother Ron Cooper was a mate of mine liked the fairs a good lad
  9. spider1

    Anyone on here from Woodhouse?

    Steve Burgin a friend of mine ii stiil see him lives at Harthill now
  10. spider1

    Armstead Road, Beighton

    Barbers shop on Armstead road was Purdys i think
  11. spider1

    Growing up in Beighton

    Frank Miles old name he had an older brother new them well
  12. spider1

    Growing up in Beighton

    Yes i know keith Cooper think he was a jockey and delivered pop at some time
  13. OOPS sorry i didnt see photo / seems as best bet is take it to Harolds see if he can mend it and ask his advice . Sure they will have a way to sort it loads of different patio locks there if they cant mend it
  14. Same as i said b and q under £20 or any lock smiths like harolds on west bar or any double glazing firm that fits doors example global at handsworth You buy the complete lock asda may have them even comes with 3 keys

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