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  1. Yes a lot do get awway with bad foundations but its stupidity / Certain builders like dennis north homes most sites were on bad ground and need special foundations so be very care full if a north home / I am a bricklayer who worked for norths so heed my words
  2. Poss not for a conservatory but be very carefull as some of them can weigh a ton' and if on filled ground you need a proper foundation
  3. Yup nobody bothered anymore . Ask for building consent dept you might get lucky and always take a name from who ever answers phone
  4. always ask the town hall planning not forums
  5. Yes spot on no bother on there. near asda parkway etc go for it . See you in anglers lived in handsworth 40 years brill that a nice road
  6. Yes you will know then they have shut every pub in darall about half a dozen and 2 or 3 clubs last straw when they shut wilkinsons nice place get real was 30 years ago rot started when they shut firestation now a no go area after 7 pm
  7. You cant compare sheffield to manchester its like a village in comparison all the villages around sheffield not very good pubs shut down by the hundreds if not thousands a one road city called Parkway always runs through it a bit of a joke keep away
  8. put photo on then probably or go to travis perkins at darnall
  9. i have a semi in S13 freeholder coppen never paid any ground rent even when offered whats going on had it for 10 yrs
  10. Plenty hotels then one on parkway near p w road
  11. May be a 2 bed detached coming up 220 a week all in woodhouse S13 near bus route for a min 3 months if intrested
  12. Yes tried every way //you have to use a diamond tipped drill small one first . Always go for a joint if poss / There are some self adhesive stick on hooks so i am told but aint trie them
  13. Any ideas how to put a bathroom cabinet up an drill through ceramic tiles Also do the the baskets to hold shampoo bottles that have suction holdings work seem a bit dodgy to me cheers spider
  14. You aint going to get no 6 ib bream from elsecar / ulley / flask .Clumber park has loads of them above 8ib so if youre looking for a personal best thats your best bet ask jim france
  15. Why did you move the fence over was it to give you a wider drive
  16. You moved the fence back so you are showing guilt of encroaching on there land . You should have asked if was okay when you dug the holes then maybe they would have agreed .Bit naughty of you think you should let the matter drop . my neighbour did the same as he had a tight drive about 4 inch but he asked so i agreed as it didnt affect me
  17. Yes but with copen estates you will need J Shaw or you will pull your hair out
  18. Well you live and learn biggest room in the house thats a new one on me
  19. Yes same as Dan says make a phone and get them to put it in writing
  20. This a job for a solicitor -Good luck with this one looks like sale time to me As far as i was aware the free holder only owns the land which buildings stand on and have no resposibility for buildings
  21. Yes if B.Band is paramount in your life and speed etc an issue i dont think sky is any good . My mate has virgin mobile i think he said and its magic
  22. I see were youre coming from but is youre mother or you willind to pay 10 to 15 pounds per hour as thats what it will cost if not you are clutching at straws thats what i pay
  23. Yes it should be brought back i can find a lot of people work
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