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  1. Its not digital sorry just an enclosed back to wall flush . Want some one to change it back too orginal open flush
  2. Be eaisier and cheaper to put a backstand on worktop and a wooden window cill. Thats what i have done more modern and it looks well. If in S13 call and have a look at mine give you an idea SPIDER1
  3. Not realy es it has to come out in a rush to flush ./ IT does nothing expect keep running
  4. They will charge you by the day / prob £200 for that
  5. i recently had a digital toilet installed the one with the buttons for half or full flush in a back to the wall unit. are they a of load of rubbish or is it me. Can anyone recomend a plumber in handsworth S13 to change it back to an ordinary flush systymn Sorry to the person who recomended a plumber from handsworth but they took the post of could you please let me have it again Cheers the spider
  6. Yep 4to 1 sand and cement and wet the area first to be repointed a must
  7. What area south sheff is huge say S13
  8. Yes it is they did the same at Hully Resevoir
  9. Go to post office they sort forms in sort photos the lot . Cost about a tenner they come faster and guaranteed not worth hassle
  10. Yes he does lot he put sensors on mine they are brill maybe you could have both .Just a thaught
  11. Whsts happened to all the proper trades men in sheffield . Is it because they stopped nearly all apprenticeships 30 years ago. If you want one you have to make sure he is above 55 years old to be sure. Been trying to get a plumber and nobodys bothered anymore Think this shows the state of the country as a whole nobody bothered will it ever get back to normal
  12. A fitter for dolphin andy from crystal peaks not the cheapest but the best . let him get the sencors as he knows the best 07557 388987
  13. Best phone them get it sorted here what they have to say
  14. You could try a building surveyor but there a charge will be a charge
  15. When buying anywere make sure about the neighbours a look round at night etc and never buy near flats a lot are sublet with bad tenants noise all day /night.
  16. would help if we new what kind of phone it is ,, i phone or what
  17. I think so long as you tell them you can get insured for anything . even for a sputnick landing on your lawn . Just make sure you tell them the truth especially about young drivers and what its used for. Lots of people do airport runs and risk it okay until you have an accident
  18. As said he aint going to court to chase this no way . Who says its not hers anyway . hows he going to get it back anyway if she wont give it him / whos got it if she sells it only chance he has is steal it before she sells it.
  19. Most engineers arent in the building trade and aint got a clue about flat roofs . I once had one tell me a floor was out of level and it was the radiator just looked like it Same as mechanics good ones and bad ones
  20. Looks like a bodge job on flat roof . Tiles should have been taken of and felt turned up roof 3 foot to stop water getting through after heavy rain. Land lord should get contractors back who did flat roof its in his own interest No its not condensation at all Seems as if job was done without planning as a building inspector should have picked it up
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