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  1. S6, and I,ve got one hen , some food , some grit , a couple of feeders and a couple of water dispensers , don,t really want anything for them just to see the hen go to a good home as i,m giving up keeping chickens due to lack of time .
  2. Bloke never contacted me about the hen , so if you want that as well let me know ?
  3. May have some available but it all depends if the person is having my last remaining chicken or not .
  4. my fish are the same , its like an empty pond apart from the odd dead ones , this all started about a month after i introduced some new fish from jollyes , any help gratefully received .
  5. Got two old girls looking for a new home if thats any good , ( not getting the attention they need anymore due to work ) not the best layers but good fun , one light sussex and one rode island red cross .
  6. apparently all the " actors" in the pub scene were regulars at the hen and chickens so all this helps with the " amateur / realistic feel " to it .
  7. bottom of london road / club garden road Oh and the pub was hen and chickens !
  8. Yes , very good but couldn,t resist shouting out the locations !
  9. I was in napoli last year and am off to puglia shortly and have eaten lots of pizzas but not once was i in the kitchen looking at their ingredients but hey ho i was only making an observation on the OP
  10. for no interest in the shop you certainly know a lot of their specific ingredients ??????
  11. went friday night , it was ok but it was rammed , ended up eating my food on a window ledge !
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