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  1. Is the Tesco car boot any good ? l,ve been a couple of times and it was very poor quality ( the stuff on offer ) , have i just been to bad ones or are they always like this ?
  2. Its been derelict for years and it is closed physically its just vandals have kicked down the plywood board covering the entrance and also damaged the insides as well , but i agree Sheffield should still have public facilities after all where are people meant to go when caught short ?
  3. https://i.ytimg.com/an_webp/JGK2GhVRpGo/mqdefault_6s.webp?du=3000&sqp=CP7crIYG&rs=AOn4CLCqDCAICNDh-cBgIxsnITMttiwEGw Never had any problem with them when they were on the parkwood although they are a bit messy ( see attached you-tube link )
  4. i believe these are the people that were "moved" on from the new age travellers camp on the parkwood a while ago ?
  5. Don't want owt contaminated with swine flu lets buy our own 😆
  6. Be careful when buying made in Sheffield cutlery , most if not all is actually made elsewhere and only "finished" in Sheffield to be able to use the made in Sheffield logo !
  7. lower walkley is the worst bid of walkley but not in a real bad way .
  8. Just heard on Talksport Radio that this looking to be £40 on pay-per-view ?????
  9. Ernest and Betty Farmery , Nags Head , Shalesmoor .
  10. Will he be playing any of his D:Ream greatest hits ?????
  11. Great pictures Hugh , i remember it well although never went inside .
  12. Maybe theres nothing to deliver to your house ?
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