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  1. Will he be playing any of his D:Ream greatest hits ?????
  2. Great pictures Hugh , i remember it well although never went inside .
  3. Maybe theres nothing to deliver to your house ?
  4. My lab is 7 and still does it , like you say not to us but to people coming to the house and strangers on walks , tried allsorts but just could never stop him doing it he just likes meeting new people .
  5. Stick a push iron in your car and park outside of town and cycle in, Sheffield council hates cars and will do anything to take money off you but loves bicycles .
  6. Defo roach perch and bream in there ( i know cos i put them in ) , they came from a bloke on here advertising a pond closing down in his garden on the manor and when i went expecting some goldfish i was greeted with a bath on his backyard with these in ! i said i didnt want them and he replied if you don,t take them ill only end up chucking them in the bin ???
  7. Isnt this just SIV getting out of paying its staff because of furlough payments due to be coming to end ? No doubt concerts aren't starting any time soon but they will return and by " mothballing " the venues they will be ready when they do but SIV will not be having to pay staff in the meantime ?????
  8. Yes I remember sitting in the bay horse and seeing an old red vespa in the back garden , thought it belonged to the landlord , have you tried ringing them or finding a list of old landlords ?
  9. are you mad !!!! has any ever been to a market at Sharrow Vale ???? not a chance of social distancing !!!!!!
  10. Not really old enough to have seen him play in the flesh but from what i have seen on old matches and clips he was a very dirty player and would not have got a shirt in todays game because of his liability ?
  11. Not supposed to go out for non essential journeys so if plod pulls you up and you say you're going fishing you will get fined , is it worth it ?
  12. Hi, i,ve got some vintage motorcycle and scooter parts which need shotblasting , can anybody recommend a company that uses suitable media for this , is a reasonable price and is in the Sheffield area , thanks .
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