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  1. Sheffield United fans do not use the supertram to get to the match otherwise you could face what happened last year ie missing the first half hour due to SYP holding up the trams !!!!!
  2. apperently based in Deepcar ? does anybody know anything about it ?
  3. iamwoody

    Sheffield shed/garage group - ssgg

    nothing to see on it ?
  4. iamwoody

    Sheffield shed/garage group - ssgg

    we,re still waiting for the photo !
  5. iamwoody

    Shamima Begum

    No Thanks !
  6. iamwoody

    R.i.p. sister wendy beckett

    i thought she'd died years ago !
  7. iamwoody

    Sheffield shed/garage group - ssgg

    As a rule of thumb sheds/garages are never big enough sadly !
  8. iamwoody

    New home needed for a berieved goose

    probably the wrong time of year to be " re-homing " a goose ? Please be careful and make sure it goes to a good home and not somebodies dinner plate !
  9. iamwoody


    11lb salmon was caught on the river don below sprotborough weir nr doncaster in 2002 , is this the one ?
  10. iamwoody

    Name of shop in walkley

    It was my auntie and uncles shop
  11. Are you still looking for Alison or did you find her ?
  12. iamwoody

    Walkley working mens club

    houses i,m led to believe
  13. iamwoody

    Empire garage Sheffield

    Pity that , they,re worth a few quid now !
  14. iamwoody

    Empire garage Sheffield

    Thank you tuthill

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