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  1. Not supposed to go out for non essential journeys so if plod pulls you up and you say you're going fishing you will get fined , is it worth it ?
  2. Hi, i,ve got some vintage motorcycle and scooter parts which need shotblasting , can anybody recommend a company that uses suitable media for this , is a reasonable price and is in the Sheffield area , thanks .
  3. English Heritage , go on their plaque schemes place and look under Yorkshire
  4. I saw 20-30 roosting on Brightside Lane last friday (31st jan)
  5. There is one on Division street but imo its very poor quality but that doesnt stop it from doing very good trade maybe because like you say it hasn,t any competition round there ?
  6. The Sheffield christmas market has to be poor so as not to upstage the Sheffield christmas decorations !!!!
  7. They could be from someone researching family history ( distant relative ) and may have visited the grave to find and find out more information on the family ?
  8. Was up crookes the other week and here's my ten pence worth , the grindstone was empty and the beer very watery ? , the noahs ark was full and good value for money beer wise , the masons was closed ( the landlord allegedly done a runner) , the ball was ok , good range of beer but a bit bright for my liking , the two sheds was busy and ok and the punch bowl ( 1st time in since re-furb) was ok , down on what i expected from a full re-furb , it looked to me like it had just had a fresh coat of paint and a few new pictures up , and the beer was very dear easily the most expensive on crookes .
  9. Tried to call in last night , it was closed ????
  10. Not keen on the liquid offerings myself by the sounds of it , do you think they'd mind if i popped next door to sainsbury's and brought my own in ????
  11. Anything else apart from the fizzy dish water that is Carling ?
  12. I always use this shop and yes they are decent blokes , but one of the main reasons is that it is always competative on prices and way better than being ripped off at Halfrauds , support your local shops !!!!
  13. went in last weekend , a pint of red stripe and a pint of pumpkin spiced ale , not much change out of a tenner , town prices on crookes , whatever next !
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