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  1. OMG ... I'm back in New York City in the 1980s! Horrendous.
  2. I will never forget the kind biker who stopped on a cold winter evening many years ago and helped me push my broken down car off Brook Hill roundabout. My knight in black leathers! It was evening rush hour and loads of cars around none of which stopped (most drivers just blasted their horns and glared). Absolute salt of the earth in my opinion.
  3. Wash out your mouth with carbolic soap!
  4. I just thought it was the neighbours getting their black bins down to the street.
  5. Actually I was thinking more about absurd comments about banning the POTUS, squatting on furniture, cars etc. and generally coming across in the media as a twerp.
  6. Saw nothing on my bus stop. Plus, it was longer than 22.30 as it was 22.45 when in city centre the driver advised he was not serving Crookes.
  7. Thank you for the information. Annoying that, although I am signed up for online update about transport disruption on 52 route, I receivesd nothing to warn about this. I long for the days when 52 was the CROOKES bus and only the Crookes bus. Back then a service would have been provided possibly as far as Lydgate Lane . (I used to work for SYPTE!)
  8. Just happened again tonight. Had to get taxi. Driver unable/ unwilling to say anything except "there's a diversion on"! Unacceptable! Should be service to Broomhill at least! BRING BACK A PROPER CROOKES SERVICE, not a maybe we will/ maybe we won't en route elsewhere. 😠
  9. Sheffield Anglican Cathedral St Marie's Catholic Cathedral Botanical Gardens Central Library Town Hall City Hall Weston Park
  10. There's good publicity and there's bad publicity. This man's embarrassing antics imo attracted bad publicity . Enough is enough !
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