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  1. kaytie

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    And making a mockery of the role, an embarrassment to the city.
  2. The exhibition title is DRAWINGS....not paintings and gives an insight into an amazing multi-talented creator, staggeringly ahead of his time.
  3. kaytie

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Anyone, male/female, black/white/orange who made such a spectacle of themselves would have got critiscism from me for making a mockery of the role.
  4. kaytie

    Battery Recycling

    Tesco Infirmary Road have a battery bin too located past the checkouts.
  5. kaytie

    Bins they are a'changin

    Have had the exact same experience. Constantly blowing over scattering glass, broken in the fall, everywhere and finally the lid breaking at the hinge.
  6. Manchester has good free bus services around the city centre taking several routes. Much has been talked about here regarding connection, or lack of, to the tram, but it should be borne in mind that pretty much all the west side of the city isn't served by the tram, including the Hallamshire and Weston Park Hospitals.
  7. COLE BROTHERS!!!!! Crikey you don't come into the centre very often. It's been John Lewis for decades.
  8. kaytie

    Odeon Luxe cinema

    Does it reek of sweet popcorn? Disgusted last Sunday at The Light sitting by what has to be the world's messiest eater who chucked her popcorn everywhere,. Looked like it had been snowing in there when the movie ended. An d the smell ..... was almost sick.
  9. Richard III. Victim of negative propaganda from the Tudors.
  10. Sunday evening I walked from High Street to the Light Cinema around 7.15. There were people in about eight doorways. At 10.15 I walked back.... and they were all gone! ?
  11. kaytie

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    Quelle surprise! And people wonder why I'm a republican!
  12. kaytie

    weather forecasts

    At one point used to look at Accuweather, at Weather City and BBC and sometimes they'd all be quite different. The one most consistently accurate on these occasions was the BBC.
  13. kaytie

    Berkeley precinct parking?

    Go to a hairdresser near there some clients of which have had problems being dropped off and then picked up an hour or so later. Camera apparently records this as having spent time there without paying.
  14. kaytie

    Jared Omara MP ..

    Well said You!

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