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  1. kaytie

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    Oh I don't know. There's satisfaction in writing 'All a load of w#####s on it' 😃
  2. kaytie

    Rules for smoking in sheffield

    Does anyone ever abide by rulings anyway? Woman using one of those yucky stink vape things inside Yates Bar on Sunday. ( Far more vomit inducing smell than "proper" cigarettes imo).
  3. kaytie

    Berkeley precinct parking?

    This is the reason I now walk to Eccy Road ect. And only park at places like the gym where the system is free and crystal clear. The cowboy parking companies and the retailers in their catchment lose my custom at the end of the day. And they wonder why the High Street is dying and online shopping thrives!
  4. kaytie

    Debenhams goes into Administration

    Have to agree about service at the Moor store. (Not been to Meadowhall for years as I can't stand the place, so don't know what happens there.) Have to say that I prefer John Lewis's , which does seem considerably more customer friendly and therefore my first choice.
  5. kaytie

    Jared Omara MP ..

    When I checked which way he'd voted this morning I kind of knew I was onto a loser!! What a complete and utterly useless waste of oxygen!
  6. kaytie

    Climate change protests

    Blocking every junction? Brilliant idea guys! Just hope none of you or your loved ones need an ambulance or the services of the Fire Brigade while this is going on!!!
  7. kaytie

    Climate change protests

    I'd have thought they'd be Remainers, given forecasted queues at custom checks post Brex****.
  8. Went to this. Excellent.
  9. kaytie

    St Patricks Day 2019

    No tent in Fargate, much to my surprise. Personally I blame Brexit 🤣
  10. kaytie

    Lyceum theatre balcony seats

    I am only 5ft3, but have an old knee injury and the only time I sat in the balcony I was in real pain due to the lack of leg room. Never again.
  11. Oh I do hope so! Avoid everything Chinese.. Rubbishy cheap goods, yukky bland food! No thanks.
  12. kaytie

    Shamima Begum

    Agree totally and now the child sadly is no more there's no reason to even contemplate accepting her back. Made her bed so now should lie in it.
  13. kaytie

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    From what I heard from someone with a business on Ecclesall Road, rents there are astronomic, which I suspect is at the root of problems.
  14. kaytie

    Is This Really Offensive.

    Spot on! I'm offended that people are offended 😀

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