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  1. Find it really disappointing these days that so many bands I'd like to see seem to be missing out Sheffield.
  2. I would recommend CMDental on Ecclesall Road South (adjacent to the Co-op). Tel 0114 2673696
  3. Omnishambles! I read that it wasn't realised that the site used to be a reservoir! Ffs I can recall that it was a reservoir when I was a little kid!
  4. Well, I for one am overjoyed to hear that John Lewis will be remaining as it's my favourite store, together with Marks and Spencer. If the Council is helping, then well done Sheffield Council. I don't consider myself wealthy, but I do know that often buying quality items is the best, and in the long run most economical, choice.
  5. Walk round Crookes and you will see loads of houses bearing "for sale" and "to let" signs. No shortage here.
  6. I hope planning permission is refused. Loads of shops...need some pleasant greenery.
  7. I recall reading some time ago that the university were unaware that the site used to be a reservoir. Duh ... I remember it being a reservoir when I was a little kid, as was what is now the boating lake in Crookes Valley Park.
  8. No stranger imo than the visitation of an angel to Mary concerning her forthcoming happy event. Virgin birth is in itself not an everyday occurrence.
  9. While I'm a ardent EU Remainer/Rejoiner I do think the Eurosplodge (was it Kenny Everett coined that one?) is dire and I'm all for brexitting this twollop.
  10. Monty Python's Life of Brian........Classic! He's not the Messiah he's a very naughty boy!
  11. If we're talking stage shows there's no contest, it's got to be Bat Out Of Hell The Musical! Seen it seven times starting with the first ever performance at Manchester Opera House. Absolutely awesome!
  12. I remember Martin Lewis advocating buying stamps prior to an impending price increase.
  13. Have only shopped at the local Sainsbury's and Co-Op since this all kicked off, but will have to drive to Tesco soon as the aforementioned are pretty dire on choice/availability ( still a lot of empty shelves). Can anyone advise which of Infirmary Road and the massive Tesco en route to Attercliffe are best re lack of queues
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