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  1. Did this last July. Absolutely awesome. Would totally recommend. Just remember on the way out where the deep channel is! I fell in!😁
  2. That sounds like fun! I have been known, when I have the time, to lead them on a wild goose chase ... My favourite being to put on a "faka Italiana accenta" interspersed with a few genuine Italian phrases and claim not to understand, getting them to repeat everything several times until usually they give up and hang up. Never managed that length of time though....Respect!
  3. I get real satisfaction from telling them to do something which I believe is physically impossible !
  4. They could have given them a unique number without the, imo, silly personalisation.
  5. Ooooh must be one millimetre at Crookes!!!
  6. I bought two André Rieu CDs with the glorious Ode To Joy (what an anthem .. puts UK dismal dirge to shame) and am planning to blast it out and sing (!) along at the hour of doom. As to those 50p, I will refuse to accept them and insist upon alternative coins.
  7. Monty Python without a doubt! It's only resting!😁
  8. Does anyone known when the gym is to reopen and how to get membership ?
  9. I'm afraid my initial thought is "Snowflake overreaction".
  10. Always best to ask for an estimate first. You can always flush the thing by tipping buckets of water down it.
  11. As a lifelong republican I can only hope! Parasites in my opinion, married by wannabe social climbers.
  12. I get loads of these type of things. Been a break over Christmas but kicked off again today with the old chestnut of we're going to terminate your internet connection within 24 hours! Recorded message these days rather than a live caller .... must be fed up of my telling them to F##k off!
  13. In response...ti your sarcastic comment: 1. As a kid I wasn't allowed a bike so can't ride one 2. Attend the gym for weight training and SWIMMING and that's the nearest one with a pool 3 . There's a little thing called freedom of choice Have a nice day!
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