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  1. No stranger imo than the visitation of an angel to Mary concerning her forthcoming happy event. Virgin birth is in itself not an everyday occurrence.
  2. While I'm a ardent EU Remainer/Rejoiner I do think the Eurosplodge (was it Kenny Everett coined that one?) is dire and I'm all for brexitting this twollop.
  3. Monty Python's Life of Brian........Classic! He's not the Messiah he's a very naughty boy!
  4. If we're talking stage shows there's no contest, it's got to be Bat Out Of Hell The Musical! Seen it seven times starting with the first ever performance at Manchester Opera House. Absolutely awesome!
  5. I remember Martin Lewis advocating buying stamps prior to an impending price increase.
  6. Killed a boy with a Fender Guitar
  7. Have only shopped at the local Sainsbury's and Co-Op since this all kicked off, but will have to drive to Tesco soon as the aforementioned are pretty dire on choice/availability ( still a lot of empty shelves). Can anyone advise which of Infirmary Road and the massive Tesco en route to Attercliffe are best re lack of queues
  8. My hairdresser won't be impressed! I've cut my fringe myself ......but it had got to the stage when it was either that or going blind !
  9. I can sort of understand the loo roll thing....they have an indefinite shelf life ... but have been trying, unsuccessfully, to buy bread for two days. How can you hoard bread? It goes stale! Ok you can freeze it, but only in a limited capacity unless you have an industrial (Boris hideout ๐Ÿ˜€) size job
  10. I expect the move of HSBC from Griffin House hasn't helped. Was a regular lunch time haunt when I worked there.
  11. There's a pay and display car park at Berkeley Precinct (Tesco ) for limited time parking. Think it may be two hours max.
  12. "Greed" Not the lol film I'd been expecting, but kept me awake (which isn't always the case when I've enjoyed a glass or two of vino before). For the most part enjoyable, but didn't like the preachy bits at the end. In summary... entertaining.
  13. Spot on! For my part, if there's a human on the line I either lead them on a wild goose chase for fun or tell them to #### off and hang up. If it's a recorded message I just hang up. Absolutely no point in trying to block the number....like the Terminator they just come back!
  14. Did this last July. Absolutely awesome. Would totally recommend. Just remember on the way out where the deep channel is! I fell in!๐Ÿ˜
  15. That sounds like fun! I have been known, when I have the time, to lead them on a wild goose chase ... My favourite being to put on a "faka Italiana accenta" interspersed with a few genuine Italian phrases and claim not to understand, getting them to repeat everything several times until usually they give up and hang up. Never managed that length of time though....Respect!
  16. I get real satisfaction from telling them to do something which I believe is physically impossible !
  17. They could have given them a unique number without the, imo, silly personalisation.
  18. Ooooh must be one millimetre at Crookes!!!
  19. I bought two Andrรฉ Rieu CDs with the glorious Ode To Joy (what an anthem .. puts UK dismal dirge to shame) and am planning to blast it out and sing (!) along at the hour of doom. As to those 50p, I will refuse to accept them and insist upon alternative coins.
  20. Monty Python without a doubt! It's only resting!๐Ÿ˜
  21. Does anyone known when the gym is to reopen and how to get membership ?
  22. I'm afraid my initial thought is "Snowflake overreaction".
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