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  1. Meadowhall's Health & Safety team should have picked up on this. When I worked there they used to inspect the stores.
  2. chris101

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    Just wish Radio Sheffield would stop singing his praises.
  3. George Michael Story on at Montgomery Theatre 15th June 2019.Very good show saw them there a few weeks ago.
  4. Yeah be good to see the building being used.
  5. chris101

    Road resurfacing

    Well what they doing in Hillsborough is a Joke.
  6. chris101

    Road resurfacing

    Well the rain came into the cellar.
  7. chris101

    Road resurfacing

    Resurfaced the pavements on our road Saturday 2days ahead of schedule. What a joke just put tar on top of what was already a uneven road. Surface With the extra height this is causing rain to gather around cellar crates any heavy rain will probably enter into properties. Some of water stoptap covers partially covered with tar. The pavements look a disgrace if I was employing them the bill would not be paid.
  8. Surprised radio Sheffield not mentioning this on there so called news bulletins
  9. chris101

    U buffet Closed

    Been closed for several weeks, there was a handwritten sign saying closed for refurbishment but that's been there that long it's faded away with the sunlight.
  10. chris101

    Television Aerial

    Give Brad's Aerials a call 07966215130.
  11. chris101

    Places for Christmas dinner

    Try El Paso been twice on Christmas Day can recommend
  12. chris101

    The Cannon Pub - summat going off?

    Can anyone remember what they called the disco they used to have in the basement ?
  13. chris101

    Hillsborough arcade salesmen

    Well blame the owners of the arcade they are just making easy money.
  14. Fargate will be full of empty shops because they have all moved down The Moor.

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