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  1. Yes he did cast his vote for the amendment
  2. Angela Smith will not be standing for re-election in her current seat. She will be standing in Altrincham, let's hope the people there see sense and send this two faced women packing.
  3. Hope he didn't have the nerve to turn up & vote !
  4. Think the filming for Jamie finished last week.
  5. Be fun when the system goes down.
  6. Took her four months to answer an e-mail I sent to her.
  7. Note on door says all contents have been removed.
  8. Well all side streets in Hillsborough used as public toilets when Tramlines on. local councilor told about it bur she doesn't care. Think I will pee on her front door step.
  9. Scrap this station to help its awful
  10. Well obviously no one wants my vote no canvasing or leaflets in the Hillsborough area.
  11. Trams will be running for Tramlines. The work schedule needs looking at so the heavy work is done during the daytime. The noise this morning at 4am was unbelievable.
  12. Was in the back section of the Circle for a show last week poor leg room there.
  13. Not listened to it for a few weeks it become tedious same people ringing in most days.
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