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  1. IMHO the Raven is a great newcomer to the improving Walkley offer. For a start it complements the Blind Monkey just down the road - it's a similarly small and friendly pub with great beer, but whilst the Monkey is gloriously crammed full of original Art Deco fittings the Raven is minimalist. And it seems to be doing great business. Such a shame True North couldn't make the Walkley Library conversion work, Walkley would be even better - maybe the people who resisted the Library's renewal could rethink?
  2. I see the Walkley Cottage is closed for refurbishment after a recent change of ownership. Has anyone any information on the plans?
  3. Highly recommended, it's become a family favourite. Really friendly and great food.
  4. Is it correct that the True North company is taking over the Punch Bowl on Crookes? Great news for Crookes and Walkley if so!
  5. Hi, anyone know what's happening at the Walkley ASda? There are signs up today (Tuesday 23 April) stating it's closed until further notice. Maybe it's closed for repairs after the ram raid?
  6. If True North have pulled out that's a great shame. Also IMHO it's a poor business decision. It's true that lots of young professionals are moving into the area. In my street alone, in the last year or so seven houses have been taken up by young professionals. It's unkind to label them yuppies, as some here have done: they're all really nice people, and are the future of our area. The proposed Library cafe bar would have been a great success, so let's hope there's another chance for it to happen.
  7. I've received letters demanding a fine and threatening court action for an 'offence' at the Bradfield Road car park over 6 months ago. I wasn't parking, just waiting for a space, but am I doomed?
  8. Same here, just got a ticke for last September, I didn't even park, was just waiting for a space!
  9. The people are very friendly. I moved here from the other side of the Pennines, and immediately felt the difference between here and most Lancashire towns and cities.
  10. Does anyone know the latest position? It's been months since the group won the grant for the main bid, but I've heard nothing since. It'd be a shame if it's not going ahead, it would make such a great contribution to the area's revival. Any update would be really welcome.
  11. Hi, Does anyone have an update on the True North company renovation of Walkley Library? It seems to have gone quiet recently It'll be a real shame for the area if it doesn't go through.
  12. Great news! It'll do really well, plenty of people in Walkley wantig places like this. While we're discussing Walkley pubs, does anyone have any news on the Rose House? It loks like it's having a facelift with some momey spent on hand painted signage?
  13. Ian, regarding the empty Methodist church, I understand this is owned by the adjacent Wesley / Walkley Ebenezer Methodist Church. I was told that the Christ Church people from further down South Road had raised sufficient funds to buy and renovate the church, but that the Ebenezer Methodist Church had refused to sell on the grounds it would be confusing to have different denominations on adjoining sites. IMHO that’s a shame as it would have been another boost to our community. Also we’ve a good pedigree of successfully changing denominations in Walkley – look no further than the Buddhist Centre! Of course I could be wrong about this – maybe someone from the Ebenezer Church or the Christ Church could comment?
  14. Thanks Ian, that's really helpful. Agree about the new Walkley Print Shop, it looks great and will do well. Really good watching the hipster duo doing some live music outside it this afternoon!
  15. Does anyone know what's happening at the old Albert Ross Emporium on South Road, Walkley? It closed a few months ago and it's been semi cleared, but there's been no sign of any activity fo a while and no notices saying what the plans are. It's got great potential to make another contribution to Walkley's revival.
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