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    Two new and with tags minecraft t-shirts

    Hi Legin I'll buy these from you Pick them up Monday dinner. 12:30ish cheers Lol

    Sheffield star online

    The judge added that Williams had shown a ‘fragrant disregard’ for the public in his failure to adhere to safety regulations. Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/boss-of-sheffield-bed-firm-jailed-after-death-of-baby-1-9415491 summat stinks 'ere

    Sheffield star online

    A forced marriage protection order was granted for the man, 19, after it was discovered that he had received threats for going through with a marriage to which he had promised his family he would consent when he was just five years old Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/south-yorkshire-police-steps-in-to-protect-man-from-forced-marriage-1-9213832 surely the threats were for not going through with it.

    Sheffield star online

    Journalists who can't even construct a sentence! "In the latest raid at Tinsley Juniors Football Club a parent of one of the players had to chase off a gang who were smashing a lock-up with a lump hammer that contained sports equipment.! How did they get the sports equipment into the lump hammer? Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/thieves-ransack-popular-sheffield-junior-football-club-ground-for-fourth-time-1-9186783
  5. Plan for new drive-thru KFC and Costa Coffee at former Sheffield pub moves a step closer Proposals have been drawn up to open a drive thru KFC. Darren Burke, Digital Reporter Email Published: 15:09 Monday 21 August 2017 window.onload = function () { $('div[class^=article-sharetool] a').sharetool(); }; var requestParam = "$m.request.httpRequest.getParameter('articleId')"; var index = requestParam.indexOf("-"); var conversionEventParam = "ContentId(1.8714067)"; var pointIndex = conversionEventParam.indexOf("."); var articleID = conversionEventParam.substring(pointIndex + 1, conversionEventParam.length - 1); 2 Have your say Plans to develop a derelict Sheffield pub into a drive thru KFC and Costa Coffee have moved a step closer. Designers have now been appointed for the proposal which would see the two chain restaurants opening on the site of the former Pheasant Inn at Sheffield Lane Top. Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/plan-for-new-drive-thru-kfc-and-costa-coffee-at-former-sheffield-pub-moves-a-step-closer-1-8714067 MOVES A STEP CLOSER??? There's only been 2 lower walls standing for a few weeks now.
  6. Ring Chris at C & N Motors 07766 745008. They're on Cadman Street Top Duo

    Page Hall - Rubbish

    predictive text again. Should it have been Burngreave?

    Nearest nice seaside/beach?

    Cleethorpes is only a shade over 70 miles
  9. your map is 2016 mine is 2017. Look again.
  10. look at these Google road markings:- https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.4133649,-1.403555,77m/data=!3m1!1e3 left lane turns left right lane turns right and centre lane goes ahead or right. Surely that puts them both in the wrong
  11. She only knew about " a horse pistol, a dice box, purse, several books, a lottery ticket and a night cap". No mention of money.
  12. it just doesn't add up. "callous thief stole hundreds of pounds" " helping himself to cash from a collection box. He caused an estimated £1,400 of damage to windows and doors at the premises in Stadium Way, for the sake of around £30 which was all that was in the box." Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/our-towns-and-cities/sheffield/outrage-over-break-in-at-sheffield-animal-charity-prompts-flood-of-donations-1-8539185 Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/our-towns-and-cities/sheffield/outrage-over-break-in-at-sheffield-animal-charity-prompts-flood-of-donations-1-8539185 By the way How do they know how much is in a sealed collection box?

    Another post box gone

    "which opens mon-fri 9-5 and closes an hour for lunch and Saturday 9-1" "I do the chippy banking 10pm at nights when we close" How?
  14. He writes as though he does "It's not been a morning paper for a while now" Oh yes it has

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