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  1. Thank you kindly for your help, e.mail sent
  2. Thanks for that HG . Sounds like that could be the reason.
  3. Anyone know what emergency is happening there ? Ive being trying to book some tickets all morning but its just a recorded message on the phone. Cant book online as its a disabled seat request and I cant find an option for that online. Im in Lincolnshire and don't want to travel to Sheffield if the office is closed Thanks
  4. Does anyone remember a family called Ward who lived on or near London Rd , Bramhall Lane area ? 50/60s ? Frank and son David, also may have been a couple of girls in the family. Long lost Uncle
  5. Brilliant reaction from the public for this great (almost) centurion ! But lets not get carried away with knighthoods etc. Their are thousands of volunteers and fund raisers that help the less fortunate on a regular basis who will always be unsung heroes . Im not detracting from what Capt Tom has achieved , truly amazing but lets not forget the everyday people.
  6. Go to the Twist Club in Rotherham ? It was held in winter at the Sheffield Rd swimming baths in the 60s . If so what are your recollections of the bands that played there.
  7. the problem lies in your first line...the EFL. About as effective as a junior Disprin.
  8. When I started at the Company the founder had semi retired ( Colin Robbins) . Running of the company had been handed to 2 of his sons, Tony and Mike Robbins. Family owned and run company and the best I ever worked at .
  9. I remember a lady who lived directly opposite, she sometimes did some cleaning and generally looked after the premises, I think her name was Dora, a really nice lady.
  10. I worked for the company who were sited at No. 40 ..Hallamshire Heating , remember some really nice people who lived adjacent, the noise generated was quite severe sometimes but I don’t remember anyone complaining !
  11. Your not wrong, and I’ve decided it’s time to ..... not forget about it , but let it go. Thanks for the nudge FP
  12. Just bumping this thread in the hope that someone relevant sees it
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