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  1. Hi, I have found out that I had a Gt Aunt, who lived at Aston Terrace. Her name was Mary Farrand, and she married Thomas Westrop. Her sister lived there too. They were called Ellen or Nellie and Fred Marsh. I would love to know if any of their families still live in the Swallownest area
  2. Hi, Yes Trevor was my nephew, and Tina and Maxine are his sisters, Don't know if you have heard....Trevor passed away 3rd March this year. So sad!
  3. Hi, I left in 1958, and my last teacher was Mr Watson. At that time there was Miss Hibbard, Miss Lilley ( art) Mrs Walsh (music.) Mr Bailey, Mr Price (PE) Mr Dayble (RE) Mr Richarson, Mr Griffiths (metalwork) Mr Jeeves Mr Squires. These are the ones that I can remember the most. Yes I can remember the ones that you have mentioned too. Long time ago now, but clear in my mind!
  4. Is anyone having any problems with their older type mobile phones? Mine is saying emergency only. I am on EE.
  5. I remember Peggy....I started at Surmanco's in 1959 at the age of 15. She was working there then in the assembly rooms. NICE LADY !
  6. So sad...we lived back to back. RIP Rod !
  7. Hello,can you give a better description of your ginger cat please. I have had a very thin ginger cat visiting my garden for the last three months now.My neighbour and I started feeding him about a month ago, and he looks a lot better than he did.
  8. I worked in the offices on Paternoster Row. Lovely place to work, but the wages were low. I worked in the Punch Card room...really enjoyed my time there.
  9. Hello Victor, This thread is nothing about the Pavilion, but you seem to have lot's of knowledge about old Swallownest! I am researching my family tree, and have hit a brick wall. I remember as a child in the 50's, my parent's visiting a bungalow, either on Manvers Rd, or Eden Grove. The relation was my mum's. I think she was called Edna...her parents were Fred and Ellen Marsh, and lived at Aston Terrace (now demolished) I think they were called Smith, and had a Polish lodger living with them called Tony. He was a miner ! Hopefully you might just remember something about them. Cal.
  10. Thanks for your reply....I haven't any knowledge on computers really. I have tried to make a new account with Yahoo, but had no luck with that either. Any ideas ?????
  11. Anyone out there having trouble getting on to hotmail? Mine stopped working about five days ago,
  12. Hi, He won't probably remember me. I was Carole Crookes...I married Mick Lambert. I think they were in the same class at Beaver Hill. He might remember that we were going out together at school. Sadly Mick passed away nearly four years ago now.I still see quite a few of the old faces up here.
  13. We had a Walter Christian in our class at Beaver Hill School. He came from Attercliffe.
  14. I first heard this when I met my husband (Mick Lambert) way back in 1957. I thought it was just the Woodhouse folk that said it.
  15. Hi Gazza, I lived next door to your dad, and did all those things with him. There is a lot that your dad hasn't told you....like going in the wood in the middle of the night. Getting made up for New Year by your grandad...alias...Al Jolson Boxing in the yard with Trevor Linley. My name is Jim Marsden. Happy Days !!!
  16. I remember Alan Darby ...lived on Ballifield Place I think. He had a younger sister.Can't remember her name though!
  17. Yes, you are correct. I remember Mrs Hill living near to the Lambert family. The other Lambert family lived on Mauncer Lane in the circle. I married Mick Lambert. I think Mrs Hill's daughter Betty, used to play with Brenda Lambert my husband's older sister.
  18. Does anyone remember any of the Lambert family from the Mauncer estate?
  19. I lived on the estate from 1951-1963. I lived on Ballifield Drive, opposite the Everest. The kids that lived around me were.....The Bramhall girls...Barbara, Dot and Marilyn. David Brown and his little sister Leslie. Stuart Berisford. Graham Savage. Malcolm Varah. Jennifer Allen. Jean Thorley (John's sister) Jackie Hargreaves. Christine Brooks. It was a great place to grow up.... Happy days
  20. Hi, I would love to contact Judy (maiden name wood) She lived at Greenhill before getting married!!! Worked at Arthur Davy's in the accounts office in the early 60's. Also had an older sister named Pam. Hope someone out there can help ! Regards Cal.
  21. Hi, I remember going to the Wednesday ground too...still using the scissors that the girls got. So they must have been good quality !!
  22. Hi, I am trying to trace Marie Warren from Attercliffe (last heard of living in Dronfield). She attended Beaver Hill Secondary School, and her siblings were... Linda and Paul. I think she had twins...
  23. I remember the slide, the swings and the roundabout, but was there a flying plank in there???
  24. Hi, What a coinsidence! I am meeting up with Christine this week, after many years. I can remember her telling me of her cousin Victor from Woodhouse??? Regards Cal
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