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  1. I have this game on my samsung phone it is called Hamster Box.
  2. As a Crookes resident, I thought I would type it into wikipedia to see what it had on there. I ended up at a website for local Sheffield history and found this interesting page on The Crookes Laundry Murder 1922! I don't have enough posts to put the direct URL for these links (stupid rule!) so you might need to add the 3W's and put a dot in at the start for these to work. the address is: chrishobbs.com/crookesmurder.htm I also didn't know that the old Sound As A Pound site used to be a cinema, the Crookes Picture Palace. chrishobbs.com/crookespicturepalace.htm Being a student means I've only lived in Crookes a couple of years, so all this stuff makes interesting reading!
  3. Yeah I noticed that, having eventually got through to book tickets after endless reloading. I was sure i clicked friday, but it came up with thursday and i bought them anyway because i wasn't sure if i'd get another chance. the new online booking service is terrible, its unreliable and the server failed to cope with the phenomenal demand. my receipt says thursday but having read your post i'm a bit worried, fear of massive double bookings. you would think for such a big arena that they would have a solid booking system by now, its very poor especially when compared to the Birmingham NEC, which has an excellent online site.
  4. His interviews are never great because he's quite nervous about them. I saw him in Birmingham last weekend and he was absolutely brilliant, my jaw ached from laughing. going again this friday as it's definetely worth seeing again! i'm sure everyone who goes will love it.
  5. i'm gonna go check out this thing at the hotel, anyone else get a flyer? prices sound too good to be true, and its just a sheet of paper with blue print on. edit: i went down and they said it was cancelled, no reason given or no new date scheduled. the guy i spoke to at the hotel thought it sounded dodgy as well, he thought something definetely wasn't right, they only accepted cash as well.
  6. i just got a flyer through the door for argos and index's big clearance sale on sunday. at the novotel hotel, 4pm? some amazing prices on there, looks kinda dodgy tho! anyone else seen this? i want to go but it doesn't sound completely legit!
  7. my favourite quote from this weeks show: (clarkson talking about the range rover) if one of these pulled up outside your house, you would think 'oh no, a drug dealer is here.' had me in stitches!
  8. Hi, I am a student in Sheffield, I am interested in going to the computer fair at Don Valley Stadium this weekend. I was just wondering if anyone had any information about it, like if you have been before or know how much the admission price is. Also where abouts is it held, I presume its not actually in the stadium. Thanks Howard.
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