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  1. craig12

    Morgan`s Year Book 2019

    still haven't received it yet☹️
  2. craig12

    Wilkinsons at Darnall closing

    it was obvious they were gunna close
  3. I can remember Sheffield town centre bustling with people , shops packed , market rammed , £££££££ , now its a ghost town you wouldn't walk through , flatten it and put houses on it I went to leeds a few months ago , now theres a city they can be proud of , loads of cash invested by its council ,
  4. it aint rocket science this is it /1960s/ 1970s/80s / people working steel works busy low shop rents win win fast forward 2019 , no steel works/, meadowhall/ internet /part time, jobs sky high shop rents HELLO
  5. does anyone know of any caravan sites on the Lincolnshire coast that will accept off site static caravans , purchased from an off site retailer as apposed to through the site or sited already?
  6. so the Sheffield star have just published a list of worst streets for crime which includes mine I may add , isn't it interesting when you dig a little deeper what they mean , they list 15 in the month of November , but on the police website it breaks down to 1 anti social behaviour 1 purgery/forgery 13 shoplifting offences , , I will be ringing the Sheffield star today and tell them just what I think as I don't think we have any shops on here which have been shoplifted from , , more importantly we have our house for sale and wondered what our estate agent would think of their reported / poor researched breakdown of figures , ( you don't get a breakdown on the star on line ) but please spare a thought for all the other roads and people who live in them that show their roads in a bad light which will damage anyone considering moving their because of schools etc , this is an outrage and I will contact my local mp and ring radio Sheffield this morning
  7. central banks manipulating interest rates and attempting to wipe the middle class out
  8. craig12

    New classic arrives

    £3500 ono an appreciating asset with 10 only on the roads
  9. excellent piece ,more clearer now thank you for sharing
  10. 9/11 had to have been an inside job , how was it that the bbc reported world trade centre 7 building being had collapsed while the reporter was still stood in front of it , in all its glory behind her , minutes later it collapsed , I might add that world trade centre 7 had not been hit by any plane so why did it collapse
  11. craig12

    New classic arrives

    ill have to post this here as theres no classified section , ill be selling my Vauxhall magnum shortly if any interest , will be looking for £3500-£4000
  12. craig12

    Being called sweetheart and petal.

    if anyone says to me, na then kid how much are we talking I put £20 on the their quote I don't need that comment at 55 years old
  13. internet killed the high st , make all internet businesses pay a levy like a business rates charge, they'll soon close them down and where did they think they could have on line and the high street within the same company , so you want bingo on line ,hmmmm I wonder why the bingo halls are half empty , you couldn't write it could you
  14. too right sir , if anyone was at the side of me on the drakehouse roundabout and I was in the correct lane and they weren't id have no choice but to collide
  15. the worst ones I see is going towards crystal peaks on the a57 bypass from handsworth when you get to the end the right lane is for going towards moss way , loads of people ignore it and go straight on towards drakehouse retail park , or the best one ever is drivers that get in the right hand lane past asda at handsworth which is the lane to go on Richmond rd by the old driving test centre , when really they wanted the left lane to handsworth , loads do it its so obvious what theyre going to do and indicate left

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