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  1. Gordon brown theres a bright bloke , he sold most of the gold reserves off when the gold price dropped
  2. does anyone have any reccomendations for patio work , we want our front lawn replacing with a hardstanding for 1 car , not block paving though
  3. does anyone know of any local mechanics that are familiar with classics that can help free some brakes off thanks mobile only as car is in garage
  4. if the awfull deal goes through , then buy a used car only don't give them the ammo to sell us a new car hit em where it hurts , remember no new car sales buy one that's less than 3 years old
  5. can anyone recommend a place in spain that's not too far away from the airport by taxi say 10-15 mins to buy a property , I don't drive abroad , so fancied buying a cheap place under £40000 , that we could jet off to , but then get a taxi to our house , id looked at la mata, la marina, torravieka, villamartin , but have no idea if these places are hours away from the airport regards
  6. would anyone know of a reasonably priced courier service to collect items from grantham and return to sheffield
  7. the 5 million signitures to end Brexit , I smell a rat , at least in the 2016 referendum 1 card got posted to each voter , this on line garbage , whos to say people aren't voting 10s of of times on the same laptop , fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix clear the lobbys
  8. now uri Gellar is on mainstream media saying hes going to stop Brexit by telepathy , altogether now you couldnt write this if you tried 😄 nigel farage for pm
  9. you just gotta check out all Brexit interviews with George galloway , now theres a true brexiteer
  10. I think id sum it up like this ,leave could never win , it was just something they didn't expect, theyre now trapped in a corner like a scared rat and they had to do something before march 29 th , other wise the people would have beaten the government, and that would never do would it, have a look at the list of your local mp to see how they voted , that's your local mp remember who supposed to represent you , if remain had won do you think leave could have had 2 years of trying to reverse it , NEVER, it would have been signed and sealed the next day ,
  11. theyre all liars , wasn't it Cameron that kept the bank bail in documents from the britsh people he signed , in the g20 summit or have I got that wrong
  12. dsvid ickes latest you tube video will explain how the poloticians want Brexit stopped , its the video when hes on margate beach
  13. would anyone happen to know the cheapest way of using a courier collection service on bulky items many miles away , id like to buy some car wheels and tyres , I think theyre around 165 miles away from Sheffield, is it easier to select a courier nearest the items for sale?
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