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  1. Was john gawthorpe yes he wore glasses. We lived at 14. The butterleys. Yes remember the powells .
  2. Was it the goldthorpes . If so i grew up with david. He was a quiet boy. X
  3. Hi williebite. I talk to pauline turton. She is a friend of my mums. Its jo margarets daughter.
  4. Car boot sales tomorrow bank holiday monday
  5. Need a piece of furniture valuing to large to take to a auction house.does anyone have a number . Thanks.
  6. Want a bathroom vanity unit and sink anyone know a good shop thanks
  7. hi my mum is margaret (farquhar) the ivory lady was mrs maurer if she lived next to shirwins?. about 6 week ago our derek and norma (farquhar) and myself went to the trades and labour club in duke street, to watch a film about the old park district, including granville lane, as it was and has it is now. is joan in sheffield and do you still live in s2. hope your keeping well. i am margarets daughter and she was pleased to hear you had been on.
  8. my mum is margaret( farquhar,) christines sister. christine lives up southey. ---------- Post added 08-01-2013 at 21:20 ---------- my mum knew your mum phylis from park hill flats. my mums family lived on granville lane.
  9. tragic, i think the law needs to get tougher on these cowards, hope your dad is improving .
  10. can anyone tell me why people who took redundancy four years ago and had a backpay payout a couple of years before, are now getting a further payout if they remained as a member of their union. and people who left and are not in a union or ended their membership are getting nothing .we all worked the same hours and jobs .
  11. my mum is margaret, was farquhar, her best friend is pat millward, david has been in sheffield but goes back to usa, tomorrow.
  12. hi, i am one of the farquhar clan, from granville lane. the shop you referred to was brunts they used to sell sasparillos, drinks and sweets. a few yaards further down was a fruit shop , you could buy a lovely apple for a penny. i went to park school from 1942 onwards.
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