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  1. I was brought up reading Mirror then as a young idealist i read guardian. then briefly Today.(remember that), then as i got into middle age the Mail, now im reaching my later years, ive stopped reading any papers at all!, you realise eventually they're all a load of crap.i find all i need to know on internet,although you have to have a very good mental filter, which comes with experience ,my advice is no papers are worth wasting time on!
  2. "intelligent people think religion is false, the ignorant think religion is true. and the rulers think religion is useful" Seneca .
  3. Should i respect the belief of someone who thinks he's Napoleon ? of course not he's nuts!.same with someone who believes in God!.
  4. my twopenneth.. no children are born religious..its all pure crap!
  5. has anybody else lost their apple music after updating op sys on iphone6?
  6. listening to Bleech..check em out...
  7. Pavillion Snooker hall celebrating 100TH birthday in November,can anybody remember when it stopped being a cinema,?I can remember going to see Hercules as a nipper...
  8. theres a shop opened in Swallownest that sells em,the government likes em because u not goner stop smokin using these you're goner get back on fags soner or later,the man needs the tax revenue and as a bonus you die earlier,a win win ,just stop....
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