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  1. Hi I am looking for Carol Harper who used to go to the Penny around 1967/8 had some good times there and would like to contact again. Does anyone know of her or where she is now
  2. Brian1941 I remember the tree very well as I fell off it more than once. I also remember trying to climb the fence at the back of the homes with Tommy Botham but he got his arm impailed on a spike on top of the fence and the firemen had to get him off (Was nasty he still has the scars apparently) Do you remember climbing up inside the outhouse where the dustbins were kept and hiding from Miss Linley?
  3. Hi Penster If you PM me your 'e' mail I will send you the photo file. Mel
  4. Hi Brian The photos were sent to me by Mary Botham Tom Bothams wife. I have got several other photos of FCH lads both at camp and Lydgate Lane school, if you are interested and PM me YOUR 'e' mail address I will send them to you. Memory not very good these days but I do remember Ernest and Brian but a bit vague on other names.
  5. I have a copy of the photo of 14 boys and Miss Linley at Marske camp and I am the boy sitting bottom row left hand side.My name is Melville Deakin and I was in FCH from 1949 to 1954 does anyone remember me?. I cant remember all the names but I do remember Ernest Horsfield as he and I went around together.
  6. Hi Kizzy My Grandfathers name was George he was born in 1878 in Rotherham. On the 1911 Census he is living at Staniforth Rd Darnall with my Grandmother Agnes. Mel
  7. Hi My name is Melville Lewis Deakin and my father was George Henry Deakin and mother was Kathleen Deakin ( nee Lewis) I was born in Handsworth and lived there for 15 years do you think we are related in any way? Regards Mel
  8. Wattsy: If you knew the exact year you could try friends re-united for Athelstan school and see if any of the names there are familiar, otherwise ask some of them if they know her wherabouts!!
  9. Does anyone have any photos of the boys in house # 6 or the summer camps at MARSKE between 1948 & 1954 if so please send me a PM Mel Deakin
  10. Silly what is the book that you mentioned is it available to buy and if so where. Mick Davidson worked on the Co-Op mobile stores after leaving school and earned really good money. I was doing an apprenticeship and earned peanuts. He had a brand new 250cc BSA C10 and I had a clapped out old two stroke. At Brook school I was in a skiffle group called the Five Rivers organised by the music teacher a lady whose name I forget. At the height of our fame? we played at the Locarno Ballroom in Sheffield.
  11. MikeG & Sputnik This is all new to me and have just spent the last 30 minutes or so reading all your posts' You have both mentioned my name: I am Melville Deakin and would like to know how to contact you both further Mel Deakin
  12. Anyone remember the pop concerts of the late 50s early 60s
  13. Was Ivan Pickles June Pickles Brother? I lived on Handsworth Road a little way down from the Plaza Cinema and used to go in there with Colin Hope Mick Davidson & Patrick Mead. My name is Mel Deakin
  14. Hi Silly Did you ever go on the school camp with Mr Hallet or do you remember anyone that did?
  15. Was the Octupus Cafe the one on the dual carriageway just below the traffic Island (now the parkway)? I went there with my motorcycle pals in the period 1959 to 61.
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