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  1. New Channels did our aerial, very good install, and good price Number on Yell or in phone book
  2. Killa is valued now at 300K, should have took Newcastles million in last transfer window
  3. Kier are not doing the upgrade. The contract is still out to tender and a decision is expected around December. Presently 6 companies left in the running and definitely not Kier. Of the 40000 homes originally scheduled only 10000 are now getting done, however if you are one of them, you will be safe to decorate. Very little disruption to the interior or exterior on your property
  4. Would have agreed with you 6 months ago but gone downhill rapidly. prices have gone up, albeit a small amount, quantity has decreased and quality is sadly lacking lately.
  5. Access to the car park is completely blocked, nobody will be allowed in or out, all the staff have had to leave their cars there too.
  6. Latest update, the surrounding area will now be closed for 24 hours.
  7. Tis true, a gas cyliner being used on the construction of the new hotel has caught fire and rolled towards the South Stand corner of the stadium. All buildings and properties in the immediate area have been evacuated.
  8. Word of warning. The food can be very hot and spicy as the occupants are from the region of southern china, therefore if you suffer from flatulence ensure you go for the milder stuff. Do you suffer from bottom burps?
  9. Leeds can not be taken over for at least another 2 years after going in to admin and then being bought back by Ken Bates.
  10. Undersoil does not make any difference to a waterlogged pitch. What did you want them to do boil the pitch
  11. There are loads of Wednesday fans in Norton Lees, you obviously dont go in the Sportsman or Cross Scythes
  12. Do you need parking in the day or evening?
  13. Champions tosh13. Now where did i put my pills.
  14. Give Gary Hill a call, dont know his number but you will find him advertising in Norton Lees Post Office window, we used him and he did a great job.
  15. I had mine done at Loaf just a plain old cut and it cost me £28
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