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  1. Better late than never, the thing I'm pointing out is the ham that the EU is so worried about more than likely came from the EU all the lorry driver was doing is return to sender with a bit of bread and butter as an envelope, he should have eaten it in his cab and returned it the next day.
  2. I'm looking at that, the sandwich they took from the lorry driver will have more than likely contained ham from the EU, wait for the swine fever virus crossing with Covid 19.
  3. Three fingers pointing back, https://www.foodnavigator.com/Article/2020/09/10/African-Swine-Fever-hits-Germany-What-does-it-mean-for-the-European-pork-sector
  4. Perhaps Boris' Operation Bleach is trying to erase a stain on UK history.
  5. Dora was Hyman's daughter, Hyman Michael is down as born in Janisik in the county of Kowner Guberne and is the son of Nathan and Ada Lapatnick both subjects of Russia. Hymans family 1907 Aron-11 Ada-9 Dora-7 Lea-5 Mina-1 it does say "and" so presume there was another
  6. It is handwritten, also if you put *patnick into Findmypast it comes up as Lapatnick and Dora in her school record is down as Lapatnick
  7. Oath of Allegiance, signed as Lapatnick , 5 March 1907.
  8. Naturalisation form says, Hyman Michael Lapatnick, 30 Silver Street Head
  9. Then it's down to you for relying on the EU, a lesson learned.
  10. What have you ever done for me, do something yourself and get behind the country-do something.
  11. You'll have to lead yourselves now there's no mummy EU to hold your hands.
  12. I am I've got one hand on the cup, the other holding out a hankie for the losers.
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