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  1. Vladimir Putin's approval rating in Russia monthly 1999-2022 In April 2022, over 80 percent of Russians approved of activities of the Russian president Vladimir Putin. The popularity level saw an increase during the Russian invasion of Ukraine that started at the end of February 2022. https://www.statista.com/statistics/896181/putin-approval-rating-russia/
  2. Seems like these are up to speed, Food Standards Agency 8 December 2021 The FSA is currently developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with HMRC to enable customs declaration data on EU imports of high-risk food and feed to be shared with the FSA. Analysis of this dataset against the IPAFFS pre-notification data will help in identifying consignments of high-risk food and feed imported from the EU which have not been pre-notified. We are working with our counterparts in HMRC to deliver the MoU and necessary data transfer systems that will enable customs import data to be shared with the FSA from 1 January 2022. The FSA will be monitoring compliance levels of prenotifications following its introduction and will continue to work with stakeholders to ensure both awareness of the pre-notification requirement and that compliance levels remain high.
  3. The mind is a wonderful thing that's why at 3.30 of a morning you can be chased down the road by a crocodile riding a bike.
  4. That's not his head he's just showing one of the staff the ropes.
  5. Sounds like summat served up in the Workhouse, were Priest furnace brickies down that way cuttsie.
  6. Unless the Ukrainians have developed a break barrel firearm I'd say they were air rifles.
  7. Who cares I got over it, so I suppose my immune system is working OK.
  8. Had it last October felt grim for over a week like a bad flu, no food couldn't eat, left still without smell or taste. Not been jabbed, and still not.
  9. Where the light coloured patch is would have been the power station, https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.4050388,-1.48613,445m/data=!3m1!1e3
  10. I'll be looking for a bloke with a black eye.
  11. I your lass reads this thread tha'll be scrubbin floors as well as pots.
  12. As if Ukraine hasn't enough to worry about, "Ukraine was struggling to control the COVID-19 pandemic even before Russian troops advanced on the country. It was slower to launch its COVID-19 vaccination campaigns than other European countries, and while the government encouraged citizens to get immunized, most people struggled to find a way to get the shot, didn’t feel the need to get vaccinated, or didn’t trust the safety and efficacy of the vaccine." https://time.com/6153254/ukraine-russia-war-covid-19/
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