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  1. One of my favourites my mother made on the old Yorkshire Range was rice pudding made in a large enamel bowl,I being the oldest of four always got the skin off the top with my helping!.If my siblings stopped rooring for five minutes I would generously allow them a small sample if I was in a good mood!.She made all sorts of goodies another one I liked,a large egg custard as well as jam and lemon tarts and turnovers!.As I reached working age I worked for W.A.Brooms aka Don Bakery,I scoffed samples of their extensive range of confectionary until I was sick of it and in the end I lost my sweet tooth and to this day I only like savouries,if I was hungry I would buy a sandwich or wait for my dinner never bother with any of the van full of pastries at my disposal,funny that!.
  2. How long has the Cannon Brewery Rutland Road been derelict now ?,its been in a right state for years a proper eyesore!.I wonder who owns it and what will become of it,the whole area is coming back to life slowly perhaps apartments could be built there,anything but leave it in the present mess that exists now!.
  3. A pal of mine had a huge aviary keeping budgies and canaries,he told me once he could change the colour of canaries feathers by giving them a certain kind of drink in their water,I don,t know if he was pulling my leg or not so I went along with it!.Does this sound right to all the experts out there?.
  4. My first car purchased with my hard earned was a 1935 Morris 8 bought for £25 ,our old boy got me a huge garage at the power station where I did it up for a few weeks!.All the paintwork black with maroon sides I revived with industrial brasso and one step wax,it had wire wheels that I cleaned up with emerycloth then repainted them!,the front wings frog eyed style had rusted holes that I pop riveted with aluminium and bondoed which I painted black with brushless paint,the rubber was perished on the running boards,I cut out rubber carpet to shape and glued it on!.I valeted the interior and had all the fluids changed and the engine serviced !.I went everywhere in that car, whenever I parked it people asked about it this was in 1960 so you didn,t see many like it around,I kept it for 18 months then sold it for £150 the only car I ever made money on I wish I still had it!.
  5. Thats where I may end up dumping it,I have a few painful memories of that place Eddie Kidd wouldn,t attempt some of the stunts I did up there,remember the somersault when I ended up unconscious what a pillock!
  6. Thart reight but I had to use all my own sixpences and threepenny bits to pay for it,remember what my transport was like when I knocked about wi Whitey!.
  7. Referring back to waiting on pay day brought back a forgotten memory when I was around five or six years old,my father worked at Neepsend Power Station our family lived in a cottage belonging to them about a quarter of a mile away!.On pay day all the workers queued up in the yard at the time house,I was in the middle every week without fail all the blokes having a laugh with me until I reached the window!."Name please "the clerk asked ,after I told him he passed me a packet full of sixpences,threepenny bits and pennies that all the men had put in for me !.I was spoiled to death by all the men,who never used my proper name always calling me "Young Ben"after my dad,I was a lucky young lad no question!.
  8. Hi bungleyboy 69 the new motor I know ,its my son in laws he has had it on a hire scheme and times up,so its exchange for a new one or buy it !.Thats why the price is favourable,the issues your friend had is what I have been thinking of,my car has had all problems sorted so now its just wear and tear and running costs,what to do?.
  9. I am in the middle of a dillema, what to do!,it involves my present well loved motor and the chance of obtaining possesion of an immaculate three year old 4WD Mercedes with only 22,000 miles on the clock!.I know its history from new ,it is mettalic black and a beauty !.My present car is also a Mercedes E Class that is twenty years old and in very good condition and well sorted 110,000 on the clock,everyone who sees it asks if its for sale,the trouble is it drives like new and I love it!.Any thing it needs ,parts ,servicing it gets, it is cleaned weekly polished, I have never liked a car as much,I have seperate winter wheels and tyres,my wife says I,m a fool if I let the new one go as the price is very good!.But its not as easy as that as the time gets closer I,m more reluctant to commit,I wonder has anybody out there ever had a problem like this,all the motors I,ve had over the years and I,ve had a few I never gave a backward glance when I got rid,what should I do hang on to the E Class or go for the new car!.
  10. A place I used to visit in my HGV days Snodland darn sarf ,is it the land of the Snods?.
  11. Ask him if he remembers a kid who had a younger brother,twin sisters and lived near the Neepsend Power Station in a cottage!.
  12. I knew Ashley but never used his shop my favourite tailor was Joe Wildsmith his place was at the top end of Carver Street,all my mates had suits from him,two fittings and then collect the finished article!.Never had a problem always top notch service!.
  13. Robin passed away in his sleep while on holiday in Tenerife with his wife!.It was a shock as he always seemed healthy and was never overweight or ailing anything,I think heart trouble ran in the family but nobody expected it just the same!.
  14. In the 60s I had the bright idea of obtaining a suit on the cheap which I passed on to a mate of mine "Robin Crapper"who said he could help through his contacts!.Any way we ended up at a Latvian drinking club where a bloke gave us an address and phone number of someone in Bradford and off we went there to obtain a suit length each of top quality material!.Back we came to Sheffield with the cloth next Robin said "I know a good tailor!",big mistake as I was having misgivings about the whole idea,my suit when finished was a pigs ear not fitting well at all,it was a disaster of epic proportions I was very disapointed after all the lengths and expense we went too!.It went to the charity shop without me wearing it,a costly waste of time and money,me and my bright ideas which I kept to myself from then on!.
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