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  1. As a schoolkid with very little cash flow I used Dawsons a lot ,he used to sell fishing rods made from army tank aerials !. They were compact and fitted nicely to the underside of my bike they were cheap to purchase just the job for a kid on a budget,all kids living in the Hillsborough area used Dawsons!.
  2. Hi kickstart12 I left school the term before you all went to Chaucer at Easter,I had a workmate who lived on Parkwood Road Dennis Earnshaw,you may remember him he was a dead ringer for President Degaul!.He drove around in a Standard Vanguard !.
  3. They say your memory plays tricks on you as you age,that you only remember the long hot sunny days,in my case I remember trying to keep warm !.We had no central heating ,bathrooms or inside toilets as you will have read in previous threads,of course we had nice hot weather in the six week holidays but my abiding memories were trudging to school in the cold and rain ,we had no four wheel drives dropping us off and picking up at the school gates it was shanks,s pony for us!.On the school uniform subject as I reached my teens it was the rock and roll era so it was skin tight jeans ,crepe soles,drape jackets ,Tony Curtis hair style which didn,t phase our sadistic headmaster,the one thing he couldn,t stand were luminous socks and I had a good selection,pink,green,white ect.I was sent home numerous times for wearing them,stupid when think about it they would witness kids not dressed for the weather with their teeth chattering doing nothing to help them and sending me home for wearing socks they didn,t like!.
  4. Army stores for balaclava,wellingtons, khaki shorts with snake belt ,american army short jacket,and I was one of the best dressed at Hillfoot!.Some poor buggers were sent to school in the depths of winter with just an ordinary old suit ,shoes with no socks,a thin shirt and thats all and I,m not kidding!.You had to stay outside playtime in winter the teachers were all heart,instead of doing something about it the obviously mistreated pupils would be belittled in front of their classmates,I,m glad to say not all teachers were like that but a vociferous few were more to their shame!.
  5. When I was a nipper my mother thought that I was Italian,every time I ran into the house I would shout "Mamamia"!.😄
  6. I just remembered a funny story from the sixties,I was waiting at Dave Patchets house on Cross Addy Street for him to get ready for our jaunt down town!.His Mother was telling me about an incident from the night before,the police turned up in force to arrest some bloke across the road from them!.Anyway he ended up on the roof trying to evade the boys in blue,now Daves Mum was a very nice naive lady who didn,t know what she said to reduce us to tears laughing when she ended the story by saying"I looked through the window and you couldn,t see nothing but bobbies helmets!".Cue hysterics from us and a puzzled look from Daves Mum!.
  7. Hi Rockers rule I,ve got one up on you collecting Grandkids I,ve got two Grandkids plus three Great Grandkids the oldest is at least head and shoulders over me,very scary!.
  8. On the subject of building cycles I posted a couple of years back about how I used to do this with very little cash,in our old cottage my dad had built a workshop on the opposite side of our living quarters!.It had everything I needed tools a couple of vices ,spanners ,nuts bolts,hemery paper by the yard,nails paint brushes,you name it he had it and I could use it when I liked!.My main source of parts was a scrapyard outside a house behind Hillfoot Working Mens Club,I could buy a frame for a shilling,alloy wheels buckled of course,handlebars,saddles,pedal cranks,brakes,ect. for pennies,it was just scrap to the old guy but gold to me!.Bit by bit I aquired parts cleaning them up ,sandpapering and painting with a paint called chinese laqaeur,the wheels were trued up by an old guy called Beldam who ran a cycle shop out of his front room near to Stones Brewery all for little money!.He supplied me with new parts brake blocks,mudguards ,inner tubes ect,when finished the bikes looked top notch,I would ride the bike until I tired of it and I sold it at school to older lads who were always pestoring me ,for a nice profit of course!.I made track bikes with cowhorn handlebars all sorts of bikes,lightweights even a tandam it all depended on what turned up at the scrapyard,the owner regarded me as a nuisance a real grumpy old get but I kept on his right side I had to get my parts!.
  9. One of my best sources for stamp collecting was the newsagents opposite the Old Blue Ball Hillsborough,they used to sell them in assorted packets stuck on cards displayed in the window!.It was handy for me as I did a morning and teatime paper round for them which helped finance my collecting hobby,the surplus stamps bartered at school with other kids who were interested!.I also used to collect penknives of all types and sizes,I have just thought if I got the habit from my dad who had an assortment of clocks and various types of radios,only just thought about that never crossed my mind until now!.
  10. As a schoolboy with not much disposable cash I used to collect allsorts of items,cigarette packets,matchboxs,stamps,coins of all nationalities ,American comics,beer drip mats,my bedroom ceiling was covered in beer mats!.It was very rare I paid cash for anything mostly because I hadn,t got any,everthing was swap and barter!.My coin collecting came to an abrupt halt due to my younger bros antics,I kept all my coins in a large leather pouch,after a while I thought it was getting lighter when one early evening a police car swept into our front yard with my little butter wouldn,t melt in his mouth brother sat in the back seat with a huge copper!.He had been caught feeding slot machines at Owlerton fair with my coins,the little swine,he got away with a severe rollicking from dear old dad but not from big bro who afterwards gave him a severe smack,I didn,t have the heart to continue coin collecting so I switched to something else!.I,m still at it now its wrist watches just a bit more expensive than match box,s,does anyone on the Forum have a collecting habit?.
  11. I wish the protest group the best of luck,they are going to need it!.In 1980 we had a very active protest group to stop building houses on greenfield land from Queen Street Mosborough right up to Ridgeway!.After over 20 yrs of hard work including Sheffield Council confiscating a fair chunk of land who nobody could find an owner too it was dragged on through every enquiry until there was nowhere left to go and surprise surprise building plans where passed!.In my own case they promised a buffer zone landscaped between my property and the new build,without informing me they altered it and built three bungalows right up to my boundry,when I kicked off I was informed I should have kept visiting the planning office to view the plans so it was my fault!.Whats that saying"You can,t beat City Hall"amen to that!.
  12. I always imagine what it would be like living in a place as isolated as that,being snuggled up fast asleep in bed ,2-00am in the morning suddenly waking to tap tap tap on the door !.What would my reaction be,I think the visitor would be greeted with my half dozen guard dogs and a twelve bore shotgun just to be on the safe side,or would that be an overreaction !.What would it be like being so isolated would it be a target for the many scallys we have in our society nowadays,no matter how rich I might be it wouldn,t be my cup of tea!Saying all that for my first 20 years our nearest neighbor was a mile away,the difference being as part of a family of six,safety in numbers!.
  13. Hello hillgirl I know where you mean,I myself worked nearby in the sixties for Express Dairies,who then moved to new premises at Leppings Lane!.I never knew the bakery so it must have gone before my time there!.
  14. Hi hillsbro Louis lived on Pickering Road Parkwood Springs with his brother Len,his mother was a Scotch lady if that helps any!.
  15. Best of luck to Len I hope all is well for them both, I haven,t seen Louis since schooldays and Len since the 70s!.I,m sure Louis is ok he was a tough nut I remember!.
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