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  1. De Zeus I am the proud owner of a twenty year old Mercedes E Class in mint condition which has a CD and Cassette player fitted so I still play both whichever takes my fancy!.I use chrome tapes and the quality of playback between both systems is negligible the cds being better by a tad so I use both!.As well as my home Sony stack in the house I have a vintage Sony Walkman I bought at a car boot for the princely sum of 10p and it works a treat so I still use my cassettes!.
  2. I read an article around a year ago in some newspaper that like vinyl cassettes were making a comeback ,it was only the introduction of cds that stopped DAT tape cassettes becoming popular!.I believe DAT tape is used in recording studios to this day,I have a Sony stacking unit from 1988 just like new set up for DAT but minus the player,I was toying with the idea of buying one off e-bay but never got round to it!.I have a cupboard full of cassettes just like the poster and my hoarding instinct won,t let me get rid of them to my wifes disappointment!.
  3. We used to see the boss of the firm that took over the Unity most nights being carried to his car by his staff drunk as a skunk to be driven home!.He was an overweight middle aged guy,he must have been under the influence with the racket he made and not ill in any other way!.A shame really he was well dressed and seemed to have everything materialistic,makes you wonder why someone like that got himself in such a state!.
  4. Anyone remember "Jock Strap and his Two Swingers" ?.
  5. You are right carosio the old grey matter failing again,I should remember the Unity because across the road from it was Howard Kenyons car business and I courted his daughter Janet for three years!.I was there more than at home at that time,the old memory is not what it was,I did go to the Oxford quite a lot up until my teens when I discovered pubs and my social life went in another direction!.
  6. I was a regular visitor to the Kinema as a lad ,it was the nearest flicks to where I lived at Owlerton!.As I grew older I moved further affield ,Studio 7 in,t Twicker,The Don West Bar,The Unity Upperthorpe,The Roscoe Shalesmoor,Phoenix Barrack Hill,The Kinema Proctor Place and lastly Hillsborough Park Cinema!.Apart from the Hillsborough Boys Club there wasn,t much to do as a youngster,in my courting days unless the girl was an absolute stunner it was the norm to meet them inside so as I didn,t have to pay for their admittance ,I was a real romantic!.What I remember as a lad was the "tanner rush" Saturday morning at the Roscoe,it was like a madhouse they had bouncers for when the youngsters got too rowdy!.I can remember kids setting off fireworks in the toilets ,Catherine wheels and bangers,I had my first crush on a film star at the Kinema it was Vera Allen in "White Christmas",my second Brigette Bardot,I thought I had never seen a woman as beautiful as her!.Memories of a scruffy little kid I never forgot!.
  7. Fast forward to the 60s when I was married we lived on Marion Road off Middlewood Road,in the week some nights I met up with my mates in town for a drink or three!.At this time I had a car but I didn,t need it for my nights out,there was a bus every 10 minutes on Middlewood Road to town!.On the return journey the last bus home was 1-15 am outside the Black Swan,I forget the fare but it was very cheap compared to nowadays as the buses were still subsidised at that time!.Nowadays you have to take out a second mortgage to go anywhere by public transport or taxi especially!.
  8. I am sick of listening to Jimmy Kranky asking for a referendum ,they have had one and because it didn,t go her way she wants another,thats not democracy !.
  9. One thing I remember as a kid in the early 50s was the Sheffield tram system,it was a lot better than we have now by a long shot!.We didn,t have a car until 1960 so we used it quite a lot,my Grandma lived at Firth Park we abided at Owlerton!.We caught the tram on Penistone Road bottom of Owlerton Green,changed in the Wicker onto second tram that took us to my Grans!.You could get anywhere in Sheffield by tram no problem until the Council changed over to buses,ripping up the tracks or tarmacking over them!.Having said that the bus system was pretty good too because in those days it was subsidised cheap as chips not like today,so I think it was better then than now or am I wearing rose coloured glasses?.
  10. I will never forget the Wharncliffe on West Street one Christmas in the 60s I lost my car keys in there!,the landlady and a few of my friends turned the place upside down but they were never to be found!.My car was a Standard Vanguard,we had to break a quarter light on the door and hot wire it to get home,I had quite a few adventures with that car gone but not forgotten!.
  11. What nobody has mentioned surprisingly is hydrogen cars,which charge the electric motor up independently on the move!.This technology has not been promoted as much as any of the alternatives but it makes more sense especialy with the charging issue!.Sheffield has one of the few filling stations available in the country,hydrogen I think is the future,a few car companies are still continuing to refine the technology,filling stations need setting up and the prices for the cars are expensive but that was the case for hybrids and full evs at first and its now coming down to reasonable affordability !.Hydrogen is the way forward in my opinion!.
  12. Asaw when you lived on Cross Addy Street did you know a couple of old friends of mine Paul and Dave Patchet who lived there with their mother,I think their father died in the war but I am not sure about that!.I just wondered if you knew them,I had a girlfriend further down the hill Vicky Burgin was her name on Addy Street I think it was called,there was a pub on the corner at the very bottom of the road the name I forget!.
  13. There are lots of nice areas on the outskirts of Dinnington itself,Anston north or south,Aston cum Aughton,Barlborough,Harthill the outskirts of Worksop for a few!.You look at a map of the local area and you are spoilt for choice,all within close proximity of Dinnington!.
  14. I used to love Vesta meals in those days and one of my proudest achievements was making a table lamp out of a Matteas Rose bottle!.We certainly new how to be the height of sophistication or so we thought we were,and don,t forget beer at home with Davenports to wash it down with,I drank gallons of it the delivery bloke said I was his best customer!.
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