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  1. They have bumped into another two one lady swimming about in the nude apart from a wooly hat,the man was her son who asked my daughter"Can we tempt you to join us?".I won,t repeat her reply as my eldest girl is a carbon copy of her dad,a little outspoken you might say!.They are dicing with death swimming there as I believe there are dangerous undercurrents as the water empties from below,there are notices warning about swimming but some people think they know best as per usual!.
  2. Every day my daughter and husband walk their dog over the dam at Hollow Meadows,the other day they got the shock of their lives!.On the return journey this day walking along they noticed a female compleately in the nude exiting the water without a care in the world,then further out was a man also in the buff swimming along in the freezing cold water!.It seems a group of wild swimmers have decided to move there from another location that does not suit their needs,now I am broad minded and are not bothered by this but what about if someone has children walking with them what then?.Has anybody got an opinion on this?.
  3. Just remembered a funny incident that happened one playtime break at Bole Hill School,at playtime the gates in the schoolyard were locked,we used to hang about there to get a glimse of the outside world instead of the high school walls!.So this day a bloke was riding down the street outside on a pushbike he must have been a window cleaner for he had a bucket on the handlebars and a ladder over his shoulder the ones with a large hooked end on!.As he got opposite us the hook facing his nearside went neatly round a gaslamp lifting him bodily high into the air with his bike careering on down the hill,I know we shouldn,t laugh but it was so funny,he heard us and went berserk the swearing was off the scale,it was a good job the gates were locked or I don,t think I would be telling the tale now!.
  4. Bole Hill School I will never forget,although I attended Hillfoot County School all the boys in my class and above had to make the trek up there for woodwork on Friday afternoons!.This entailed me walking home to Owlerton from Hillfoot ,gobbling down my dinner then walking from home to Bole Hill School with my rolled up woodworking apron in my pocket!.On one occasion I arrived late after the lesson had started our teacher a Mr Ball a big burly bully boy stopped everything and started on me with his humilliation routine,I tried to explain but to no avail and I shut my ears to his rantings until he came out with remarks about my parents probably being boozers and not bothering about my behaviour so I asked him if he would like to repeat this to my father who I assured him he would be knocked out if he did!.At this instead it was me who was knocked unconcious by Mr Ball in full view of the class,a real tough guy twice my size,when I came round he pushed me under my bench and made me stay there for the full lesson!.My father saw my swollen face when I sat at the teatable and asked about it,I told him it was due to an accident,I had to be careful what I said to him as he was an old fashioned bloke who would probably given me a clip as well!.Any way he got it out of me and he contacted the school,Mr Ball ended up at our house crapping himself,he came out will a crock of lies you would not believe and my old man swallowed it hook line and sinker so I made a discreet exit outside and let down one of his tyres on his moggy minor!.I never went to another woodwork lesson again after that so I think he got off light!.
  5. No wonder I never heard of the place I do remember the tennis courts by the side of Bradfield Rd flats!,at the turn of the century you can see on old maps the land occupied by the flats was a holding dam for a water mill filled I believe by the River Loxley!.1927 was well before my appearance into the world believe it or not!.
  6. This is news to me as I lived in Owlerton nearly 30yrs and never heard of it,I recollect a dancing school in that spot but never a cinema,perhaps Hillsbro could shed some light on it?.
  7. Before our Coronation Cafe days I used to visit a cafe on Meadow Street who,s name I forget,it was run by a friendly Caribean guy who was very popular,it was pretty busy most evenings!.This was 1959 I was ready for leaving school in those days there was not much for youngsters to do so cafes did pretty well!.I made friends there who were a couple of years older than me,they came from Parsons Cross one who was a pretty blonde girl who I started courting for a while until the age difference put her off as I was a tad naive for her!.I knew about the birds and bees but I had never put into practice,there were six of us altogether three boys two girls and we knocked around together for quite some time until I met a girl who knocked me for six and my adventures began!
  8. Paid Chez Brion a visit one time in the sixties with a mate of mine with two hoity toity birds we were trying to impress!.It was a complete disaster they made it quite clear that we both came from the wrong side of the tracks and nooky was a nono,my pal put the top hat on it when he had a sudden stomach problem and dissapeared to the little boys room!.He was missing for a good while so I went to see what was wrong,I should have took a canary in a cage with me to check emmisions in the wc ,he was stuck there with no toilet paper so as a last resort he wiped his self with his scanties and flushed them!.He made me swear not to say anything to the ladies who I told anyway almost as soon as we sat back down which put a cowbosh on the evening which I had written off anyway,we escorted them home bade them farewell and never saw them again,a sad tale from my murky past!.
  9. Talking about the Roscoe I started going there as a schoolkid Saturday mornings at the tanner rush as it was called!.We used to go to most so called Picture Palaces,Roscoe,Unity,Kinema,Park Cinema and the one at the top of Barrack Hill I forget the name and the one behind the Infirmary likewise forgotten!.We had a running joke at school about the balcony in the Roscoe such as "There was a suicide in the Roscoe last night,a bloke threw himself off the balcony!",I don,t think so it was only 8ft high at the most!.As I aged my place to take girlfriends was the Roscoe,always meeting them inside of course as cash was tight!.With all the Teds going there they had bouncers who were kept very busy every night,especialy around bonfire night as a favourite game was setting off bangers and rockets in the toilets filling the place with smoke,its a wonder to me the place didn,t burn down!.
  10. I and a pal of mine were a couple of Teddy boys in that era and we used the Coronation Cafe all the time as well as a lot of the street corner pubs in the Kelvin at that time!.It was across the road from Langsett Cycles Infirmary Road,the owner Horace was a right little ray of sunshine stood behind the counter in his short little white jacket and dickie bow!.He looked as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders!.A favourite snack of ours was the pie and peas priced 1/6pence and a mug of tea,the pie was always pork,we always called in after a night at the Roscoe Pictures on Shalesmore !.Only once did I see any trouble there and it was not caused by the Teds it was a nutcase bouncer from the dance place at the top of Wood Street who barged in one night when it was full and offered to fight everyone in the place,the place fell silent nobody moved and he stood there until he realised what a dick he was and shut the door and wandered off to pick trouble somewhere else!.Later on when I was a driver salesman at the Brooms Don Bakery when I finished my journey each day my vanboy and I always stopped there for our dinners,it was 60yrs ago and it only seems like yesterday!.
  11. I have just remembered a funny incident at Brooms (Don Bakery),in those days all the salesmen received their wages on a Saturday dinner after finishing their stock sheet and cashing in the takings!.Any money short was deducted from their wages or paid back if they were over,any way two mates of mine both salesmen had booked a holiday to Blackpool with their girlfriends and were expecting a weeks holiday pay!.One received his and waited for the other,now the second one was famous for being a tight get always the last to get a round in the pub,producing cigs from his pocket lit never offering them round,in fact he would skin a trump!.He crept over to us with a sly look on his face grinning he told us they had paid him two weeks holiday instead of one,off they went to Blackpool where he spent money like a sailor,blowing it all in on beer and fags which he delighted in telling me about!.Come the Saturday on their return stood at the cashiers window waiting for his weeks wages he was informed there was nothing for him,zero,zilch as he had been overpaid his holiday pay!.His face was a picture I thought he was going to commit suicide,we all nearly wet ourselves laughing,tight arse had reached his Waterloo!.
  12. I remember it very well as at that date I was at the end of a self build of our new home,it was only by a stroke of luck we didn,t put our furniture and personal belongings into storage there!.I was offered a cheaper rate elsewhere so I changed my mind,I observed the smoke cloud driving back north on the M1 to my work base,talk about a lucky break it was a really big blaze no mistake!.
  13. Tailgating really gets my goat,I sometimes can see their eye colours they are that close!.If I have to brake in an emergency they have no chance of avoiding ploughing into the rear of my vehicle at all!.Also of late has anyone noticed the number of drivers shooting through the red traffic lights,never mind trying to beat the amber before it changes I mean when its actually on red,I always make double sure going across them even on green!.I always remember to drive defensively expect the driver in front to do something unexpected which for sure one time or another they will!.Also a good tip don,t get wound up no matter what some idiot does ,I know its hard but try,also watch out for taxi drivers,I am positive most of them have never took a driving test!.
  14. As a schoolkid with very little cash flow I used Dawsons a lot ,he used to sell fishing rods made from army tank aerials !. They were compact and fitted nicely to the underside of my bike they were cheap to purchase just the job for a kid on a budget,all kids living in the Hillsborough area used Dawsons!.
  15. Hi kickstart12 I left school the term before you all went to Chaucer at Easter,I had a workmate who lived on Parkwood Road Dennis Earnshaw,you may remember him he was a dead ringer for President Degaul!.He drove around in a Standard Vanguard !.
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