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  1. Hi charliewag I used to walk up and down Clubmill Rd twice a day to go to school at Hillfoot County from 1948 until 1959 when I left!.In those days from the school up to the silver mills on the right hand side was a massive ash and clinker tip with no vegetation at all,nowadays its covered in trees,you would not believe anything would grow in it proving what I said about nature fighting back!.
  2. How well I remember the choking sulphur fumes from the power station sweeping across the valley bottom in the 50s,the tall chimney was built to alleviate this but all it did was blow it over towards Shirecliffe who unfortunately were on a level with the chimney top after its construction!.To this day I have a persistant cough that I blame on that nasty toxic cloud and my smoking habit that I gave up over 40yrs ago!.
  3. Hillsborough corner was the Bluebird,London Road was Lin Hongs they both had a lot of my cash in the 60s!.
  4. Hi bullerboy this I did not know!,I should imagine planting has gone on at the huge infill site at Parkwood Springs and I know volunteer groups work in Wardsend Cemetery!.Perhaps you could enlighten me for I am interested!.
  5. Originaly I lived from 1943 for 20 years in the Owlerton area,as a kid I roamed far and wide between there and the Hillfoot area!.Starting from the Five Arches right across to the top side of Stones brewery the ground was very poor,stony,shale that only grass and stunted bushes grew in,I spent my schooldays knocking around Parkwood Springs!.Parkwood in fact didn,t have a single tree anywhere on it the same from the top of Shirecliffe down to Wardsend Cemetery also on the right hand side going up Herries Road !.Now fast forward to nowadays its amazing how nature fights back its turned into a forest with help from no one,I had to take a trip along Penistone Road last week and was amazed with the view of all the tree growth stretching across the horizon and going up Herries Road !.I suppose most people don,t give it a second thought but I think its marvelous how nature fights back!.
  6. I remember watching the coronation on our telly ,I think it was a 12inch screen Bush,when my dad told us we were having a telly I made the mistake of informing a pal at school!.On the day it was being delivered on my way home from school I resembled the Pied Piper with a fair crowd of scruffy urchins myself included trooping into our house!.We all sat on chairs and the floor fascinated with the tv when a large dark shadow appeared in the doorway,my grumpy tired hungry bad tempered old dad!."What the bloody hell is going on?,out you go you scruffy little sods!".Another memory was when the live cricket was on ,there were no portable tvs in those days and our house was the nearest to the Power Station so my dad was a foreman there and every time I came from school for my dinner I couldn,t get to the table as the room was full of his bosses and croneys drinking tea and coffee smoking cigs and pipes!,the room resembled a Turkish brothel its a wonder I didn,t catch a resperity ailment!.This went on every summer when I was a nipper!.
  7. Disruption in the Hillsborough area on match days has gone on for years,in the 60s I lived on Marion road ,in those days I worked Saturday mornings!.One Saturday a cup semi final was being played,at the bottom of Marion road steel barriers were placed across blocking access!.I knew of this so I drove up Croften Avenue and along the top road turning down Marion road from above pulling up at my house!.Just as I was going to turn off my ignition a load shout came from the barrier area,it was a very annoyed plump police sergeant who strode up to me!." Turn the car off and I,ll book you!"says he""I live here says I!""I,ve told you once!".He was adamant and no matter how I protested he meant it,so I had to drive right past Middlewood Hospital park my car and walk back,going back after teatime to recover it!,I was not a happy bunny to put it mildly!.
  8. In the early 70s I called in The Golden Ball Whiston for a pint on my way home,to my surprise stood at the bar holding court was Fred Truman !.Well old fiery Fred was churning it out at the top of his voice to all and sundry using every expletive in the book and some more besides!.Now I am no shrinking violet and I can turn it out a bit myself but he impressed me with his complete indifference to other people around him and what a big headed get he was,he went down in my estimation that night alright!.Someone said he was in the area to visit his mother who lived in Whiston,true or not I don,t know!.
  9. Correct Retep we went with the school,I remember telling the teacher that was our house in the first painting he told me to be quiet and stop showing off,when I persisted he got annoyed so I dropped it!.On the second painting the building with the goit at the side is not our place,its either the mill or a second cottage that was at the end of ours that was demolished in the very early 1900s!.I traced it on Picture Sheffield,on picture 2 looking downhill to the left is the tiny chapel after that the gravediggers house in Wardsend Cemetery occupied by the Grattans in my childhood!.How is Whitey by the way does he still carry that aqualung,thats what Park Drives do for you!
  10. St Petre when you gazed over the Don Valley down behind Bassets and Owlerton Stadium did you notice the cottage on the bend in Liversey Street just after the old stone bridge over the River Don?.Well that's where myself and my family lived from the 1940s until the 70s,it was a different place in the earlier days to what it ended up like eventualy ,when I was a kid there wasn,t even a road just a dirt track,I was born 1943 so I would imagine we are similar ages,I never forget the old place I even have a recurring dream of being stranded on a night out with no money in the middle of nowhere trying to get home back there only to find nobody there when I make it ,its all been done up and when I get in some stranger shows up and turfs me out!.God knows what that's all about it must mean something I don't know what!.
  11. We had it made in the 70s for Sheffield Football both teams were in the top flight 1st Division,so one week 4 of us my younger brother and a couple of pals would be on the Kop at Hillsborough the next in the middle of John Street stand watching our teams!.We had some real fall outs between us my bro and I Blades the other 2 Owls fans but we always got over it!.Coming up to nowadays it would be great if Wednesday could get promotion next season to the Premiership giving top flight football to Sheffield once again it can only be good for the city rivalries put aside of course as long as United came out on top!.
  12. PetCharlie the game when Dave Mckay got sent off was that the one Tony Currie had his debut for United,the one when Currie ran rings round him,I recall John Harris saying in the paper that he was saving Currie for the future!.He played him against Spurs and he was never off the team sheet again,what a buy for £20,000,how much would he be worth nowadays!.
  13. You are right Jim it was Hickton ,I meant to put that ,I put Tudor because I had just been reading about him a minute before,the grey matter is failing me yet again(help).
  14. First off I apologise for getting Curries sitting on ball the trick mixed up ,it was two separate games,then I want to share a memory I had in the 70s!.We were playing a night match against Middlesborough,my brother and I drove up there and were queueing to get in the side stand,we were chatting away when a bloke said "Are you from Sheffield?","Yes we are !","Do you want to buy 2 tickets half price?""Have you printed them yourself no thanks!".He then said "Pay me inside they are genuine!".So we did,we ended up in the directors box next to David Ford!.He heard us talking introduced himself and we had a great time talking to him,towards the end of the game he asked if we like to go for a pint with him and his pal John Tudor who was center forward for Middlesborough that night!.I had to decline due to the long drive home and a 5am start next day!.David Ford played for both Sheffield clubs he was down to earth and friendly not a bit like some of todays prima donnas,thats it a memory from the 70s!.
  15. Does anyone remember Alan Woodwards party trick in those days in the 70s,he used to regularly score direct from a corner kick!,I saw him do it quite a few times!.Our center forward Billy Deardon not tall and beefy like most strikers then but he knew where the net was alright!,when he ran with the ball he always looked like would trip up but he never did!.Eddie Colquen ,I think that's the right spelling,centre half had dodgy ankles ,he always wore special boots to protect them!.Jeff Salmons left winger could run like a train if he was tackled he would roll for yards with the momentum he was going!.Gill Reece the Wales right winger was a good player also,the team always punched above their weight and don,t forget the best player we have ever had before or since Tony Currie!.
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