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  1. A place I used to visit in my HGV days Snodland darn sarf ,is it the land of the Snods?.
  2. Ask him if he remembers a kid who had a younger brother,twin sisters and lived near the Neepsend Power Station in a cottage!.
  3. I knew Ashley but never used his shop my favourite tailor was Joe Wildsmith his place was at the top end of Carver Street,all my mates had suits from him,two fittings and then collect the finished article!.Never had a problem always top notch service!.
  4. Robin passed away in his sleep while on holiday in Tenerife with his wife!.It was a shock as he always seemed healthy and was never overweight or ailing anything,I think heart trouble ran in the family but nobody expected it just the same!.
  5. In the 60s I had the bright idea of obtaining a suit on the cheap which I passed on to a mate of mine "Robin Crapper"who said he could help through his contacts!.Any way we ended up at a Latvian drinking club where a bloke gave us an address and phone number of someone in Bradford and off we went there to obtain a suit length each of top quality material!.Back we came to Sheffield with the cloth next Robin said "I know a good tailor!",big mistake as I was having misgivings about the whole idea,my suit when finished was a pigs ear not fitting well at all,it was a disaster of epic proportions I was very disapointed after all the lengths and expense we went too!.It went to the charity shop without me wearing it,a costly waste of time and money,me and my bright ideas which I kept to myself from then on!.
  6. Brian AKA "Bruno" Thackery,that name rings a bell before he was into football was he an amateur boxer?.If its the same bloke I came across him at Hillsborough Boys Club where I used to train every week as a 14 year old!.If its him he was a real tough nut who after I watched him going at it with the guy who trained us I gave him a wide berth,I was too young to die!.He was built like an outside toilet and this is why I remember him giving the trainer a real work out because he was no shrinking violet himself!.In later years I heard he was playing in goal for some team whilst I was running the Roland Arms in the Sunday Imperial league,so I wonder is it the same bloke?.
  7. A couple of years ago I posted a piece about when my Grandma Hollis used to take me shopping as the bag carrier around Hillsborough,this was late 40s and food rationing was still ongoing!.This time I recall we ended up down Holme Lane somewhere in the area of the Tramsheds,where we joined the queue at the horsemeat shop!.I remember the meat hung in the window having yellow fat on it not white like beef,also the smell in the shop ,in front of us was an old lady,they all looked old to me!.She told the man serving "Its for the dogs you know!",yere right pull the other one thought I!.There was nothing wrong with horsemeat if it is fresh the French and Belgians eat it nowadays no problems,also I remember the shop at Hillsborough Corner with lots of rabbits hung outside for sale,a thing you never see nowadays!.I loved rabbit stew with carrots and onions,very tasty!.
  8. A favourite chip shop meal we loved as schoolkids was after we were heading home from a Wednesday night swimming session at Upperthorpe Baths sponsored by Stalker Drill works!.After drying off we had a 1penny hot bovril drink at the baths and set off through the old Kelvin to the chippy,on arrival we purchased a large balm cake plus fish and chips!.We ate the fish first at the same time as bread dug out from the middle of the balm cake with our fingers after which we stuffed all the chips into the cavity creating a huge buttie which we polished off in no time!.Our expenditure was the princely sum of 1 shilling and 6 pence,seven and a half new pence in todays money,
  9. As a youngster in the 40s and50s our daily diet was always cooked from scratch by our Mum,we had a small holding with two pig styes both occupied also we had over 30 rabbits in a large hutch,6 geese and several chickens plus cockeral!,Two nannie goats and in the barn a dray horse plus a pony,3 cats and 3 dogs to deal with the vermin !.As you can imagine we didn,t go short of fresh meat and eggs,in those days nothing was wasted and everyone regulary consumed offal especially my dad,I couldn ,t stomach some of the stuff he ate!.For example tripe and onions,I tried it and it was like chewing rubber,another one beast heart,the smell made me gipp never mind the taste!.He loved finny hadock in milk,I loved pigs trotters and liver and onions,rabbit,chicken and any part of a pig the saying was the only part of a pig you cant eat was its squeal,they were slaughtered on site and butchered,the blood was turned into black pudding,the meat preserved in course salt that was my job!.It was very rare we had anything out of tins or packets,all vegetables came from allotments just below the Five Arches Herries Road we didn,t realise how well off we were with our diet we just took it for granted!.
  10. Ron who owned it since the 70s was an old workmate of mine from Vere and Sons bakery in Rotherham,he built it up from nothing!.Brendon Ingle used to take his up and coming fighters in there for a veggie dinner quite a lot,it was very popular with the local workers!.It was the year 2000 I last saw Ron I popped in for a dinner expecting him to treat me,I was surprised when I had to pay,not really he was always a tight arse he hadn,t changed a bit!.Sorry to hear of the fire I hope nobody was hurt and his insurance is up to scratch!.
  11. So sorry to hear this is the first I have heard I wish someone had let us know!.Your Dad was a very nice man he never forgot to send us one of his original painted Christmas cards every year,Lee,Lisa and Katy we are so sorry for your loss!.Uncle J--and Auntie D----.
  12. We used to hang about up there as schoolkids just the other side of the advertising boards by the side of the pub,from the pigeon cote side the pavement on langsett Road was head high!.This we used for hours of harmless fun,we drilled a hole in a halfcrown coin,tied it to fishing line and threw it out across the pavement and waited!.Sure enough someone would spot the coin and bend down to pick it up,at the last possible moment we would jerk the coin away to be bombarded with bad language and cursing I couldn,t possibly repeat,this would be at nightime so we could dissapear into the dark in case of reprisals!.Another pastime we liked was tunneling into the hillside,we dug a massive one I remember due to a near bad accident,one of the lads was an expert at making explosives and turned up with one to show his expertise!.He set it all up but with too short a fuse,he lit it and we bolted for the entrance,only we didn,t quite make it,a deep loud thump went off and everything fell in,luckily we all got out covered in black ashes !.When I think back at some of the stunts we got up to its a wonder I,m still alive!.
  13. I see no one has mentioned hydrogen cars ,they would take the same time to fuel up as a petrol or diesel,the car produces its own electricity eliminating the worry with charging times!.Up to just the technology is dragging behind the push for EVs and is expensive to purchase a hydrogen car but it makes more sense to me than all the problems mentioned on here!.I think this will be the choice for HGVs in the future it is already being used on bus services at this time in several towns,I think at the moment there are only a few filling stations in the UK Sheffield being one of them!.In my humble opinion we ought to be pushing this technology not the present one with all its problems!.
  14. Never bothered looking all we went there for was the dance hall,on Google maps there are two entrances so maybe one is the cinema!.
  15. Idsworth Road ,on Google Maps it has posters plastered on it saying it is a furniture wharehouse selling carpets,it looks a bit run down!.
  16. Used to frequent the Roxy in those days late 50s every Saturday night,a mate of mine and I went to any dance hall that was going dressed very splendidly in our Teddy boy outfits!.We were still at school around 1957,we had to catch a tram into the Wicker,change to the Firth Park tram dropping off outside the Cannon Hall Fir Vale where we knocked a few jars back and then walked on to the Roxy,we loved it!.It was always packed with plenty of nice females,we had lots of friends there who we only met there and nowhere else,we never had any trouble ever only going to enjoy ourselves!.There was always a nervous hour in the Cannon due to frequent Police visits looking for under age drinkers,we never got pulled even though we were only 14years old,they used to be very keen on that in those days not so much now how times change!.
  17. Thats spoiled my day RIP Dave I never expected that I always thought you would recover,it makes you think of your mortality when an old friend passes!.
  18. Sorry to hear that Retep I bet its caused by a lifetime of smoking,he liked a ciggy did Dave!.Tell him I hope he,s ok when you see him don,t forget!.
  19. All my pals as a kid came from Parkwood Springs as we all attended Hillfoot County School ,Dave White was my best pal for a long time,we never stopped mucking about always in trouble with some escapade,anything for a laugh!.Every new term in walked the teacher to be faced with Dave and I sat side by side at the front of the class,it was always the same reaction,"Right one of you two sit at the back!".Our reputation went before us!,Phillip was Daves younger brotherPete I presume is an Adison!.It was tough alright at Hillfoot no mistake you had to be able to fight or run or a combination of both which catergory I adopted,I avoided the big hitters mostly but now and then fell foul of them when mostly I talked and joked my way out of trouble!.At Hillfoot you saw the full scope of haves and have nots,at one side some kids were well dressed looked after by their parents to a middle sphere like myself who were always decently turned out but with no luxuries or spare cash,to the bottom sphere who were neglected under nourished turned out midwinter in thin clothing without socks,no shoelaces and minging !.I remember two brothers no names from Parkwood stood in the playground midwinter in this state with their teeth chattering and shivering as you were not allowed indoors at breaktime!.I hear the older one made a success of his life later in adulthood,I never forgot them and how nobody in authority helped them!.You had to be tough alright in Parkwood Springs!.
  20. I was drifting back in my memory today to when I was a kid in the late fourties and I recollect the hot summer days,it always seemed hot thinking back!.Where our cottage was situated at the bottom of Livesey Street was isolated from any other houses ,halfway between Wardsend Cemetery and our nearest neighbors on Owlerton Green!.In those days the cemetery was still in use and quite neat and tidy not like the jungle it is today, people mostly older as I remember some ladies dressed in the Victorian mourning black old fashioned style would come to our door asking for a drink of water!.My mother used to brew home made ginger beer which we served up if it was ready,nowadays you would treat with suspicion anyone knocking at your door,then we never gave it a thought,times have changed a bit I think!.One old lady came regular every week and always stopped for a chat,one time she gave me a large album full of picture postcards dating back to the turn of the century,some from America ,Canada and different parts of the world all stamped and with written messages on them!.I think the lady must have come from a wealthy family because they all seemed to be posted to the same address and area,I forget what I did with them as I was only around seven years old probably swopped them knowing me!.Other regular yearly callers for water were genuine Romany gypsies who camped every year on Livesey Street just about where Napoleons is now,they had horse drawn caravans proper gypsies!,one year one of them died,they put all his belongings in his caravan and set fire to it!.My mother was supposititious and believed every bit of bunkum they told her,they would ask her to cross their palm with silver to tell her fortune,she would have many children,win the pools live to be a hundred that sort of thing!.One day ma had spent up at the shops they stopped her insisted on reading her palm even though she told the old hag she had no money,sure enough it was "Cross my palm with silver lady",when the gypsy got the message there was no cash she cursed my old ma "Your house will burn down,you will have years of bad luck ,all your rabbits will die,on and on!.My mother believed it and was horrified she told our old man who collapsed laughing,he was a caring old soul was my dad,just a few memories from my childhood!.
  21. Also Dr McFadden I remember around the same time at Holme Lane also,luckily as kids my three siblings and I were pretty healthy so we didn,t visit often!.Their old surgery is still standing a large detached Victorian house,I wonder who has it now?.
  22. The dirt road used to be passable from Hillfoot Bridge all the way through to Liversey Street to where the old stone bridge used to be situated the one that washed away in the severe flooding!.Now it is blocked in two places at Coopers Scrap yard and the beginning of the industrial business area after where the Power Station used to be,when I was a nipper I was in trouble several times for hanging on the back of coal lorries on my way home from school,they had to slow down because the lane was winding and narrow giving me my chance to jump aboard!.Our old boy worked at the power station and he was well in with the security men at the gate so on my way to school I sat in the gate office and I was chauffeured all the way every morning,it was the home trip that caused my problems,there was always some brown nose telling the teachers of my escapades!.After all the cane and telling offs I still did it unless dear old dad found out,I was a very obedient son when he came into the picture!.
  23. I should imagine they were reprocessed along with all the natural stone the house and chapel were built out of like all old houses demolished,although the stone gateposts stood for years after the buildings had long gone!.They were situated at the bottom of a sloping drive below the house where the entrance to the meandering upwards pathway to the White Bridge began,the one enclosed in steel railings!.Does anyone remember the cycle speedway track behind where Coopers scrapyard is situated now,I had many a happy hour zooming down the slope from the Herries Road end down the big dip and flying up the other side onto it on my track bike,happy days!.
  24. As a child and up to my twenties in the gravediggers house in Wardsend Cemetery there lived a family named Gratton,they were the nearest neighbors to our cottage across the River Don on Liversey Street!.Their house had no electricity no running water nor gas,it was lit by oil lamps and for water the youngest son wheeled two spotless galvanised dustbins in a barrow over to our place filled them up and humped them over quarter of a mile back!.They had no radio or tv and made their own entertainment board games reading and stuff like that,on the few times I visited it was like going back in time,I thought it was brilliant!.One thing I remember is how stupid I must have been picking fights with Jeff the youngest son who was built like an outside toilet due to all the lifting and carrying he did!.Mentioning outside toilets theirs was an earth toilet and let me tell you it very ripe in the warmer weather,over the years the house got overcrowded daughters marrying and they all were rehoused and the place demolished,also the little chapel nearby that was derelict by then was knocked down too!.I was born in 1943 so this was the time span I am talking about!.
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