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  1. It must have been late 40,s or early 50’s,the was a barbers at the Lepping’s Lane end of Wednesday’s ground.One of the barbers was a female who used a taper to singe the hair
  2. I did mean Platts Common,my mistake. the reason I ask is I know of a Platts family from Barnsley and I wondered if there was any connections
  3. These names seem to ring a bell with me. I went to Colley School 50-54 and they could have been classmates
  4. I cannot remember when substitutes were allowed
  5. Towards the latter end of WW11 when petrol was scarce some dust bin lorries were run by steam I remember seeing one on Dutton Rd,what sticks in my memory is the huge chain underneath and the fire box
  6. Yes,recently brought to mind when I watched my grandkids eating apples,barely consuming half the apple before it was d disgarded
  7. What does the phrase “save us core” evoke in older forumers?
  8. Without rereading all the posts I wonder if the word 'Rammell' or Trammell' has been brought op. I think it was Rammell my other used to use meaning junk,garbage.
  9. I went there to have a tooth pulled must be late 40,s. I was given gas
  10. If you get your pension you will get increases tied to the U.K. System For some reason in Canada it is frozen at the rate you fist get I have been getting it for 13 years and it has never increased It fluctuates with the value of the £ but the £ rate stays the same
  11. I was researching an English composer ,I think it was George Butterworth He was stationed at Hillsborough Barracks while serving with the Northumberland Fuseliers
  12. I recently started making bread but it does not smell,taste or have the texture of the bread I remember my grandmother making I seem to remember the yeast was called 'Balm'.It had the texture of firm What's the difference between Balm and the dried yeast of today?
  13. I recently started making bread,I use a food processor with a dough hook which takes the hard work out of kneading. The bred does not taste,smell, or have the texture of the bread my grandmother made If I remember correctly the yeast in the old days was the texture of firm tofu and was called balm.Does anyone else have the same recollection ?
  14. I can also remember when this was done,sounds gross but I don't think The babies cared
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