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  1. Anyone know anyone who may be able to hand rear two baby pigeons in Sheffield/Rotherham area? Hubby has fetched 2 home from work probably a few weeks old
  2. My cat has had one in both of her eyes at separate times, they can be very dangerous. She had her operations at Springfield Crystal peaks and although you can see where the graft is she seems happy enough with them and can still see ok
  3. Why do you need to be seen every time? it's normally 6 monthly check up?
  4. Speak to your vet but usually spey 10-12 weeks after their season.
  5. I was going to say the same, hope it is Sid!!
  6. We have a young French Bulldog, trumps like a trouper!!! It is a breed thing unfortunately. She is now on Royal Cannin French food, we also now just feed her twice a day and i put her food directly on the floor, not in a bowl anymore and she seems better
  7. That is disgusting tbh, I would name & shame them so no one else uses them!!!
  8. If you are insured with a reputable ins co then vet won't usually have a problem with a direct claim. There are ins co's that vets know they will be months seeing any payment if ever, then ultimately the debt is back to the animal owner. Are you sure they said you cannot have your pet back if you don't pay immediately? Most vets allow payment in stages even if admin charges are issued. Was it vets now or your usual vet?
  9. Have you asked the vet if they would let you pay over a few months?
  10. Sometimes if the tip of the ear is missing, it is a mark used by CPL that the vets do when they neuter stray cats
  11. Frontline is 2 monthly for flea treatment & monthly for ticks, so unless your pet is prone to ticks the 2 monthly is enough. If anyone has ever seen a small pet die of anemia from a massive flea infestation then you would use flea preperation I personally ( having a milti pet household) flea mine every 2 months, sometime Frontline and sometime Advocate. I would keep my eye on the little Chihuahua if it has fleas and get it treated sharpish
  12. so you want a vet that will put your dog to sleep because you don't agree with medication? Take it to a vet then and have him pts. If he's that ill then that would be the recommendation of the vet. However they are not going to suggest putting a dog to sleep because it has arthritis or an upset tummy but ultimately if you don't want blood tests and medication then that's the only other option so may have to be the one that suggests it.
  13. I only copied and pasted that from the other year, the mobile number is on the post.
  14. This is from a post a few years ago Registered User muppets's Avatar Joined: Nov 2008 Total Posts: 25 Hello doggie chums!!!!! and hello to your owners too!!!! My name is Kate and I own "Muppets Canine Therapy" which is based in Handsworth, Sheffield. I offer canine hydrotherapy and massage services for both fitness, and for rehabilitaion after disease or surgery. My pool is 3.5 m by 2.5 m and 1.2 deep and is heated to a constant 29 degress. I have shower and drying facilities and a small shop with lots of doggie goodies.. I am a member of The Canine Hydrotherapy Association and my pool is approved by them. This means that quite a few pet insurance companies will actually pay out if you use my pool. I am also a qualified canine (and human) sports injury massage therapist You are very welcome to come for a look round (bring your owners too!!!!) for more info check out my web site (cant put it on as need 5 posts!!) or get your owner to ring 07989 077519 See you soon Kate@muppets ---------- Post added 16-09-2015 at 22:41 ---------- Don't know of any others, sorry
  15. Your vet should know of one , there's Muppets at Handsworth but don't know where in Sheffield you are?
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