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  1. Help!! Any advice please? I have 2 dogs, one is 2 years old and we have an 8 month old puppy. She wakes at 5am and barks without stopping. She doesn't even always need to go outside, it's more like she wants us up and to start the day. They're both in the kitchen, in their beds. We are so sleep deprived. So far we have tried a snack late at night, taking them out for a walk late at night, leaving the radio on, putting them to bed much later (after midnight). Can I please have some advice? Thanks!
  2. Hi, As the title above, does anyone know any walks in the peak where the dogs can play in water without the worry of sheep around? My dogs are well behaved, but I would never let them off near sheep as even playful chasing is so dangerous. I have driven around looking and have done many walks in the past without dogs, but can't remember anywhere specific. Happy to walk for a good few miles, but just want somewhere they can cool down, have a sniff around and not have sheep nearby.
  3. From a photography perspective 1MP would be very poor resolution, so I would expect that 1MP for an action cam would be equally poor. Have a look at comparisons on Google, most of the good ones are around 10mp and above
  4. Hi, I'm doing a bit of research and wondered if I could get a bit of feedback from people planning weddings. I have been a photographer for years, have a degree and Masters in Fine Art and although I have been working in family and friends weddings for the past 10 years or so, I have recently decided to move into this area more formally. Before I launch my wedding website I want to find out about the feelings brides and grooms have about their photography needs. Can I please ask: What do you think is a reasonable cost for high quality, professional photographs for your wedding from getting ready until the first dance? It would be good to get an idea of your minimum and maximum price ideas. Many people want wedding photography for budget prices. Can I get some feedback on why this is the case, particularly as the dress and reception are costing a small fortune in many cases? (This is not a criticism, I am trying to understand how photography prices compare to those of more tangible things such as outfits, food, drinks etc) What do you want from a wedding photographer? Three top priorities?? Do you want images that are informal and 'as they happen' or do you want formal groups? Or a mixture of both? Is it important to you to have a real album? How important is the website and what other promotional activities mean the most to you from photographers? Examples include fairs, engagement shoots, prints, personal contact and meetings? How long do you think the editing of a set of wedding images takes in days? Any other thoughts? Obviously I am beginning to get ready to move into the area formally, but this is not a sales pitch. It's genuine research and I am looking for very honest answers. If I get more than 5 detailed responses, I will pick one at random for a totally free engagement shoot which will include a 1 hour shoot and digital images. No hidden agenda, no hard sell, just need the feedback! Thanks in anticipation Aly
  5. I had Tesco pet insurance for Max, who had to be put to sleep in September. I claimed third party when he bit a dog on our property and for his unrelated illness a couple of months later. They paid for his pts and cremation. The bill overall came to over £2500 and there were no issues.
  6. Just wanted to say thanks and give an update. Tess and Bonny are perfect together. Tess is a wonderful role model and has worked hard to teach Bonny the house rules!
  7. As I have mentioned before, we had the heartbreak of having to put our 11 yr old dog to sleep a couple of months ago. We have decided to bring another dog into the family and we need to ensure that the introductions are handled really well for our 18 month old lab. She has been missing Max a lot and needing more human attention but she seems to be settled well and we will pick up our new dog at the end of November. We decided on a puppy in the end. Tess is brilliant with all dogs she meets but I wondered if we should do introductions on neutral ground? Is this necessary? When we introduced Tess to Max (who was unpredictable with many other dogs, so we knew we had to be very careful), we met at a friends house, then walked the dogs both to our house. Max loved Tess and was always very gentle with her. We are excited about the new arrival, but want to make sure we get it right! Advice would be welcomed!!
  8. This is so true. the whole post is 'how it is' for females. Even £12.60 per month is such a lot when someone is on low pay or benefits.
  9. Yes, there are things that cost money and perhaps shouldn't. Medications can be expensive but I think the key point here is that all females have periods from when they are around 11 until they around 50. It's not their choice and it's ALL females. Pads and tampons are expensive. It happens every month, for a week, for around 40 years. I don't think there's a comparison affecting all men.
  10. Thank you for this. it helps, although I really feel for your friend as I would never walk away from something that I or my dog had caused. The update is that the woman has just been to see me. The dog had a couple of stitches under general anaesthetic and was picked up this morning feeling sorry for himself, but essentially expected to make a full recovery. So happy to hear this. The vet bill is over £600, so bang goes our daughters 21st birthday celebration, but that's the way it is and we will sort it out this week. Everyone has been very reasonable and I am grateful that the other dog owners are not pursuing it further. Although it is being resolved through the payment of the bill and the dog being ok in the end, we are still feeling terrible, can't stop feeling bad for letting the dog get to another defenceless animal. I am hoping this doesn't last for long as I just want to cry all the time! Thanks again for your comments.
  11. Thank you for this. I just feel dreadful, so terribly sorry. The worst thing is that the dogs are NEVER out in the garden alone. We go with them, it's secure and this literally was a moment when I'd been out for 5 hours with our labrador and left Max at home because he's a bit old for such a long walk, my husband came out to open the gate for me to drive in when it happened. He has a heart condition and has had such a shock himself and feels awful. He fell over trying to grab our dog and is now so upset. I know what you mean about the guilt eating into you. We just feel horrible. Thanks again, this was really helpful.
  12. Hi My dog is 11 and has always been unpredictable with other dogs, hence always being on a lead unless he knows and has been carefully introduced to other dogs. I have just driven down our street to see my husband, who has a heart condition, sprinting over the road as my dog went for one on a lead being walked past the house. We are always ultra careful about ensuring the gate is shut etc, but this was a momentary lapse - he was opening the gate for me, the dog ran out and then he saw red. Anyway, after my dog went for it, the dog owner walked the dog up the street to his house and his wife came down to say the dog was bleeding and they were taking it to the vet. I have immediately said we would pay for the vet but I am now so scared that they might say we have to have him put down. I don't know the law or what happens in practice, but this dog is part of our family, is perfect with all humans as well as our other dog and his dog friends. I'm in despair at the moment and don't know what to do, other than pay for the vet and hope that the other dog is not badly hurt. My husband said it didn't seem it and was walking up the street. I'm not making excuses for the dog, because the fault is with us, but he is anxious and scared, rather than aggressive and has only ever nipped another dog at his worse. (3 times in 11 years.) I feel terrible for the other dog owner, but want to know from you if I need to do anything else to make it right.
  13. Hi Caz. If you send me the image, I'll have a look at it for you. I don't have much time, so it will depend on how much there is to do.
  14. Thanks for all the advice. Is it best not to spay then?? I'm so unsure as I've read lots of conflicting views.
  15. Hi, I'm looking for some help/advice please. My lab, Tess is now in heat for the first time, and as our other dog is male, I haven't dealt with this before. She's been bleeding a little for around a week and is generally ok, if a little more tired than usual. Our male dog has been done and although I was prepared to keep them apart, he's shown no interest at all and they get on so well, I've not separated them. My question is that Tess is occasionally whimpering and crying for no reason. It seems like she's in a bit of discomfort but isn't licking too much and doesn't seem too distressed. Is this normal when they're in heat? Do they get 'period pain'? Any advice greatly received from those who have experience. I'm also wondering when is the best time to have her done? Thanks
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