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  1. Can anyone suggest or recommend somewhere with a fairly low cost function room to host a 16th birthday party? Not huge around 20 people but would be a Saturday (17th aug) TIA!
  2. Can anyone recommend somewhere for facial cosmetic enhancements - both surgical and non surgical? really looking to hear from people who have had the treatments themselves. looking specifically for lip fillers, dermal fillers, and possibly rhinoplasty and liquid or mini facelift options - really want to see somewhere who offers both surgical and non surgical for advice as which way to go. I had looked at Nu cosmetic clinics but there are some bad reviews online, obv I don't want to part with money for something I regret! As I dont really know anyone who's had anything done i'm not really sure where to start. pref within sheffield but would travel within reason ---------- Post added 02-01-2018 at 17:24 ---------- Not sure why my post has been merged in here? I'm looking for a surgeon not a hairdresser/fake tan etc, its hardly the same thing??
  3. https://www.familiesonline.co.uk/local/south-east-sheffield/in-the-know/bonfire-night-events-fireworks-displays-in-sheffield-2017-don-valley-
  4. I realise there is a venue megathread but it was started two years ago, many of the suggestions in there are no longer there and the last pages are just other people asking so no usable info i can find.. I am looking for a function room suitable for a wedding reception to hold up to max 150 guests. anything up to a few hundred £ for room but must be able to provide our own buffet not be fixed into venues catering, and ideally able to provide our own dj also. must have a bar and dancefloor area, tables & chairs and lighting etc available. Enough room to put a bouncy castle or something for the kids would be an advantage, though not essential. would need to be available on a sat evening/night and also pref beforehand for a bit for dressing the room. Nowt with a manky carpet (modernish would be nice) Anywhere between town, S9 and S5 or easy reach of these considered TIA
  5. Can anyone recommend one? My cat has a gingery brown mark on her Iris and concerned its a melanosis or something. Its not raised or bothering her and was going to get her to vet for a look but atter doing some reading up what we actually need is a vet ophthalmologist who knows exactly what the difference is and whether its anything of concern.
  6. We've a double size deep 4" memory foam topper, its not much good for people bed as showing signs of dipping after only a year old (50kg density), Was just about to take it to tip but it occurred to me maybe this could be cut up into dog beds etc if any rescues can make use? also i heard somewhere about rescues using jumpers for dog jackets also, i've prob got a few if wanted. re the topper i'd ideally like to get rid today. we're in S9 and could poss drop off within a few mile radius. 07866 587 537
  7. Anyone lost a dog, just seen one on firth park road come out of park and across rd nr old library. Largish and dark brown poss chocolate lab. Couldnt stop as on way work but if anyone has lost one could be it
  8. joined end 2005, still here but not nearly as active as i used to be, tend to read more than post now or stick to the useful boards rather than the killing time boards if that makes sense. in posting this i just realised that was 11 years ago and now i suddenly feel aged!
  9. look for metal formers, fabricators, bending. try Taylor & Watson at penistone
  10. changing the socket fronts is such an easy job - took me about 5mins having never done it before. save yourself some money! you can buy the chrome sockets cheap in packs from screwfix as for moving of the sockets its also a fairly simple job but if not confident get the electrician to do it, somewhere in region of £25/socket is about what they charge i believe
  11. rather than pull out of buying your house it shouldnt be too difficult to find another mortgage if it really came to that - going through a whole of market independant broker might help. call your mortgage company in the morning though and discuss it first. There might be an explanation - perhaps is just a mistake at their end. we had credit cards when taking out our mortgage and all of it was disclosed, long as you pass affordability checks it shouldnt stop you getting a mortgage, even if worst case scenario its with another company
  12. Not sure about for anything else but the best sausage & egg butty i've had by far is Don Valley Cafe on Attercliffe road. they will deliver as well with quite a low minimum but their butties are big and taste amazing
  13. Thanks bludragonfly - got the acrylic from here in the end and they were incredibly helpful
  14. Can anyone recommend anywhere my 12yr old daughter can sing? whether it's karaokes, (light) competitions, or suitable singing groups. She really loves to sing and is pretty good at it, but as she's getting older she's starting to lack confidence a bit so really want to try to encourage more confidence in her.
  15. thanks, saw the other thread and tried the ones listed but nothing open. hadnt seen the nichols one before though and might be able to make it there on my lunch on monday, thanks ---------- Post added 13-02-2016 at 15:40 ---------- do you know if they do coloured acrylic? i couldnt see it on their site
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