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  1. https://m.facebook.com/groups/444836772304050?view=permalink&id=1099758063478581 I think this might be your dog
  2. He's a the vets tomorrow anyway so I'll mention it. I know a lot of vets suggest royal canin but on most of websites I've looked at that's not been rated very good. I'll look into what you've suggested
  3. I've just got a 10 week old british bulldog puppy the breeder feed him on eukanuba but he has terrible gas. He eats his food really fast so I bought a slow feed bowl(I read that eating fast can cause gas) but his fat face won't fit in it so I can't use. I was thinking maybe the food isn't quite right for him he's pooing about 10 times a day aswell and they are quite loose.was just wondering what other people feed there bulldogs
  4. My son's dropped his galaxy tab 3 and cracked screen only outer screen does anyone know wheres best place to take it to get it fixed want it doing ASAP thanks
  5. Does anyone know anyone or anywhere that mends cookers mines not getting hot fans working and grill but that's all
  6. atkinsons had some and big tesco has ment to have got some in aswell
  7. Property Offered Area:parson cross (masters crescent) Type of Property: house Number of Bedrooms:2 Landlord: Council Any other information: Property Wanted Area:parson cross Type of Property: house Number of Bedrooms:2/3 Landlord: council Any other information:
  8. Reason for Rehome / my husband bought it me as a present but its just too big for our house (i wanted a french bulldog) Time Scale – How Urgent? ASAP Sale Amount 200 pounds Has the Dog been in Rescue no never Location S5 Age & Sex 7 months old and male Breed/ Mix douge de bordeaux KC Registered no Approximate size big and getting bigger by the day Exercise Needed 2 walks a day Neutered & Micro chipped no and no Vaccinated & Wormed yes and yes Live in / out lives in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals: no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no hes very healthy Temperament: good Good or Bad with Children: great with children ive got a 4 and 6 year old who climb all over it Dislike of Men or Women: no OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals: never been around cats and its ok with other dogs but he does get quiet nervous at first and takes abit of time to come around Travel: hes been sick a few times but not all the time Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time: hes been left for about 8hrs before and was fine but i dont like the thought of him being lft alone Destructive Behaviour:he only chews toilet roll Barks no never!: if someone knocks at the door or if you have a hood up Pull on the lead: sometimes and hes a very strong dog Crate trained: no dogs arent ment for cages hamsters are!! Housetrained yes like i said im only getting rid because hes far to big for my house already and he gets bigger by the day hes a great dog, but i would say who ever is interested do some reserch first they get massive and slaver loads (hes already started doing this but not too bad yet) and he eats loads too so he does cost alot to look after plus he destroys toys after only having them a few hrs, and when he jumps up at you he can knock you flying and hes only a puppy
  9. Its a house one its a ministry of sound one not too expensive I just love it
  10. does anybody know where i can take my cd player to be fixed, not sure whats wrong with it think kids have poked something in it a moved the laser thing
  11. Thankyou everyone decided to have a walk around see if anyone was shouting for it and found the owner my good deed for the year is done
  12. Hi a little puppy has just run into my house its very friendly not seen it about before its got a collar but no name tag, Just wondering what i should do with it i dont want to phone dog wardens incase it gets put down as thats what ive been told happens any advice would be much appreciated thanks in advance
  13. its my husband cousin he got stab in back of head and the kid tried to slash his back but his coat was too thick but he got his face slashed hes ended up with 20+ stitches in his face but he seems ok hes out of hospital now anyway,their still looking for the kids that did it
  14. We are doing a fun day to raise money for our friends little girl who has chromosome 2 deletion & epilepsy, we are donating the money bluebell wood its a charity close to their hearts and it offers care and support ti children with a shortened life expectancy , in both their own homes and at there hospice in sheffield. It costs £3million every year to offer this suuprt,with no statutory goverment funding. This will be held at WADSLEY BRIDGE WORKING MENS CLUB on 20th JULY 2012from 12.30 till late There is loads to do for all the family *Rodeo Bull *Bouncy Castle *Face Painting *Disco *Various stalls *Raffle & tombola ( some great prizes including swfc & sufc tickets) ALL PROCEEDS GO TO BLUEBELL WOOD
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