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  1. used to work there back in the day.
  2. Hi this may appeal to anyone in the food trade,i am looking for feedback on a researched business idea where your food waste with the exception of glass is picked up at your premises and charged at around £2.00 per bag [bin liner size] or larger consignments by negotiation by a registered waste carrier then taken to a licensed facility where it is treat to become suitable feed stock for an anaerobic digestion plant. Thank you any comments welcome.
  3. indus attercliffe road, stood the test of time lovely food lovely staff never had a bad one in 30 years
  4. A good Wednesday lad was Brian and he ran with some of the best respect to your dad Joe.
  5. cheap and cheerful or lavish and expensive there is no excuse for lying and poor service,if they said a couple of minutes that is what it should be otherwise tell the truth and offer your customer a complimentary drink while they wait its as easy as that.
  6. Ron hull jnr make alloy ingots and are based in Rotherham
  7. Eddie and Anita i remember you well i was only a kid at the time did you emigrate? i remember you brought my nan and grandad a light up gondola ornament back from venice which had pride of place on top of the yorkshire range. i hope you are both well. John.
  8. My dad worked there for donkeys years he was a fork lift driver his name was Hughie Andrews hes still going the old bugger.
  9. i know Todd had some good nights out with him,hope him and angela are ok u.t.o
  10. You must have known Norma ,big John,Steve worth,Audrey and Barney
  11. Ivan would always ask you to help him across the road then wait 5 minutes and ask someone else to take him back this would go on for quite a while, he also worked in the graveyard at rivelin valley.
  12. Hi my uncles lived there in the 40s /50s seven brothers there sur name was andrews did you know them?
  13. Mi dads favorite saying was "its like shi**in in bed wecken" when you did something he didnt aggree with, he would say to mi mam put kettle on lass im avin a strip wesh toneet,
  14. Rusty bedsprings by I.P.Knightly how to pull yourself together by annette curtain happy days by marion monday a pain in the arse by emma royd
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