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  1. we went to the Holly Bush for some underage drinking as we nervously approached the bar who popped up from behind it only the greatest teacher that ever lived Mr Trevor Snell (games teacher at Myers Grove) "good evening gentlemen what will it be four pints of bitter" followed with a wink and that set the standard so every time i hear the Holly Bush i think of my best pint served by a true gent and i will raise a glass to him tonight Trevor Snell R.I.P
  2. Dawsons in holme lane i remember asking my mum to pop in and get me a pint of mixed maggots no sawdust and if they had any 2 guzunder floats,she wasnt best pleased when all the men in the shop laughed.
  3. i remember as a young lad i often had walks up rivelin with my Granddad and the first time i saw a condom later to be known as a " johnny" i asked him what it was, he briefly filled me in about the birds and the bees but none of it made ant sense at the time so i asked him what that bit on the end was for,with a wry smile he said " thats for puttin thi foot on when tha takes it off". Later that day i heard him tell my nan all about it she giggled and said "i should be so bloody lucky".
  4. C & D removals do house clearances and are registered waste carriers two nice lads as well 07906109404
  5. wasnt she also the original avenger before Emma Peel
  6. was there 75-80 Mr Royston was form tutor j2 Mr Rhodes year tutor i could really relate to the film Kes by the experiences we had back then the some good some not so good.
  7. Got chucked out of this fine establishment once and i can see even now the old landlord stood under the boomerang sign pointing his finger at me saying "and dont bloody well come back" still makes me laugh.
  8. I think the song in question was called "barefoot days" i may be wrong though.
  9. Stingray Captain Scarlet Ski on Sunday love Thy Neighbor
  10. used to go in the Cambridge Penistone road when big Brian had it he used to keep a good pint of Magnet bless him,so did Walt in the Masons regulars knew it as the Capel.
  11. it could have been security,i heard it was in unsociable time so they asked for double time but their bosses only offered time and a turd.
  12. Thats the one thank you, anyone been,is it any good?
  13. Anyone know whats happened to the feightin **** less inn at ecclesfield it was supposed to be opened as a restaurant mid november
  14. The staff are really accommodating if you ask for your dish apna style you cant go wrong, i look forward to your comments once you have tried it.
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