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  1. Well I can't find access from the Endcliffe Park side. There is a very high wall perched on the brink of a steep bank. No sign of any doorways either. Some of it was a high wooden fence with barbed wire on it. Considering it's just apparently a few trees and a duck pond, that's a lot of work to go to. I will check out the other side from Endcliffe Vale Rd, The Glade, and The Glen. These roads may provide a better opportunity. It's quite a maze of apartments, car parks and small access roads from Google Earth in 3d, but some of those old footpaths must come out somewhere.
  2. only just seen this. Not been able to get around to doing the tape transfers yet. Yes, I am linked with the Dove and Rainbow, and now Marathon Charts Radio in Sheffield
  3. Can you recommend any FREE Windows software that will make a boot clone of an existing boot C drive? Don't really want to re-install Windows 10 and set everything up again on what is a relatively slow old machine. A lot of software on it for the radio server, most of it I don't think I have the set-up files for. I will keep the current mechanical boot drive as the back-up during the switchover, just in case it doesn't work as planned. Of course the SSD does not address the problem of limited and slow old RAM on this machine, but I guess any 'virtual memory' will be running much faster than a mechanical drive?
  4. I am using an old desktop with 4gb ram running Windows 10. It has a small 160gb hard drive, and generally runs OK for an old machine. But is it worth popping in an SSD and using it as the boot drive with Windows? Would this make any real speed difference in an old desktop, or would the 4gb ram still be a bottleneck for multi tasking? I can't add any more RAM on this old machine, it's maxed at 4gb. But given the HDD is about 10 years old and probably not very fast with virtual memory, would an SSD improve anything at all overall? It's a desktop from 2010, used only as a radio station play out server, and it copes OK.. just! From time to time it does lag if you try and open more than one tab in Chrome or do anything else while it's running the radio encoding software and apps,which tends to be quite CPU intensive.
  5. Thanks for the advice from all. I fitted the keyboard, it was a very simple job indeed and took just 2 minutes, and all working fine.
  6. Just ordered a keyboard. Hopefully it will be fine. It does appear to be a simple job without dismantling involved, just lifting off the keyboard and the ribbon connector.
  7. hmmm, does it mean taking the whole laptop to bits? What does fitting a keyboard entail, is it very plug and play sort of thing or involve soldering?
  8. intel core 1.8 ghz i3 CPU, 8GB ram, 1 TB hard drive. Nothing special, an HP Pavilion if it needs a new keyboard I am thinking not worth the repair, but maybe I am wrong?
  9. used to buy stuff there all the time in the 90's,Great prices as well
  10. if you hunt around, there is still a fair amount of FREE on street parking in the city centre. It's diminishing slowly, but it's still there
  11. I have a 5 year old HP laptop, budget one, cost £299 5 years ago., it works ok but one letter on the keyboard does not work any more. The key has come loose, and even pressing the underneath area does not produce anything on screen. Is this a new keyboard repair and is it worth it on an older machine?
  12. yes, Here in my heart was the song. Not one of my favourites but a big honour to have been the first number one the very 1st number one, November 1952, only a top 12 for the first few years
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