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  1. I am trying to find people who were on that course. I was there but don't recall many names. Reply if you can give any names of other students as I can't recall much
  2. The Dove has been potentially saved!! https://www.facebook.com/doveandrainbow/ If you like festival music, I am playing non stop tunes from the Download main stages line up this year, plus party rock anthems and all your fave rock and metal
  3. yes it is doing the rounds! Well, you never know, People power and all that MIGHT have some ultimate influence....
  4. The Dove and Rainbow has been on the Sheffield LIVE MUSIC circuit for years now. The current Pub Company, Punch Taverns, wish to trash the interior and refurbish it to become a more generic 'ordinary' Pub, serving food, removing the current stage, trashing the artwork and features, losing the pool table and jukebox and pinball. In short, their plans are to refurbish the pub into something completely bland and different, losing one of Sheffield's landmark live music venues, and ripping out the custom built large stage and sound system (a stage and sound system many pubs would die for) Sheffield has lost many of it's iconic live music venues over the last few years, and we don't want the Dove to be another of those lost venues. While the Dove is in need of some interior work, it is felt by thousands of people now (see the petition below) that the current refurb plans by Punch destroy the heart and Soul of the venue. The Dove has been on the live music circuit for local and National touring bands for over 12 years now, and has many music festivals and also it's own contribution to TRAMLINES. All this would be LOST if the Pub Company get its way. There is simply NO NEED to create a generic, food driven pub right next door to Wetherspoons, who will always be able to underprice any food offer the Dove could do. The Dove is a niche market venue, very popular with bands and gig goers, and we must protect it from being turned into something that might work on West Street, but is utterly wrong for the area of Hartshead next to Wetherspoons! The timeline for this work is that the Dove will close at the end of June. if you are concerned that yet another Sheffield live music venue and iconic venue gets 'normalized', you can SIGN THE PETITION below. As of Friday this morning, we have 2,600 signatures to SAVE THE DOVE AND RAINBOW. Sign if you care about keeping this important live music venue alive and kicking. if you want to come down and enjoy the Dove as it is, currently you have until the end of June before it is shuts. If you want to try and make a difference, and make the Pub Company realize that they should keep the Dove as a live music venue with its amazing stage and sound system, please sign the petition and be active on the facebook group below In the meantime THE SHOW MUST GO ON. I am DJ as usual on Friday nights, the best in rock and metal, and the more the merrier! SHEFFIELD STAR ARTICLE SAVE THE DOVE AND RAINBOW AND KEEP IT ALTERNATIVE AND LIVE MUSIC VENUE FACEBOOK GROUP TO SAVE THE DOVE
  5. Each and every Friday at the little ole Dove and Rainbow you get the best of the latest American rock chart hits:I play the very latest rock/metal tunes for you, and tracks from the latest albums as well, so there is NOWHERE MORE UP TO DATE with rock and metal than the Dove. I update my archive of CD quality music every week, so I can bring you the best contemporary sounds. Also with your wonderful requests in the mix, it is a night enjoyed by many. Check us out if you have not done so already, for the ultimate start to your Sheffield rock N roll weekend AMERICAN ROCK CHART
  6. If you want anything transferring send me a personal message
  7. I am writing and recording a series of Audiobooks, based on an audio project I did back in 1993. Quite excited, just setting up my production studio now ready to start.
  8. Tonight and every Friday night from 8 and through until Saturday morning. I am playing the very best of the latest rock chart hits, mixed with a great selection of modern and classic rock and metal. All in CD QUALITY AUDIO on one of the best pub sound systems around. Start your rock n roll weekend at the Dove and Rainbow tonight, check us out if you not been before and you want something different from the West Street scene!
  9. I transfer tapes for customers in all formats, from the BBC archive down to individual tapes. Please give me details on track format, speed and duration. I can provide CD version of lossless audio cloud streaming or download versions
  10. I have always thought that the tram system should have connected with the Network Rail system right from the early days. There is so much potential to link up, this is just the tip of the iceberg really.
  11. NOT really a classic (yet), but the early Fiesta MK4's are beginning to thin out and vanish, and JUST starting to creep up in price, like the MK3's have been rising in price for the last 6 months. I just bought a 1999 Fiesta MK4 with the old 1.3 Endura E engine, advertised at a dealer as a 'modern classic '. Hmmmmmm.... Actually, I like it, nice and simple and not much in the way of computer bits to go wrong on it, and proper wind down windows, etc. Anyone got a MK4 Fiesta on here? I usually buy MK1 or MK2's as a rule, but I do enjoy this very basic early MK4, and super efficient on fuel as well.
  12. Good to see local enterprise bringing improvements to the area.
  13. Out of interest, have any of the new micropubs closed down, or are they all still up and running?
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