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  1. I seem to recall there was a doctors surgery on or just off Hallam Grange Road, S10, Doctor F.W. Lee was my local GP at the time, circa late 70's, early 80's. Does anyone know which house it was? Doctor Lee was quite old so must have retired long, long ago, but I am curious as to what happened to that surgery practice?
  2. Only JUST found this reply........great information there. Forum never updated me about a response.
  3. Trying to trace an old friend of mine from school, Tapton and King Edwards back in the mid to late 1970's. The name is Jonathon Smith, born April 1961, used to live at 18, Burnt Stones Close, Sandygate, Sheffield S10, near to me. Parents were named Joseph and Edna Smith, and there was a young brother called Michael. They, or some of them, lived at Burnt Stones Close until 1997 when the house was sold, and I can't seem to pick up any trail from there. It's obviously a nightmare trying to trace a 'John Smith'!!!!! But perhaps someone will remember him, or the family, from Burnt Stones Close. I only recall he had 2 other good friends, one Neil Cutts, and also a Stephen Smith too who used to live in Broomhill, but I have not seen them since the early 1980's. Jonathon did Art at Sheffield Poly 1979-90, and then went to do a fine art degree at Stoke, what was then Staffordshire Poly. The last time I was in contact was January 1983. as I moved house and did not keep in touch. Perhaps the name may ring some bells for someone on here, his father, Joseph, was an insurance broker I think, and the Director of at least one company. His mother, Edna, used to run a shop in Broomhill from about 1977-8, it was called THE TIPSY SPINDLE, it sold home brew kits and wool! I believe the shop was there in the 80's and early 90's still. Don't really have much more info, but if anyone remembers anything, please post,
  4. I am trying to locate the Hoey (but not Chinese) family, last known address was back in 1984, and was 1 Rushley Drive, Dore, S17. The family comprised one Steve Hoey, who was a postal worker, the mother was Sue Hoey, last known to be a student at Sheffield City polytechnic in 1985, and 4 children, the eldest was a Jane Hoey, aged about 15-16 in 1984, and 3 younger siblings, named Carl, Joanne, and another one. They were not from Dore, but moved into the area but not sure where from. Does anyone remember this family living in Dore in the mid 80's? Does anyone know anyone from this family still in the area? I would like to make contact as I have some property recently re-discovered which I believe may belong to them.
  5. This is ALL dependent on Government policy re July 19th. NOTHING is set in stone about that yet, and won't be until nearer the day.
  6. These days, when home working is advised except where impossible, many DJ's will probably be switching to working from home based studios, and sending out an exclusive live feed for a venue, or group of venues in a network. I am able to offer a full LIVE DJ service for any venue, customized to your exact requirements. I offer an instant request and dedication system via unique TEXT numbers, and can deliver any genre or style of music required, with access to the biggest archive I use for radio shows, the same archive as used by the BBC, which has absolutely EVERYTHING, in full lossless audio formats. All any venue needs is a stable net connection, and either a basic sound system that has external inputs from a tablet, laptop, PC (even a juke-box system), or a fully featured PA system. Using broadcast quality radio station play-out software, I can deliver a superb quality 'lossless audio stream' for those high end sound systems, or a standard 320kbs mp3 stream, suitable for smaller sound systems. The venue is in full control of the volume, NOT the DJ! I will set it all up for you at your end if required, and all you need to do is switch on and turn up the volume. I will work to your running times and closing requirements, and provide venue announcements or dedications if you prefer this format, or just a non-stop music set. Please message me for availability, my radio studio is well able to do this outside of live broadcasts (mornings), and my rates are quite possibly less than a physically present DJ would charge!
  7. Need some garden conifers reducing in height, can anyone recommend a decent local service?
  8. The Old Rugged Cross!!! Now HOW many times did I have to play that memorable 'anthem'. There were a few always requested songs, and artists, Harry Secombe was popular too. I used to do a Tuesday evening weekly show in 1979 called MENAGERIE, which was a mix -up of oldies and some recent MOR stuff. A few days ago I went to sit outside the 'cleaning cupboard', there is a couple of small tables and chairs just alongside it by the doorway, and had on one of my recordings of the weekly 1979 show I did on earphones. It took me back.......That corridor now is almost abandoned, I sat there for an hour and no one came in the door or left. It used to be far busier when the studio was there, constant clatter of footsteps. I wish I still had the 35mm slides I took of the inside the studio. Not been able to track them down, but I had snaps of the mixing desk, and the racks, and a few with the door open. Think I got some snaps of Gordon Harrison doing a request show, Mike Thompson doing a Soul show, and a few others. Can't find it anywhere though.
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I9mNcV_e8mSognNfYG1pz3hhkexaBzG9/view?usp=drivesdk View of what was the original sheffield hospital radio studio, now stripped bare. But you can still see old power supply system and former cabling in the corner. Taken from external window, originally this window was covered on the inside
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HjRPw8pndpiKvGqdrFLDSe3_pNU3xRBn/view?usp=drivesdk And there it is, the external view of the old studio. Found it just now. And it still has the Yale lock on it! Somewhere at home I still have an original key. And pic below, the front entrance, very much hidden down a side road. It was much busier back in the 70's as an active entrance, I remember the studio was not soundproofed at all, and both the door glass and the frosted glass windows (now covered) let in all external sound. When someone walked past or was talking in the corridor, if you had the microphone open, it was all broadcast!!! Fun days. And yes, it was as small as it looks, you could just about get 2 people in but it was a real tight fit sat at the radio desk! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HvY4VnW9r_TqzxOiujnfKJFL5v2wT9tP/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. I remember you Alison. I was at NR in 1978-80. Are you in touch with anyone from that period?
  12. Fascinating. Can you still access that area from the door leading outside? On google earth its hard to see if that exit leads to anything, but I am sure there were some steps leading up to it off a small car park. I don't recall the phone boxes, where were these situated?
  13. Many thanks for that. I will try and find it. It was so difficult remembering which entrance it was near to, the sheer size of that place
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