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  1. Leader Road Garage Hillsborough, one of the owners is into his classics has an AH 3000.
  2. Hi all Going out for a drink a couple of weeks on Friday with a few mates, trying to plan ahead for a hearty breakfast on the Saturday morning. Now easy you think, but I've a feeling that for the proposed clientele, smashed avocado and toast served on a chopping board isn't quite going to be what is required, so what I'm after is recommendations for a good old fashioned full English breakfast, greasy spoon style. Anyone got any recommendations please?
  3. Whitbys fish and chip restaurant just off the Parkway near Morrisons does the best one I've had in recent years. Proper fresh whipped cream not aerosol stuff.
  4. Hello ladies and gents Looking for a company in the Rotherham/Sheffield area that will electroplate a number of small brackets and fixings etc for car restoration. Any recommendations gratefully received, I did try a few numbers from the Yellow Pages about 12 months ago but most only were interested in bulk production runs of larger stuff- not the small brackets etc I have.
  5. I've a space heater for my workshop that runs on diesel or paraffin. Does anyone know anywhere in the Rotherham area I can buy either paraffin or red by the litre into my own cans? I'm getting sick of buying white diesel to put in it at £1.09p a litre! And before anyone says, NO I DO NOT PUT IT IN MY CAR.
  6. They are a set of very tatty old 14" VW alloys that I will probably struggle to get £20 for, so if I can get £5 a wheel etc etc......... Alternatively if someone would like to give me £20 they can have them
  7. On my travels around the area I'm certain I've seen somewhere with a sign outside offering £5 a piece for old alloy wheels. Now I've got some to get shut of I can't remember where I've seen this. Anyone know?
  8. The guy that runs it is a friend of a friend and I've met him a number of times. I didn't know that he is now called CC Motors, but his workshop is on Dannemora Drive and used to be known as Valley Trade centre. Go down and see him, he is a nice chap.
  9. Sorry to see that, looked a tidy Clubby estate too. I've owned 3 of them in the past.
  10. I know the RAC will only tow you once for a specific fault, I wouldn't be suprised if the AA are the same, so they may refuse to move the car a second time for the same fault.
  11. £75/£1.25 = 60L, not an unusual size for a fuel tank. Car is an early Audi A4, not a small car, but not that big either.
  12. Unfortunately probably nothing that out of the ordinary; my medium sized diesel estate car now costs £75 to fill from empty.
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