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  1. I am after a speciality birthday making . Does anyone know of anybody ,Thanks
  2. Genuine qustion, are our councillors full time employed by the council
  3. Can anyone recommend a good dog groomers in Sheffield
  4. I would have thought that the reason the Tories lost was hat their supporters did not want to vote for a candidate who had been fiddling his expenses.
  5. Does anyone have experience of a dog behaviourist
  6. Spider 1 ,I saw Trevor quite recently and he's looking quite fit and he still has a good sense of humour. I also saw that Eric Batham passed away last week, another character.
  7. We frequently use the Apcoa privately run car park by the Moor Market.It is absolutely filthy , with the basement used as a toilet and quite often there is a discarded hypodermic. The smell is overpowering but all they seem bothered about is collecting fees.
  8. I am Lawrence (Lol) Binney. I was not in the class when Ray attacked Hodge, but I believe that George Mitchell (now my brother in law was) .George is now in South Africa and a widower.Others in our class were Alan Shipman,Keith Cook,Neil Cooper,Cedric Norton and Derek Wilkinson.
  9. I was there from 1951,my first teacher was Miss Foster(Fef).She looked ancient then.The one who scared me to death was Miss Johnson who made me form captain and then blamed me for everything that went wrong in class. She had a wart on her top lip that made her look like a witch.Mr Walker was my last teacher, but I recall Mr McMahon,Mrs Davy,Mr Etchells,Mr Parsons etc. I once had the cane off the head Mr. Davis .My best mate was Ray Brown who once thumped Mr Hodge I believe.
  10. My ancestor was also transported to Australia for killing his wife with a sand hammer. He died a poor and lonely man
  11. I lived on the Strad until 1961, then moved to Woodhouse until 1975.Remember Fred and Edna Hobson at the Daggers, and George Woodhouse at the Stag. I was a member of the Central club and played football for the Brunswick.Later I played darts for the Angel ,run by Jim Mcguigan. A long time ago that seems like yesterday.
  12. Back to previous posts re. Road works at Handsworth, Amey in their wisdom decided to relay the surface on Laverack Street, thus causing all traffic to re route from going down Richmond Road to go down Richmond Park Road and into the chaos being caused by the works still going on (forever) at the Asda .Could the re surfacing not have waited until the other job was done or is that too simple?
  13. Whoever puts out the filter signs must be an idiot ,most days you have to filter to the outside lane, but one day last week ,the signs told you to filter out ,then when we got to the works they had opened up the inside lane but left the signs as they were. I honestly don't think they have a clue.
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