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  1. Tell him to avoid the Pitsmoor Hotel !,
  2. Looks like you’ve had a message-hope you manage to get in touch. Cheers
  3. Last time I saw him he was living in one of the flats halfway down Shirecliffe Road. This was quite recently.
  4. “Not going out” seems very apt these days. !!
  5. Managed to get in touch with Veolia. They are still picking bulky items up at £23 for 3 items including mattresses. The more you want picking up, the prices rise but I’m happy to pay £23 to get rid of my stuff.
  6. Probably doing less harm than the idiots at the seaside.
  7. Yes, you have to make sure the paints suitable for spraying. I get my hands cramping up as well and it’s really awful!!
  8. I used to use a cheap sprayer and an old brush but it was still a lot quicker than just brushing
  9. I remember a Mr Dowling teaching metalwork at Firth Park School. He used to throw a hard rubber ball at us when he got angry. I left in 1970. Cheers.
  10. Not far away. Live up on Shirecliffe. Sadly, Dorothy passed away two years ago. Wendy is with her Husband Chris in South Wales but we don’t hear much from them. I remember your ginger hair and old cars. Had got times in Longley Lane with my sisters and friends. Always remember going to the baths in the park with my Aunty Dot (Dolly) and scoffing I’ve creams from the little shop there. Hope you and your family are all well. Dave.
  11. Give Darren a ring on 07717 582880. They did our kitchen plastering and they were great. Cheers.
  12. You’re dead right-people these days moan too much
  13. I used to live next door to you! I’m Dave and Dorothy was my twin sister. Albert and Ethel were mum and Dad. I remember your red hair and seem to remember you had a motorcycle at one stage and parts of it were in your shed. I remember Winney and Mrs Radley. Myself and Dot went to Longley until around 1965 and Mr Mason sometimes used to pick us up to school. We used to play in the woods at the back. AKA as the Jungle, spent a lot of time over the road in the park. Happy days. Hope you’re keeping OK. Cheers.
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