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  1. The last time I visited it would have been around 1972. I’m beginning to think the I’ve got the wrong place !!
  2. Thanks for the link. I’ve bought an iPhone 6 Plus from them and it works fine and it really looks brand new. Would have prefer a 7or 8 version for IOS 13 really but my wife doesn’t really need it. Cheers.
  3. Does anyone remember the old Motor Scooter/ motorbike shop which I think was located on Halifax road on the left hand side going up just before the Railway bridge? Thanks.
  4. Can you get in touch with the clinic? They might be ready for such situations and send a Doctor out to your address. Hope this helps. There’s an up to date thread on the “General “ Section.
  5. Thanks. The letter arrived yesterday and it’s now booked for Saturday at the arena. Knew Borris wouldn’t let us down !! Thanks for everyone’s replies.
  6. See my post #4209-she is 67 and on the vulnerable list.
  7. Thanks Kay. Hopefully we’ll get a letter or text soon.
  8. Thanks Jane, you’ve been very helpful. Enjoy the rest of the weekend !
  9. She’s not special, just worried as she’s unwell with some serious problems.
  10. The info on the Norwood website is a bit confusing. Did the person who went to Wincobank get a letter or a text? Sorry to be a pain. Many thanks.
  11. Thanks Jane. Looking at Norwood MC Web this morning it says that the Surgery isn’t doing jabs so I’m confused now.
  12. My wife is classed as extremely vulnerable. She got a text from the Government 3 or 4 weeks ago saying she would be getting an appointment for a jab. We live in Shirecliffe and her GP is Norwood Medical centre and she hasn’t got a date yet for it. Norwood MC isn’t doing jabs according to their literature on the Web so she’ll be going to a nearby hub. Does anyone know if anyone round this area who is a patient at Norwood MC and has had a jab or got an appointment , it’s getting a bit nearer to Feb 15th and she thinks missed the boat. Thanks.
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