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  1. If you know the number which calls you, just google it and you can often find some useful information.
  2. Sorry I’m a bit late. Hope it went ok. I had mine done recently at NGH following a CT scan which had found some polyps, which were removed during the Endoscopy. I didn’t have anaesthetic or gas and air. The operating team were great, I had a bit if discomfort but no pain. I think the worst thing was drinking two litres of bowel cleaning stuff the day before. Hope you’re OK. Cheers.
  3. I went to see John Otway and Wild Willy Barret in the Penguin either late 70s or early Eighties. There was a poet on as well with that name of Mark Miywurds. Guess it was the same guy. Happy days !!
  4. Thanks for Your reply. I’m not on Facebook but I’ll keep an eye out on here.
  5. Good morning. A few years ago we bought some really good planters from a man who put an ad in the Classifieds on here. Does anyone know if he is still doing them? I think he lives a Cristal Peaks somewhere. Many thanks.
  6. Tell him to avoid the Pitsmoor Hotel !,
  7. Looks like you’ve had a message-hope you manage to get in touch. Cheers
  8. Last time I saw him he was living in one of the flats halfway down Shirecliffe Road. This was quite recently.
  9. “Not going out” seems very apt these days. !!
  10. Managed to get in touch with Veolia. They are still picking bulky items up at £23 for 3 items including mattresses. The more you want picking up, the prices rise but I’m happy to pay £23 to get rid of my stuff.
  11. Probably doing less harm than the idiots at the seaside.
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