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  1. The thread was in defence of Islam, and allegations that it permits grooming on non-Muslim women - would have given non-Muslims and Muslims alike great insight into the topic. It's a shame it was deleted.
  2. Hi, I posted a thread about in response to 'Muslim men grooming Sikh girls' - but my thread was deleted? Can someone please tell me why? If I broke any rules etc
  3. The ones I have mentioned are around 40 episode series with each one being 40-50 minutes in duration. If you have lots of spare time they are definitely worth watching.
  4. I am addicted to this Chinese fiction genra called Wuxia - has anybody seen any of them? The ones I have seen can be found on Youtube with English subtitles. - The Legend of the Condor Heroes - The Return of the Condor Heroes - Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre
  5. Ever since I have been fishing in Pakistan, I wanted to take up the hobby here in England - fishing is one of the most relaxing things I have done and catching a fish felt like some great achievement (although to some it may seem boring). But to my surprise, when I returned back to England I was told that I needed a license and I also learnt that I couldn't take my catch home as it was against the law. That put me off from taking it up as a hobby . The end.
  6. It's not too bad, average. They don't sell chips :s
  7. Chaman food was better in my honest opinion, so that's maybe why they have lost some of their old customers but picked up a few new ones. Yeah they could do I suppose - try out Mirpuri dhera (which has food influenced more from the Kashmir region). At £10 a head, its very good value for money considering the variety they have. One thing however I didn't like was that they charge for water!! :s
  8. I don't think they're racist - because the owners are the same people who ran Chaman grilled balti house. They even have an eastern european waitress there (the last time I went). Whenever I go there mainly asian and white people there all the time. Don't see many other races there, but I don't think many other races enjoy asian food as much. In regards to asking you to sit upstairs - maybe they thought you wanted to sit there? When I go, I ask to be seated upstairs and so do most other people I know lol. So I am assuming they thought they were offering you a better service by seating you upstairs. Might have just been a simple misunderstanding. If the downstairs hall was half-empty, I am sure they wouldn't have minded if you asked to be seated downstairs instead. As generally, it's only the tables upstairs that are booked in advance. ---------------------- I have heard Butlers is good - but never been there myself.
  9. Yes I agree - Chaman was a lot better! But there is definitely better variety now. I will try Urban Choola next time I am eating out on London road.
  10. Being an Asian I am interested in knowing what non-Asians would class as the best curry house in Sheffield? Some of the ones I regularly go to are 'Lahori Dhera' (on the Wicker) and there is a new one on Stanniforth road (Darnall) called 'Mirpuri Dhera' that do a buffet for about £10. Both very nice, and coincidentally, both have the same owners.
  11. There is Smokey's on attercliffe road that have an American style theme - with large portions.
  12. It's a publicity stunt, he knew and was told he'd be arrested. Would any of you dare walk through Pitsmoor/Bungreave if you was a leader of a racist group? You wouldn't dare as you know there will be severe consequences and there would be chaos. The same way do you expect the leader of a Islamophobic group to walk 'peacefully' through a mainly Muslim populated area? Tommy Robinson just wants a reaction, it's so obvious. Besides, two charities already (Help the Heroes & Neuroblastoma Charity) have both rejected money from the EDL. Nobody wants anything to do with him - besides a few people on the internet who hide behind fake ID's.
  13. On one hand you say it is the right of women to walk around almost naked but you make out as if those who like to cover up are oppressed or are forced into covering up - do you not see the contradictory remarks in your post? Why is it the one who wants to walk around naked is expressing her freedom, but the one who covers up has no freedom? Isn't that a false assumption? No religion, whether it be Christianity, Judaism or Islam accepts women to be treated like commodities - all of the major religions encourage modesty. They warn against obscenity and lust which is prevalent in almost every corner of the world.
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