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  1. id like to try o see them knick £2000 off me- i don't think they would get £20 from my account Glad she caught it in time
  2. Yeah- i went there and they messed up my hair too and tried to charge me an absolute fortune to do it!!!!
  3. are they just opening accounts and then leaving them or are they actually selling and buying stuff on them?
  4. if they are constantly doing it then they wil definatly get reported for fraud- they will log all there IP addresses and trace them quite easily!
  5. On the other hand- will IKEA want to come to sheffield after the problems they had with the council regarding there last application!
  6. How can you say most visitors to ikea go no further to the store- of course they do at the minute because all they have is out of town huge outlets- possibly when it is better represented on the high street that will change! I think i would attract better things to be honest, IKEA (like it or not) is a shopping sensation in england (just look at the money they make) so to get one in sheffield would benefit sheffield no end and might even help persuade some of the 'bigger' brands that sheffield is ready for shops with a more 'exclusive' name. It certainly beats the **** that we have in town at the minute!
  7. Nick - i was reading about this in the times the othe night and they are not going to be anywhere near the size of the ones in leeds or nottingham, they are going to be exacly what they are called- 'high street stores' they will be selling a limited range with (i presume) an ordering service for the other ranges available, Also they are going to be launching there internet shopping site soon (which will save loads of time queing for car parks) but at the moment they are only going to lauch it around london and then expand across the UK.
  8. Im sure that people would go to more than one shop if they came to sheffield.
  9. Agree to a point but anything that gets more people into sheffield city centre has to be a good thing surely!!!
  10. No they definatly won't be closing!!! Not before they finish my orders anyway!
  11. foroni are a steel producing plant in italy- i speak with them on a daily basis- wonder what they are doing there?
  12. The best fish and chips (voted for by the people in the star or some other widely read paper) is XL fisheries in wickersley, rotherham!
  13. thats only a minority of the fans though- most of them - id say 80-90% wanted him to stay- now that it is all sorted i think everyone is going to get behind the team on saturday and the players will have lots more confidence- thats very very bad for wednesday!!!
  14. if??? lol- there is no chance of us not going up!!
  15. me and the g/f are moving into one of the penthouse flats at the end of the month- can't wait :D We have a spare car parking space available for rent too if anyone is interested!!!!
  16. hhmm- its a fine like- id like to think it would be because of all the wars and likking that goes on in the name of religion but i have a feeling the world might decend into anarchy if it wasn't for it!
  17. A mate of mine works there and he loves it too- makes ship loads of money!!
  18. I think the £1.34 a mile would only be in the centre of london at rush hour to be honest!! I think its a good thing because it will encourage people to use public transport and that in turn will improve BUT for people who use the roads alot e.g driving for a living i really think this could put them out of business- i think they need to make it clearer who is going to be charged and what is going to be charged where!!!
  19. I presume because it isn't making enough money, im not sure hen its closing though, you would be better off ringing them and finding out yourself, the number is 01142 431133, Your best bet is to get a tram into town- it only takes about 10 minutes and drops you off on weststreet :D
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